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Gigi Cupcakes Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gigi Cupcakes Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 101 Creekstone Blvd.
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-567-6735
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-615-567-6735

  • I went into the Turkey Creek store in Knoxville Tennessee the other day to purchase a gluten-free wedding cake cupcake. I had done so a year ago and they were very good,?but this time I was very shocked to find how tiny the gluten free cupcakes are now. I brought this up to the lady working there and she tried to tell me they had been that way for four years, but I knew that was not the case because I had been there a year ago and really enjoyed my experience and purchase and came back expecting the same and was shocked at what I found. In addition, she kept arguing with me about that, insisting that they had been the same size for four years. She told me if I did not like it that I could call corporate and I assured her that I would. When I mentioned the small amount of icing on top of the cupcakes, she said that the reason they do it that way is because the gluten-free cupcakes or so gooey on the inside that they cannot support that much icing on top of them. What a bunch of crap. Please.

    Anyway, I had to buy two cupcakes to equal one normal one and when I cut them open they were both stale on the inside. The icing was good but the cupcakes were nasty. I invited the worker to come over and see how gooey they were NOT on the inside. Her comment was she does only what corporate tells her to do.

    Bottom line, I feel very taken advantage of by Gigi‘s as a gluten-free eater. The icing on the regular cupcakes and a gluten-free cupcakes is exactly the same and there is no reason why you cannot add a reasonable amount of icing on the gluten-free cupcakes. What makes it worse, is your display them side-by-side and it really accents the difference. It’s just not right. I will not be returning to Gigi‘s to ever buy anything gluten free again. I was disappointed all around with my experience, including the customer service, the value for that product and the quality.

  • The Gigi's Cupcakes in Littleton, Colorado isn't great either! In the past I have gone in to the store and have purchased 6 cupcakes at a time and unless you eat them all right away, they get instantly dry. I have tried keeping them refrigerated and I've left them out and neither method works to keep them moist! The frosting gets hard and waxy! I think Gigi is an incredible woman but something's got to be done with this particular store!

  • Really need to check out your store in Lexington Kentucky. Me and my family went for the first time to try out the cupcakes. Unfortunately..it's the last time we will come back. Very disappointed. They were dry and not moist at all. The icing was so pathetic on it that it moist definitely didn't look like a GiGis cupcake. It was so bad we threw the rest of it away. Apparently others had a bad experience as well looking at some of the reviews. I also noticed a fly buzzing around..very nasty. I would rather buy cupcakes at our Krogers grocery store than ever come back there again.

  • this is for miss butler I just finished watching your episode on undercover boss I cannot believe the compassion you showed your employees I was very impressed being a single parent yourself and the struggles you yourself have been through your a great person and mother wish you the best in life and great success in the future and pardon my penmanship people like you only come through this life once in a great while

  • I fist came to find out about your company while on vacation in Tennessee, while my husband and I were in Gatlinburg.
    We were walking along the strip and was asked if we wanted to try a sample, I did I liked it and went it the store and bought one.
    I have been buying g them ever sense
    I stopped into our local GiGi cupcakes and as I was looking in the case trying to make my choice I saw bugs flying around landing on the cupcakes, I brought this to the attention of the sales girl and her response as she was hunched over the counter was "ya it happends"
    Really, are you kidding me how unprofessional is that.
    She didn't even try to shoo them away from the case.
    Now I know bugs are everywhere but this was not something I wanted to see on the food I was going to buy.
    Needless to say that I walked out without making a purchase.

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