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Gigi Cupcakes Corporate Office 

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Gigi’s Cupcakes’ corporate office is located in Fort Worth, Texas. This post provides comprehensive information about Gigi’s Cupcakes’ headquarters, ideal for those looking to contact the company, share reviews, file complaints, or seeking general information about its operations in the bakery and dessert sector.

How To Contact Gigi’s Cupcakes Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Gigi’s Cupcakes Corporate Address: Gigi’s Cupcakes Home Office – 550 Bailey Ave Suite 150, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Gigi’s Cupcakes Corporate Office Phone Numbers and Contact Pages

Gigi Cupcakes Corporate Office

Map and Directions to Gigi’s Cupcakes Corporate Office

Gigi’s Cupcakes: Company Bio

Founded in 2008, Gigi’s Cupcakes has become a beloved brand, known for its signature cupcakes, cheesecakes, and other baked goods. The brand’s commitment to quality ingredients and creative flavors has earned it a loyal customer base across the United States.

Gigi’s Cupcakes’ Competitive Landscape

In the competitive bakery and dessert market, Gigi’s Cupcakes faces challenges from other specialty bakeries and national chains. Its focus on handmade, gourmet cupcakes helps distinguish it from competitors like Sprinkles Cupcakes, Mrs Fields, TCBY, Crumbl, Haagen Dazs, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and Magnolia Bakery.

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Gigi’s Cupcakes Complaints, Reviews, Feedback, Ratings, and Comments

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Gigi's Cupcakes Information - BE ADVISED!

August 25, 2023

This is NOT the corporate number for Gigi’s cupcakes!


Response from Corporate Office Headquarters

Try 817-735-4183 which is for FundCorp Inc the private equity fund that owns Gigi’s cupcakes.

Gigi Cupcakes Lake Jackson TX

December 13, 2022

Hello there. My daughter works a a Gigis located in Lake Jackson TX. She is being accused of stealing and being threatened with legal repercussions but has not seen any proof of this. The owner’s daughter goes in and out of the safe and passes the blame down to whoever they want. Is this a normal policy for your corporation and what if any help from corporate help my daughter as she I being threatened for something she hasn’t done?

Corporate Office Headquarters