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Kaiser Permanente Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kaiser Permanente Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


1 Kaiser Plaza

Oakland, California 94612

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-271-5800

Fax Number: 1-510-271-6493

  • Kaiser Mail order pharmacy in Sterling VA has major problems and because of this I'm going in to my second week without my Humalog insulin. First the need to stop having people with limited ability to speak and understand English from answering the phones. Second their follow procedures sucks. When they send aa request to a doctor to refill a script make sure they get a reply not use forget about it, Third, their pharmacy needs serious work for the most part the pharmacy page on their website is very inaccurate. Forth they need to have a better way of conforming that meds are shipped. Fithe Hire competent employees that can do their jobs correctly. Here is a good example, back on 05/31/2022 I place a refill request for several of my meds one of which was Humalog. I called again on 6/25/2022 to request refills on more meds and discuss my not receiving my Humalog from the 05/31/2022 request. the young man told me he could see that he refill request was placed and approved but never shipped He had no answer as to why it never shipped. So, he placed a request again, a few hours later I got a text message to contact the pharmacy. A pond doing so they told me that it was too early to refill After 3 1/2 hours of trying to get them to admit their mistake. I got nowhere. by this time, I have made 6 phone calls and spoke with a least a dozen people. I made several requests to speak with a supervisor and each time they hung up on me. I sent email to my PCP, member services, and still got nowhere. Finally, on 07/01/2022 @ 1100hrs I spoke with another young women that indagated that my issue was now corrected. But due to policy they don't ship on Fridays and that it is a holiday weekend, the earliest they could ship would be the Tuesday following the holiday, which means that by the time it arrives if it arrives, I would have been without insulin for close to 2wks. It had no effect on any of the person I spoke with that I was starting to feel very sick. Sadly, this is not the first time I have had a problem. A while back I had a refill request delivered that had missing meds. When I called to find out what had happened Iwas accused of being a junky and selling my meds on the street. They repeated Said that it was impossible that they made any king of mistake, that all the meds were placed in a shipping bag together, but when they got to my home one was missing. The man on the phone integrated me as if I was a terrorist in a black sit and he was CIA.. These are just brief rendering of many, many problems I have encountered with the Sterling VA mail in pharmacy.

  • Kaiser executives hide from the people they are here to serve. Kaiser healthcare is dismal and unresponsive. Member services provides a lot of lip service with no results. Patient care is dead last and you languish with uncaring system. You are trapped like a rat in the Kaiser network where doctors have a job irregardless of the quality of their care. If you want to thrive, find health insurance where doctors have to compete for your healthcare dollars. My PCP said Kaiser “is like going to the VA” before he quit. Yes, quit. I wish I could quit Kaiser, too, but it is my only healthcare choice.

  • Kaiser executives hide from the people they are supposed to serve. Kaiser’s care is dismal and unresponsive to patients. Member services is more of the same-lip service. Patient care is dead last and, if you want to thrive, choose a healthcare in which you have choices and doctors have to compete for your healthcare dollars. As my own doctor said before he quit Kaiser, “Kaiser is like going to the VA.”

  • Recently stood in line for a half hour to sign in for a lab test in zip 928**. While there, I heard it was common for this facility to do that. Do you think it is all right to treat people like this? Would you make your mom stand in line for a half hour, just to SIGN IN for the blood test?

    Of course my complaints were met with "write the lab manager." Why, will you pay me to surpervise some manager by mail? Is that your corporate structure? Well, not the "pay" part. "We, here at Kaiser encourage strangers with a beef to supervise our failing employees!" Kind of has a ring to it, I guess.

    If you wish to stress people who are seeking medical treatment further, this is just the ticket. It is a well-played, and very deniable small percentage attrition. One can take various aspects like this, add them up and get rid of those who are more costly and can "stand" the least. However if one wishes to be seen as caring, perhaps a different approach could give that opposite impression.

  • I was double billed and received the response that they cannot issue a refund. This is against the law and I have issued a complaint to the state's Attorney General regarding this practise. I talked to a employee in the Arizona billing office number 844-524-7370 named Paul (refused to give last name or employee # or city of state). Incident number K-715729. Any billing errors should be reported to the Attorney General and the BBB, please take the time to forward your complaints to the above agencies. Member Email tolkoenglish@gmail.com

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