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Giant Food Stores’ Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Below are details about Giant Food Stores’ offices, including their address, contact numbers, and an overview of the company.

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Giant Food Stores Corporate Office

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Giant Food Stores’ Competition

Giant Food Stores faces competition from national chains like Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Publix, HEB, Conns, Meijer, Albertsons, Costco and Aldi, as well as regional stores.


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Giant Springhouse PA Worst Store

February 22, 2024

Giant Springhouse PA. I went to pick up some items and stood in line to use my SNAP card, the card does not work, and I had a snapshot of it on my phone which I have used many times at various Giant stores. When the cashier rang up my order and I showed her the snapshot of my SNAP card, she told me that they don’t enter the account number manually which I told her that I have used it at various Giants with no issues. She proceeded to be rude to me telling me she will not enter the information even though I had my photo ID with me and also my debit card with my name on it. She refused so I could not get my groceries since I did not have any other payment options. Then she told me that I needed to put the groceries back which I refused. This was embarrassing and humiliating. This happened at the Giant in Springhouse, PA store and the woman who came over was a short woman with short dark hair and glasses. She then told me that they don’t do that and I told her all the other Giants do because the SNAP card magnetic strips always wear off and it takes months to get a new one. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THAT STORE AND WILL TELL OTHERS NOT TO PATRONIZE THAT STORE!! They are the WORST store that I have ever been to.


Giant Food Stores Checkout

January 13, 2024

I have shopped a my local giant for years, happy with the quality and prices…the only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because of the move to only self-checkout. I tried it a couple of times. most of my items are fresh vegetables and meat, so it is a super pain to try to ring out food that doesn’t have a scan, and after getting change for a $20, when I put in a $50 (on 2 occasions – and the manager wouldn’t fix it either time) I am done with self-checkout. lately, there have been no human checkouts more and more, before 7:00 pm. I have learned to check first, then leave if I see only the self-checkout open – I really hope Giant Food Stores does not continue this trend. I’m starting to look around for a different grocery store, that I can count on to get food from when I go there. Is Giant Food Stores abandoning human checkout?


Attn. Giant Food Home Office - Complete humiliation

November 17, 2023

I have never been so humiliated in my life before. I was accused of stealing food at the Herndon location. The express check-out woman must’ve been upset because she called me out for having too many items in my cart, which was max 20 I moved out of the express lane and counted, and I only had 15 then again did self-check out and asked her to count my items if she did not believe me. She moved away and then my machine was doing something so she came over and started taking things out of my cart and re-scanning I wasn’t sure what she was doing so I asked her to void the whole transaction. I then went to Lane 11, which had a very nice woman who checked me out, Unbeknownst to me the express lane woman told the manager that I had stolen a bag of groceries. Helen yelled as I was walking out the door to stop. I did not pay for those. She says again, now I’m even more embarrassed as shoppers glared They went through my cart, even though I said I had used Lane 11 to check out. The very embarrassing situation was over and Helen realized that her checkout woman was wrong. I was then offered a gift card. As a registered nurse I am very familiar with dealing with the public, however I choose to always be kind. Even if this was a situation where I did not pay for my food, perhaps a private quieter spot to go over what was in my cart would have been the humane thing to do a gift card does not even come close to satisfying the complete and utter humiliation That I experienced at the Giant in Herndon today. I will be donating the gift card at church on Sunday and pray that you redo perhaps your “tactics” if you suspect someone has not purchased an item.


Giant Home Office - Great customer service in West Chester Pa!

November 15, 2023

I visited the Giant Food Store on West Chester Pike in West Chester Pa. today. I had a lot of items and went to the self check out. One of your employees, Jesse, was so helpful. He was pleasant and cheerful and had to spend time assisting me since I had such a big order. He made my shopping experience extremely pleasurable. I will continue to shop at this location as I have recently moved to the area. Thank you Jesse! You are the best!!


Giant Food Store HQ - Biased against certain groups

December 13, 2022

The racism I have experienced at the Giant at 6800 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA has come to a head! If you are white and try ordering at the deli, meat counter, or bakery, I guarantee you will be put behind every other minority! I experienced it at the deli counter, went and told the manager and she took me back to get waited on, but a week later it was back to always! Next, they hired a new pharmacist, Tae Um, who denied me my prescribed medication just because I was white! I have been shopping at Giant’s for over 50 years, and I have been using that pharmacy for over four years, getting the same medication every four weeks, and never had any state they had “special rules” precluding me from receiving prescribed medications! Now the prescription was for the 28th, and he said my doctor had to call to say I could have it “today?” Now why would a doctor prescribe the 28th if she didn’t want it filled until the 29th?? Regardless she called him and he told her ok I could pick it up at 2 pm, BUT, he sent me a message saying I had to wait until tomorrow! My insurance company rep called him and requested he recognize the doctor’s wishes and fill the prescription, but he refused! So Giant can either fire this guy and get a handle on the other racists in the store or it’s time for some good old 70’s style picketing and posting as the racism going on, not to mention the medical position he put me in, I had to go get a shot so I could walk! People watch out for these “power mongers” they are crazy!!! I had a pharmacist tell my doctor lies about me for some unknown reason, sued and Walgreens (Centreville) settled fairly quickly! These corporations hire some foreigners who received their “degrees” in foreign countries and their credentials are far below par!!

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