KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters

KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-216-689-6300
Fax Number: 1-216-689-0519
Customer Service Number: 1-800-539-2968

  • Today got our statement in the mail and was going to reconcile my checkbook. I noticed that they sent me Feb-March statement instead of the March to April one. A call to their Customer Service had me hanging up for several reasons. #1 I could only understand every 6th word he spoke. #2 he said he'd send me another one right out. #3 He could not grasp that I didn't want another one sent but the correct one which was March to April! A text with their online Chat fared just a little bit better. Time will tell what they send. Since my printer is down, I couldn't print out the correct statement.

  • I have been a customer of Key Bank since about 1971 – over 50 years. I am also a private banking customer. I went to a branch yesterday to get a certified check. I asked the teller if the check could be drawn off of my credit card. The teller told me there is an $8 fee for a certified check. I told her I was private banking and the relationship manager approved waiving the $8 fee. The teller and the relationship manager said there might be a cash advance fee but they didn't know if there would be a fee or how much it would be. When the relationship manager approved waiving the $8 certified check fee I thought he was addressing Ny possible cash advance fee. HE WAS NOT. I said oh no, how much could that fee be? Could it be $50 or $100? He said no way it could be that large. THE FEE IS $336!!! and no one can yet make this right. KEY BANK ARE THIEVES!!!

  • I generally have good experiences with Keybank personnel but today was not one of them. I called alst week and made an appointment to have a paper notarized. I received confirmation of that appointment. I arrived today 7 minutes prior to the appointment and was told all notaries are busy "come back later". I indicated I had an appointment and the man stated well just calling this morning…. I cut him off and stated I called and made the appointment last week. to which he said "COME BACK LATER". Not, they are helping other clients and should wrap up in 15 minutes would you wait in your car and we will call when they are free. NOPE , it was come back later. FOR AN APPOINTMENT. Sooooo disappointed in Keybank.

  • Our church has (well once had until August 3, 2019) a business credit card account with two authorized person to use this card. One of the authorized users is no longer a member of our church. I went directly into a Key Bank branch on Saturday, August 3, 2019 in Plattsburgh, NY to have the person removed from the account. The manager told me, "No problem" and it was done. On August 6, 2019, I went online to purchase some items using the business credit card and the card declined. Immediately, I thought, the manager has made a mistake with our account. On August 8, 2019, I went back into the same Key Bank branch in Plattsburgh, NY and was told the account has been closed, the person that was ask to be removed had been taken off the account, I was the only authorized person to use the account. This account has been closed and I will need to re-apply for another card. This account still has a outstanding balance and the account our church will still need to pay the balance. Paying the balance is not the problem, the problem is your bank manager did something that was not requested, close the account. From one business to another business, your bank shown us poor business practice. We have done banking with this bank for over 15 years. I will be moving our business to another bank.

  • Being a business, it is impossible to rely on the honesty of our customers
    when they write a check to my business. So I always call their bank to
    find out if they have enough funds to cover the amount of the check. Every
    bank I have ever called can tell me yes or no except Key bank. They say
    it is against their policy and can only tell me if the account is open or not. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Is that how they make their money, charging a fee for me to cash it at their bank or
    making me pay if the check bounces at my bank? Oh yeah, I can open a
    checking account at their bank, but why should I when I already have an
    account open at my bank? I will never accept a check from Key or First
    Niagra ever again.

  • I have used different branches in both Denver and Aurora Co.. My favorite is the branch located at 3000 S. Peoria St. , Aurora. The tellers are very helpful and friendly, (they even remember my name,a rare occurrence these days). The only problem I see is that they are very understaffed and I believe that is the reason for the turnover. There is usually one teller during the lunch hour when many people choose to do their banking. The tellers remain friendly but the stress they are under can be seen in their faces. There are managers around, in the offices, but I suppose are not crossed trained, a waste of manpower in my opinion. My displeasure is selfish because I do not want to continue to reintroduce myself. I am sure an extra teller would be helpful at this branch. Sincerely,

  • Was locked out of on-line banking for "security reasons". Called 800 customer service number which is answered in Manila! Took 3 calls to get someone that spoke clear enough English for me to understand!

