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Jefferson Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Jefferson Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jefferson Dental Clinics P.C.


3010 LBJ Freeway Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75234 USA

Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-444-8888

Fax Number: 1-972-243-9011

Customer Service Number: 1-888-943-3252

Website: Jefferson Dental

Email and Chat: Contact Jefferson Dental Chat on Bottom Right.

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  1. Yes I am writing this to hopefully get a massive problem I’ve been dealing with since last August. To be frank, Jefferson dental started a 6,000$ dental procedure with me last year aun which they received 1,590$ from my dental insurance, a down payment, and also a 3,000$ loan I took with Prima health credit. Since then I have been to atleast 10 visits, rescheduled 4 times and only 40% of the work they agreed to do was never completed. The last straw was on last visit when I was finally rescheduled after a two month delay of no appts because of being understaffed and the regional doctor leaving the practice for personal health issues. I was informed once again that I would be referred out once again only to start peocess over again at another dentist office which was going to have to retake all x-rays and preliminary procedures to get me completed eventually. . I had enough with Jefferson dental and they’re managerial staff that I just hoped to get a refund for the remainder of the money that they did not complete procedure wise. It’s been a whole month since this process has started and it does not surprise me that they are now telling me that because if refund dept. being understaffed in Dallas that it could take minimum of three to six months to even be addressed. My mouth hurts and my money and credit and insurance has been taken from Jefferson dental and I’m now being ignored . It seems to me that they have their money and that they will help when they finally get to it but in the meantime I’m a hurting customer who seems to be a victim in the midst of a Jefferson dental problem because of understaffed offices around San Antonio. I pray that hopefully would finally atleast address the problem and keep me from waiting and hurting. They did this and should be held accountable. Potranco office in San Antonio is NOT the place you want to go for services. Trust me.

  2. Your Mesquite office at Ferguston and Gus Thomason Rd. have apparently lost my dentures, I have been toothless since Nov. 2021, and now it is Jan. 2022 and still do not have my dentures.Going back to that office on 01-18-22 to see if dentures have arrived if not, I will have an attorney contact you.

  3. I went in for a tooth ache. At thep office on Josey Ln
    In Farmers Branch. As soon as they ran my insurance, they wanted to do everything my insurance covered. Very unprofessional staff from Management including the Dentist. They Don't care if your in pain, they just want to do half ass job and take your money, especially if you have good insurance! This Company is a scam! Been going to the Same Location for 8 years and they've changed staff and Management 3 times. They don't care about the patients. They just want your money! Never will go there again! Stay Away from these thieves. They are a scam and will rip you off!

  4. Yes I have been going to your Walzem location in San Antonio Texas. It has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a dental office. The first dentist I had removed all my upper teeth fracturing bones throughout my mouth. The last dentist if a little better they remove bottom teeth without fracturing my bones. But however I am still unable to get my parcel and my upper denture because no one seems to know how to take imprint for my dentures. Tried to put the wax mold in my mouth that was taken supposedly of my mouth. The wax imprint of my dentures what's so large it would not fit in my mouth what I told the dentist that it was too large too bulky the fit in my mouth because I could not even close my mouth the dentist became upset because I was not able to close my mouth decided to reschedule me for the 4th time to get my imprint I was scheduled three times where I waited almost 4 hours never saw the dentist they were overbooked understaffed it was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had. When I sewed the second dentist buy broken bones in my mouth she said it was common they're six months I still don't have my dentures they are still rescheduling me over and over again I want to change dentist but I don't know if I can that they have already been paid to do my work please don't go here

  5. How do you hide behind your employees like cowards and not address issues your people cause and expect that people will just go away? The Katy office can't answer their phone. The service that answers them says THEY have a hard time reaching that location. When I finally get someone there, they are rude, uneducated, childish, and ignorant. I simply asked to speak to a manager and told them the basics and they sat there and played gatekeeper and made up trash as I understandably got more upset that they refused to let me speak to someone, she escalates it talking over me and then cries that I'm "raising my voice" as she continues to talk over me with excuses for why I can't talk to someone. I talked to the "call center" over two hours prior and there I am at 10 minutes til 5 PM and nobody returned my call. You can not run a business by evading phone calls and issues.


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