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Reach Giordano’s Pizza Corporate Office 

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Giordano’s corporate office is located in Chicago, Illinois. As an iconic pizza chain, Giordano’s is celebrated for its Chicago-style stuffed deep-dish pizza, along with a variety of other Italian-American dishes. This post provides an overview of Giordano’s headquarters and ways to contact the company’s HQ by phone or online.

Giordano’s Corporate Headquarters HQ – Contact Information

Giordano's Pizza Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Giordano’s Headquarters HQ

Company Overview

Founded in 1974 by Efren and Joseph Boglio, Giordano’s has become a hallmark of Chicago dining, known for its rich, cheesy deep-dish pizza. Over the years, Giordano’s has expanded beyond Chicago, bringing its famous pizza to numerous locations across the country.

Competitive Landscape

Giordano’s competes with other pizza chains like Lou Malnati’s, Uno Pizzeria & Grill, and Papa Gino. Smaller competitors include local pizzerias and regional chains that specialize in Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and other Italian cuisines. Other competitors include Pizza Ranch, Happy’s, and Dominos.


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Giordano’s Complaints, Reviews, Feedback and Comments

Your experiences and reviews of Giordano’s pizzas and services are valuable. Sharing your feedback helps provide insights into the quality and taste of their famous deep-dish pizzas. Feel free to contribute your thoughts and reviews in the comments section.

Love y’all pizza Giordano's 5 Stars

September 6, 2023

Yes I’m writing to say I’ve only had the pleasure of eating your pizza once when I visited my daughter and I’ve tried finding y’all’s restaurant near me but there’s none I know you can order them but it’s expensive right now do you think y’all could build a restaurant near me in NC I live in Richmond county Nc if run right this would be a great place to open one Thank you I am needing some pizza

Michelle Vance
Corporate Office Headquarters