  • Our bank was taken over by Keybank and we have closed our accounts and left. They can't get anything right. Deposits aren't made to the right account, or sometimes its the wrong amount. They can't find old statements from the previous bank they took over. Completely incompetent. Goodbye Keybank!

    • I see why you left Key Bank. I've had problems with them since I opened an acct with them, esp the
      Denver, CO downtown Key Bank on the 16th St. Mall, 829 E. 16th St. Some of the tellers can't even give me a print out of my transactions without the numbers being cut-off and mumble jumbled all over the page. This has happened to me four times. Recently, on Thurs, 2/22/18 I deposited $15. After I went home I called the phone bank and they told me that the deposit of $15 was not credited to my account. They wouldn't help. They said I have to go back to that bank and get it fixed. It was a Fri when I called, so I have to wait til Monday to get it corrected.
      A lot of the people who answer the phone bank have accents and it's very hard for me to understand them and they don't seem to understand me. It's frustrating. I'm getting out of Key Bank. I'm sorry I bank with them. Key Bank is worthless.


  • My Mother made me POA for her account in the end of July. I stopped at first Niagra submitted POA as I needed bank statements.
    Recently, I needed to access my Mothers account which is now Key Bank. I presented the Durable POA and my ID at branch, they said they would have to submit to legal department. 3 days later told they would not accept it. I went to notary and asked if an addendeum could be added as Key Bank stated a printed name on document was in the wrong space. The addendum was done and notarized. I went back to branch resubmitted durable POA. 3 days later was told wouldn't accept, I inquired if addedum was reviewed. I was told they would check with legal and get back to me. I followed up 2 days later, employee I spoke to off sick and no one else could assist me. I still don't have an answer. My Mother is now in a nursing home and I have to pay them. I have no access to her account.
    Online it says that some banks can do this, but since it was accepted by First Niagra in August and Key Bank took over in October, don't they have to honor the banks commitments?
    I'm fed up with this, I asked for a contact number and was given a hearimg impaired line. How sdoes this bank stay in business. I guess I'll have to get an attorney and they will pay for it in the end. Then I'll move my Mothers account.

  • I was a customer of First Niagra Bank in Putman, CT for several years. then Key Bank took over. First they lost my entire profile, except my car loan, curious isn't it. I was not able to use online banking or bill pay for over a month. I was continually told it was being worked on. after 5 weeks I closed all my accounts and switched to another bank. all my bills were now late, the funds in the account were never accounted for and I have now spent the last 4 months cleaning up the financial mess.
    the story continues.
    If you had problems with the Key Bank merger in the Connecticut area contact me as I am considering a class action suit.
    Thank you and have a nice day

  • I was a happy and solvent customer of First Niagara for many years- very helpful people. Since Key Bank took over in October I have needed to claim the value of a FNFC school tax check which was eventually returned to me when it arrived late- in the meantime I had paid the tax from a new account with another bank. I posted the returned check to Key Bank – it arrived in early December. Seven weeks later I am still awaiting payment which I was told would come "within eight working days from 15th December" . Phone calls are not returned, promised e-mails don't arrive, the manager is never available, the customer service line doesn't rings but there's no service- the comments above testify to a very strange and worrying way of doing business- I have never dealt with an organisation like Key Bank which appears to treat its clients with something unhealthily close to contempt.

  • spoke with online, my local branch, dispute # over an hour! can someone please help me!!! shouldn't taken 2 mins to find envelope.

    trying to find two checks that were accidentally enclosed to dispute center. spoke with Mike, transfer to Matt hung up on! Help!!!

  • Like most of these comments I, too, am disgusted with Key Bank. The online banking is a disgrace. I was told that my online banking would stay the same but that did not happen. Key Bank set my online payees as they saw fit. I was not able to set it up the way I had it before. As such, some of my payees were not receiving their money.
    Checks were lost but after several weeks they were finally returned to my Key Bank branch. First Niagra online banking, I could see when a payee was due and when it was to be paid. Also, some payees were automatically paid but it came up to say this amount is being sent to this payee on this date. With Key Bank it does not do it.
    To change a payees address or amount is very difficult. Under manage payee is awful. Every time I try and call them to voice my problems, I am always told I have to switch you to someone else. These workers have know idea what they are talking about. I even tried to call the home office. I am told the number has been discontinued.
    Hey Key Bank how about hiring people who knows what they are doing. I can't even talk with a supervisor or manager about this. Well, Key Bank if you cannot change online banking to be more
    user friendly then WE WILL TAKE ALL OUR MONEY OUT AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WHO ARE USER FRIENDLY!!!!!!!! I have never had so much trouble with a bank.

