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  • Green Dot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Green Dot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Green Dot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Green Dot Corporation
Official Address:
3465 East Foothill Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107 USA
Email: Online Only
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-765-2000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-795-7597

  • Green Dot is stealing my money they refused to give it to me and they refused to refund my $1,409 for no reason

  • green dot is a scam been waiting for refund since 1-6-20 keep telling 1 or2 bussines day. and can never call u back.talk 5 pepole and none of them know anything.[ stay away from greendot.]

  • My son had 5900.00$ stole from his greendot account and they are fighting him to keep him from getting it he has been on the phone for up to 6 hours a day tryto get his money back green dot is not worth the worry

  • no costumer service at all i have over 1000$ missing from my account and have ban trying to contact any one that works their for over 5hr now a saved up for over a month to buy something online and needed a credit card to do it i put the money on it at wall mart over 10days ago their is no money on the card at all i can evan call thees people to see what is going on the worst card to use of all time dont get one

  • Plain and simple, Green Dot Bank and its affiliates are absolutely terrible.I have never had so many problems out of a bank in my life. Talk about pathetic Customer Service, Green Dot Bank is a champion at terrible service and answering the phone. Does Green Dot even have any quality control at all, or do they just hope for the best? When I do get a hold of them I assure everyone I will definitely close my account immediately.

  • walmart fraudulently drained my account, so I cancelled debit card and requested replacement 21 days ago, never received and cannot transfer MY MONEY using routing and account numbers. Agent promised to send second replacement yesterday by fedex and call back today for tracking number. called twice and they do NOT have promised tracking number, did NOT debit my account for $15. as discussed so I'm completely disgusted with maltreatment from ALL parties. MY SSI funds will be sent to this same account and will likely be unavailable to me to pay MARCH obligations. Rotten to the core

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