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Kay Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kay Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Signet Jewelers Ltd. – Kay Jewelers
Clarendon House 2 Church Street
Hamilton, HM 11 Bermuda
Corporate Phone Number: +1-441-296-5872
Customer Service Number: 1-800-527-8029
Kay Jewelers Corporate Office USA

Sterling Jewelers, Inc.
375 Ghent Road,
Fairlawn, OH 44333-4600
Phone Number: 1-800-877-8169


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  1. This has been a nightmare. I got my customized engagement ring in February of this year. It was the wrong size, even though we requested the correct size. Two months after getting the ring back from sizing, a gem fell out. When we questioned this, the sales lady said "it is what you wanted, and it's a pretty ring. You will just have to be careful and deal with it being delicate". I have an office job AND was never informed how "delicate" it was…we would have picked a different ring if that was the case. 4 months later I take it in to get cleaned, and they tell me 3 more gems are loose. Within a month of getting it back, another gem fell out. This will be the 4th issue in 9 months! I called customer service, and had it escelated. The man told us we could get a new ring made to my size or exchange it. Neither option was ok, because our trust has been destroyed. The man then sent us to a manager at a different store than we had purchased from, because we were fed up with the customer service we had been given from original store. When we went in and spoke to the manager he told us they didn't do the repairs correctly, from what he could see, and to get a new ring made (which would apparently "fix all the problems"…why wasn't it done right in the first place?!?), we would have to put 20% down! This is not what the customer service man told us. After explaining how I was just done dealing with Kay, he called another customer service rep to get an authorization code to return the ring and they both agreed to give us a full refund if we brought back all of the original diamonds the next day. We went back the next day, only to be told that the original customer service man rejected it and we couldn't return it! If a manager tells us we can return it, this needs to be honored! We were then told that we couldn't deal with that store anymore, and had to go to the original store! Worst experience ever.


  2. I am so upset with Kay right now.
    2 weeks before Easter we purchased items totaling $2,265.65 – we notice the bill has not come in so we call them. The first person we spoke with didn't want to hear anything, just wanted money. So we asked what is the address you have well after years of purchasing from them and receiving the bills our street address was conveniently changed from Terr. to Tehh. WTF how does this happen, and we are asking for him to remove the late charges he tells us that he could not do this. My husband hangs up and at this time he is so pissed off. I tell him to call back and speak to someone else. This person resolves our issue and tells him you are only one week past due and we are very sorry for this error. We give them $1000.00 over the phone. She tells him since he is paying this amount we would not have to pay interest for a year. He hangs up and satisfied this is resolved. This is where the best part comes in, it is now 2 weeks later from and we receive a call from Kay saying we owe them $115.00 and it is past due. I proceed to tell her how is that possible when we just gave them $1000.00 her exact words is that money was the 20% down payment. Not sure what school she went to but last time I checked that is pretty close to half of what we owe. We asked to speak to a supervisor because at this time there is no way of getting through to her that was suppose to be part of the payment also. A supervisor gets on the phone (Oliver) and is talking to my husband like he is some kind of an idiot, for not understanding that was only 20% of the down payment. I tell my husband just tell him thank you and that they should invest in a calculator so they can figure out a down payment of 20%.
    Do not buy from Kay and do now use their credit card. Because they find way of getting more money out of you. They talk to you like your an idiot and no matter what they are right and we are in the wrong. Even when we went to the store we purchased the items and they called us to tell us the items were in, you go there and the first thing they ask you is did you get a call from us that your product was here. Instead of looking to see if it is there. Seems to me that they need some training in customer care. Let me just remind your Kay Jewelers, it is us the customers that keep your business going. Your employees may think it is them but without us buying your product there would be no Kay Jewelers.
    I have never had to call a customer service for an issue and received such rudeness.

  3. Bad deal, back in 2003 had wedding band made for my husband paid over 5000 back then. He goes to Iraq in 2003 threw 2005 with band on ,wears it 15 years. Go in into Kays Outlet to purchase jewelry. They start talking about hes band that had a loose diamond so he had taken it off an put up didn't really trust anyone because very nice diamonds in it. So finally management at Tanger outlet,Branson Mo. Kays Outlet talks him into letting him send it an repair just drop it by. We drop it off on Oct 26th 2016 havent seen it yet said we wouldnt even recognize it , it was tore up so bad now its Dec 30th 2016 an they ordered him a replacement band suppose to go pick up. So fare they say we dont get no compensation for all this mess. Really?

