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  • Huntington Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Huntington Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Huntington Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
41 South High Street Huntington Center
Columbus, OH 43287
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-480-8300
Fax Number: 1-614-480-3761
Customer Service Number: 1-800-480-2265

International Callers: 1-616-355-8828


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  1. Worst bank on the planet!!! It switched over from TCF which i had an account since 1987 w/ no issues ever!!!! Then Huntington took over, had login issues , no one would answer the phones to help, i went in to the bank they were rude, crabby, disrespectful, they told me someone already had my user name, had to create a new one, the woman rep said go home log in to Huntington not TCF – got home entered my log in info exactly where she told me to & i got scammed on their bank site, long story short the scammer got $4000. off me & could have all been avoided if Huntington would have answered their phones as well as having alerts on my account, no notification & no safe guards , while the scam was occurring,they allowed $4000. to come out of my account before it stopped authorizing my additional funds to purchase more Target gift cards for the scammer. The bank is not taking any responsibility & told me to go to the merchant – Target, filed a fraud report w/ Target, they said sorry cant help & to go back to the bank for their help , Target had enough nerve to say they could only recover less then $5.00 and sent me a $5.00 gift card( nice slap in the face from Target!!!)Neither the bank or Target will help me or take any responsibility. I filed a police report, a FBI report, contacted the BBB, my insurance co. in the midst of all this then Huntington bank pulls more issues w/ me, i had made a $550. deposit at the drive thru on a Friday 11-12-21 & noticed on the fallowing Mon & Tues the money was not showing anywhere in my acct. i tried contacting the bank several times got no answer other then the usual that they'll call back in about an hour, of course & that would be when i am at work & can't talk, when i got home to handle the situation again it was more phone calls & waiting on a reliable person to discuss this w/ since the 1st person was more then ignorant, i told her i was attempting to go in to the bank to deal w/ this & there were fire trucks wrapped around the bank & bank was closed due to this , her reply was you tried to go in to the bank, there is nothing showing a check for $550 deposited & i said it was 4 different checks & yes i know there is nothing listed for that amount – that's why I am calling, she was acting rude & stupid , i said transfer me over to someone else that can handle this , she says yes she will, then i sat there listening to a phone rings for a few min. & was disconnected , after several more attempts someone got back to me to tell me my deposit is lost… at least i have the receipt to prove the transaction, i was told they will deposit the funds of the $550. in my acct. in 2 days. I will be closing out my account from hell w/ Huntington ASAP!!!!

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