  • Several days before Christmas I tried to withdraw several hundred dollars from my ATM savings account at the Clarence, NY branch. Due to the snow at the ATM my vehicle was raised up to point where I could not reach my money. And of course I could not open my door. Needless to say the ATM took back my money and kept my bank card. I immediately went inside the bank to report the issue. My bank card was returned but not my money. I was told to call the Fraud division and file a claim. There was no fraud — IT WAS MY MONEY. How do you not return someone's money and just keep it? I don't understand how a situation created by the bank became my problem and I was penalized for it. The money was not returned to my account before Christmas – totally inexcusable. Of course I received excuses and lip services inside the bank. There is no rationale for not returning a clients money immediately.

  • key has just taken over First Niagra in Connecticut we have been banking there since 1978.We have multiple accounts over the years the people that have come in new at my west haven ct.branch Baybrook office are impersonal and want you to do everything their way making you feel uncomfortable with the people handling your money. The only nice new person there is a young lady manager. as of this date we are looking into other local store all our retirement and savings plans. A shame to be chased out of a place you have been going to for years

  • My Bank was taken over by Key. Their IT Department is too stupid to handle the accounts transfer. Attempting to get to my account online (after having it shut down for four days) and can't log in. Wait at customer service is over 3 hours. Call the corporate phone number offered at this site, no answer. I foresee a class action suit as well as some money to be made by shorting this stock.

    • I am having these problems and many many more – this bank is worthless. They don't know how to handle a takeover of another bank. What a Joke!!!!

  • Key Bank had an issue with their online credit card bill pay Friday September 16, 2016. I authorized ONE payment, THREE payments were taken and deducted immediately from my checking account. I called the customer service and was directed to credit services. They admitted this problem started Friday morning, I made the payment Friday evening. Why was this site not disabled so it could be fixed before causing damage to its customers? My checking account is now overdrawn, the check I wrote for my disabled son to attend an event with his group for disabled kids is going to bounce. I have been left penniless because of this horrendous mistake and horrible decision making. I have been told several times that a supervisor will be calling me, haven't received a call back yet and its Tuesday morning. I was told last night the payment reversal was expedited and I would see the funds in my account this morning. The funds are not there. Key has not issued its victims a public apology, nor have they explained this to anyone.

    What is key bank going to do to everyone they have stolen from. You should be facing criminal charges as these payments were not authorized and in doing so, you have committed online fraud.

  • Absolutely worse customer service experience I've ever had with any company, let alone a bank. Hey Key Bank, you're not selling candy, the stuff you deal with is important and affects people's financial lives.
    I've been shifted around from a local branch (with completely incompetent managers)to Key Banks so called Customer Service 800 #.
    This is the best part. Between being told at the branch by the managers that they can't help me, that I'd have to talk to someone at corporate, then calling corporate and being told I have to talk to someone in their Customer Service department, to then being told by Customer Service that I'd have to deal with the branch directly, I have been given nothing but different answers (half of which turned out to be incorrect which I found out after going to a second branch.
    I really have never experiences competency at this level in dealing with a financial institution, and it's scary that the majority of people I spoke with between Corporate, Customer Service and local branches, don't know what they're talking about, and yet they are still giving out answers. The best part is when they put me on hold for over 5 minutes (they told me they're checking on it for me) and to then come back on the phone and tell me something, which turns out to be completely wrong.
    This bank is so unprofessional, competent, and lacks any customer service, that I honestly can't believe how the Attorney General in the State of Ohio allows them to function as a financial institution. Something isn't right.

