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KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters

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KeyBank Corporate Office Headquarters
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-216-689-6300
Fax Number: 1-216-689-0519
Customer Service Number: 1-800-539-2968

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Today got our statement in the mail and was going to reconcile my checkbook. I noticed that they sent me Feb-March statement instead of the March to April one. A call to their Customer Service had me hanging up for several reasons. #1 I could only understand every 6th word he spoke. #2 he said he'd send me another one right out. #3 He could not grasp that I didn't want another one sent but the correct one which was March to April! A text with their online Chat fared just a little bit better. Time will tell what they send. Since my printer is down, I couldn't print out the correct statement.

I have been a customer of Key Bank since about 1971 – over 50 years. I am also a private banking customer. I went to a branch yesterday to get a certified check. I asked the teller if the check could be drawn off of my credit card. The teller told me there is an $8 fee for a certified check. I told her I was private banking and the relationship manager approved waiving the $8 fee. The teller and the relationship manager said there might be a cash advance fee but they didn't know if there would be a fee or how much it would be. When the relationship manager approved waiving the $8 certified check fee I thought he was addressing Ny possible cash advance fee. HE WAS NOT. I said oh no, how much could that fee be? Could it be $50 or $100? He said no way it could be that large. THE FEE IS $336!!! and no one can yet make this right. KEY BANK ARE THIEVES!!!

I generally have good experiences with Keybank personnel but today was not one of them. I called alst week and made an appointment to have a paper notarized. I received confirmation of that appointment. I arrived today 7 minutes prior to the appointment and was told all notaries are busy "come back later". I indicated I had an appointment and the man stated well just calling this morning…. I cut him off and stated I called and made the appointment last week. to which he said "COME BACK LATER". Not, they are helping other clients and should wrap up in 15 minutes would you wait in your car and we will call when they are free. NOPE , it was come back later. FOR AN APPOINTMENT. Sooooo disappointed in Keybank.

Our church has (well once had until August 3, 2019) a business credit card account with two authorized person to use this card. One of the authorized users is no longer a member of our church. I went directly into a Key Bank branch on Saturday, August 3, 2019 in Plattsburgh, NY to have the person removed from the account. The manager told me, "No problem" and it was done. On August 6, 2019, I went online to purchase some items using the business credit card and the card declined. Immediately, I thought, the manager has made a mistake with our account. On August 8, 2019, I went back into the same Key Bank branch in Plattsburgh, NY and was told the account has been closed, the person that was ask to be removed had been taken off the account, I was the only authorized person to use the account. This account has been closed and I will need to re-apply for another card. This account still has a outstanding balance and the account our church will still need to pay the balance. Paying the balance is not the problem, the problem is your bank manager did something that was not requested, close the account. From one business to another business, your bank shown us poor business practice. We have done banking with this bank for over 15 years. I will be moving our business to another bank.

Being a business, it is impossible to rely on the honesty of our customers
when they write a check to my business. So I always call their bank to
find out if they have enough funds to cover the amount of the check. Every
bank I have ever called can tell me yes or no except Key bank. They say
it is against their policy and can only tell me if the account is open or not. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Is that how they make their money, charging a fee for me to cash it at their bank or
making me pay if the check bounces at my bank? Oh yeah, I can open a
checking account at their bank, but why should I when I already have an
account open at my bank? I will never accept a check from Key or First
Niagra ever again.

I have used different branches in both Denver and Aurora Co.. My favorite is the branch located at 3000 S. Peoria St. , Aurora. The tellers are very helpful and friendly, (they even remember my name,a rare occurrence these days). The only problem I see is that they are very understaffed and I believe that is the reason for the turnover. There is usually one teller during the lunch hour when many people choose to do their banking. The tellers remain friendly but the stress they are under can be seen in their faces. There are managers around, in the offices, but I suppose are not crossed trained, a waste of manpower in my opinion. My displeasure is selfish because I do not want to continue to reintroduce myself. I am sure an extra teller would be helpful at this branch. Sincerely,

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