  • Fraud, scam, swindling, scamming, stealing from their customers. It's no wonder their losing customers.
    I have two credit cards from Key. Both were to finance the installation of SolarPanels. (which I would recommend installing, provided you don't get screwed by your local power company.) With the rebates I got from tax return, I paid off one credit card and made minimum payment on the other. Both payments were sent on the same day. The minimum payment cleared 4 days before the due date and the payoff amount cleared on the due date. Why the difference? I called their 800 number wondering why the payoff check had not cleared. Whom ever it was, hard to understand these ppl from India, said it had cleared that day. My bank confirmed it by the reduction in my checking account.
    Now key charged me a late fee on the on-time payment, with the BS excuse that it didn't clear until two days after the due date.
    I have had payments come in one day before the due date w/o any problems yet I get charged a late fee for being on time. Key can't seem to find their asses with either hand so they continue to deal fraudulent policies on their customers.
    Do a Google search on key bank and fraud.
    Because these poor, misguided people whom they outsource from India, who are working for a bank that is corrupt probably tells them to follow policy, no matter what because they are not subject to US laws. My local keybank had 4 cars in the parking lot and 2 employees inside. At least that I could see. As far as I know the other two cars could have been patrons at the Denny's right next door.
    Is key loosing it's customers base because have poor banking practices?
    Serve them right if they went bankrupt. Let Chase have them.

    They know who I am, I am making myself known and if it involves me getting another congressional investigation against key, So be it.

    • I am thinking seriously about contacting the Federal Reserve or the Consumer protection Agency concerning the practices of Key Bank. The way that they are fleecing their customers! I has to be illegal.

  • The Key Bank at Overland and Orchard in Boise, ID is the worst. Have been begging my boss to switch banks for two years now – but because the biz is for sale – he's sticking with this account. I understand bank teller pay is low and there is a very high turnover, but today after the teller apologized for the long wait – again (it's daily). I was told it was basically my fault for coming in between 1-2pm – their busiest time of the day and the staff takes their lunch breaks at that time. Seriously…a 'customer service' organization can't stagger/reschedule their lunch break to serve their customers?!!!!!!! I was afraid if I said what I was really thinking I would not be able to stop – so I nicely told the gal that due to MY work schedule – this is the only time I can come in ….between getting checks in the mail (and depositing lots of money in their bank)before leaving work.

  • key bank has a messed up call center in buffalo new York and it is run by a guy named Marcus there customer service is so bad they all need to fired there or just Marcus

  • I have to assume that either these comments are not being read by someone at the bank or they just don't care, probably the latter. My issue is the
    mail delivery of bank statements and complaining to the Client Executive
    Office doesn't do any good as they are bound and determined to get everyone to use online banking, which I will might do, if the bank tells the public just how much money they lose every year due to fraud and hackers.

  • I have been the victim of fraud twice through this bank. I filled out their forms in Sept. 2015, and thought the situation was resolved until recently someone opened EIGHT accounts in my name and now they are billing me for thousands of dollars. I'm in the process of trying to correct that, but it seems their practices (like opening 8 accounts the same day with no deposits to the accounts) are begging for fraudulent activity.

  • I am trying to get a lien of the house I have inherited. The line of credit is at 0 the people have been deceased for 8 years. I have faxed over paperwork and I can only speak to someone in the philipeans and have been hung up on and told they closed the case. Seriously how evil are these people. Thank you so much for making my world a hot mess. Just take the Lien off!! Please!

  • I had an issue with their fraud department, and was told by the woman my branch could authorize the checks they put on hold to be let off (long story short). I dealt with managers from TWO branches and the fraud department and still never got a phone call back to let me know what they were going to do. they screwed up my account, and never actually gave me a reason why they put a hold on the checks, as they weren't the first checks I've ever deposited and they've never put holds on checks except when my 1st account was brand new. They don't need poor customer service in the Philippines they have it here in the U.S!

  • Key bank is the worst. Our son died of brain cancer and had student loans I consigned. Sallie Mae forgave loans key bank is unwilling to settle loans. They are impossible to get correct phone numbers. They ask for personal financial info when they already decided not to settle loans for smaller amt. Every time I try to talk with them they lie and have me crying.

  • I understand giving your employee's something special but to close the bank 2 hours early on the last day of the fiscal year is wrong. I checked other states and didn't see this at all. As an independent bookkeeper and trying to help people finish deposits, payments ect within the fiscal year end was very frustrating to me. I pulled up to one of your branches to make a deposit for me personally, and a client. I was shocked to see the note on the door. Within 3 minutes there were 5 other cars shocked to see you were closed. As I got in my car a client called and said she had gone to two branches of your bank, both were closed and both ATM's were not working????? Not very helpful to your customers.

    Very disappointed,
    Brenda Mourer

  • I am disgusted with key bank and how they are treating my problem. In a nutshell I have a key checking account have been a customer for sometime. I wrote a key bank check for my auto lease on September 1. I wrote the check to Mitsubishi Motors for $338 and at the bottom was my account number. Around the 8th I got worried that the check got lost so I called Mitsubishi and paid the bill by phone. I should have stop payment of the check but thought it would come back to me or the bank. To my dismay on Tuesday I looked at my checking account on line like I do almost every day only to find out the check I wrote to Mitsubishi Motors was cashed. I quickly grew angry went to the check on line and discovered that Wells Fargo Bank endorsed the check I wrote to Mitsubishi Motors. I couldn't understand why Wells Fargo Bank received my check and really can't understand how or why they would cash the check as I don't have an account with Wells Fargo Bank. Long story short Key bank is making me jump through hoops to include filling a police report and sending Mitsubishi Motors a form to fill out (notarized) asking them if they seen the check of cashed it. Naturally they didn't have any part of the problem, Wells Fargo is clearly the problem here. The fraud division at Key will not pursue this problem until we hear from Mitsubishi. I also call Wells Fargo asking them where these fund went as I don't have an account there. Besides they had no right to cash the check as it was made out to a third party. I am preparing to file small claims suit against Wells Fargo and go to Channel 5 consumer advocate. I understand from good source that Key bank dismantled their entire security department some officer had as much as 41 years on the job. This reduction in force impacted the fraud department currently they only have two fraud investigators one for the east side one for the west side. They are over burdened with work and try to discourage customers from making a fraud complaint unless it is more than 10,000 dollars. When calling Wells Fargo they refused to help me telling me I needed to go to my bank. Now to top this all off I understand that key bank is preparing to fire all the employees who work at the main vault on Teideman Road and turn the operation over to Brinks. Key is having serous money problems so customers should think about pulling their accounts out and go with another bank like Huntington. like the last post don't expect much help from Key they don't have the people who can help you when you have a problem.

    • You should educate yourself regarding banking federal regulations relative to endorsement issues, and then you would better understand the situation.
      The lesson you should have learned from all this is…use your credit card. It is simple, easy and provides better protection for you. Transacting business with checks has gone along with the horse and buggy, and replaced with online bill payment. Key will solve the problem, but it will take time.

  • I am also having problems with Key Bank. They are hiring some very incompetent people and the customer is paying the price. I have switched banks, and I gave them two opportunities to get it right and the skewed up both. So, I will not be trusting them again.

    • I have only been with key bank since last fall, and was happy until I had an issue that they caused and the incompetence of the several employees I talked to left me speechless. I'm also changing banks, I'm glad to have found your post, I was starting to wonder if it was just a bad day.

  • Can anyone help me find out who their registered agent for Oregon is!? I cannot find this information anywhere and the customer services has not been helpful.

  • I want to mention: We also appreciate and like who we are working with at Washington Federal and the fact that they took a chance on us again. I did not want to appear to be criticizing them. We simple like Mike as well so we will use Key for some extra savings and Wa. Fed as our business needs.

  • I want to commend one of your loan officers in Maple Valley, WA. He is Michael Mulligan. My husband and I were looking for a construction loan on our second owner/builder project. He tried to get us one through Key bank but we do not meet the criteria. We secured a loan through Washington Federal Bank. Still, Mike spent quite a bit of time advising me. He was so clear and concise; very easy to understand. Besides being very knowledgeable, he is very compassionate and understands our special needs. I truly wish he could be our loan officer. If we end up financing again we will definitely go to Mike. We plan to open an account with Key Bank just because of Mike Mulligan. You have a rare gem with Mike.

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