  4. I will be calling the number for corporate also but this I do in hopes of warning others. This labor day I took a brown diamond wedding set into Kays at our mall to have it soldered together. The girl took my ring & told me there would be $121.00 charge to do so & that it would be completed in 2 weeks & that also the payment was due then. I paid her with my debit & a few days later I received a call saying she should have charged me $181.00. I proceeded to argue the fact that if she had told me it was going to be close to $200.00 to do the job I would not have left the ring & since I had already debited my account for $121.00 I believe they should have left it at that. Instead they said "we'll split the difference with you, I was having to pay $30.00 extra. Okay, fine. I called 16 days after leaving the ring & was told it would not be done until the 29th, after I had been told 2 weeks which would have made it done on the 18th. So, I got lied to all the way around by them. Lied to about the price of the job, lied to as to how long it would take. I spoke to the assistant manager Matt & attempted to tell him this was NOT how business should be ran by Kays to no avail. I even told him I would trash talk Kays every chance I got & I would make sure people would think twice before going there. No avail. I told him to check their computers as I have purchased several times from Kays, no avail. I will never do business with them again. I always thought a business stayed in business by making sure their customers were satisfied. Evidently that's not how Kays believes they should do business. Let everyone know that there is always Zales or Helzbergs. Greensburgs & even K's merchandise. Younkers sales jewelry as does WalMart & you can purchase the extended warranty through any of these places. Kays will never get my husbands money again.

  5. I bought my girl friend a Jane Seymour open heart necklace for Christmas. I also bought the extended warranty. May the box chain broke, took it back. They sent it in to be repaired, gave an approximate return date and promised to call when it was back. Never called. Finally went in and picked up necklace. This time it lasted just over a month and broke again. This time the service wasn't as friendly, but still sent it in for the second time and promised to call when it returned. Again no call and we picked it up about 4 days after they said it should return. The repair was far from quality. Rough and uneven. This repair did not last or two hours and it broke again. Now as the warranty says if it breaks 3 time it will be replaced. They want to replace a 21" chain with an 18" and call it the exact replacement. Was told that it was the same chain because silver stretches and grows. That is real common with gold, and have had gold chains stretch as much as 4". Pretty good line but I'm not buying it. Rudely said either to take the replacement or have the other repaired again. Was given a phone number to customer service and told to either take the replacement or return chain and pendant for a store credit. Sadly we took the replacement, it will never be worn. Putting it in the jewelry box and replacing it with another from a reputable jeweler. This just cost Kay a lot of future business. I WILL NOT shop there, nor any of family. Discouraging friends also.

  6. Let me tell you what, Candace (who is only a key holder) was closing the store in LaGrange Georgia on 5/9/2016, My husband and children bought me a charmed memories "mom" charm for my bracelet that my best friend bought me with (my then opened now closed Kay card) without being told that the cost of the money payments are going to go up an $15 a month because he bought the charm (which was only $71). First, this credit card is an absolute scam!! NO MATTER what the cost is they are going to charge you interest for the purchase not as a whole but individually without telling you. Then Candance as this store was so freaking rude I was livid once I left!! She was more worried about stuffing her face then she was caring or taking care of the customer. She should NOT be in the position she is in and if she doesn't like her job then she needs to get another one where she is not working for the customer or for a matter of fact any kind of cliental to a business!!! This company has now lost my money, my business and my thought about how they are ran! I will NO Longer be associated with this company and if anyone asks where my ring came from they will NOT here your nasty name company come out of my mouth!!!!!!!

    1. OOHH and on top of all this crappy service from Candace, after only have the rings for 1 month I had the diamonds fall out!! I was BLAMED for them falling out and it took over 2 weeks to get the rings fixed after I had to wait another 2 weeks to get them sized. This company is a SCAM ARTIST!!!!!

  7. I have also purchase a Neil Lane bridal set from Kays in Johnson City, TN. I purchased the engagment, wedding and set of diamond ear rings at the same time on December 5th and proposed to my fiance on December 15th. I purchased the warranty on the bridal set. Within a month we noticed that the main 1carat diamond was loose, we called the dealer and they explained that as long as you can't actually see the stone move that it is secure but you could shake the ring and hear it moving. In February on the 5th, my fiance noticed the main stone GONE!! I panicked and called corporate and with no problem they told me to bring it the closet dealer to have it repaired and replaced. We were told repairs would be complete no later than the 23rd of February and even at that, I thought of was too long we have contacted Kays at least every week since and keep getting fed up. We were told on March 2nd that if we didn't want to wait for a stone, they would replace the entire ring so we agreed. It bothers my fiance that it's not the ring that I picked out..it no.longer has meaning to her like before. Today is now the 10th with still no word from Kays. We get the same bulls hit answer every time, "we just got some boxes in and we have yet to go through them. We will call you back as soon as we do." We NEVER receive a call with info about her ring, we always have to get back in touch with them. Kays management is by far one of the worse. They act like it's no big deal and we are not important to them. Their customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever del with. I'm calling this afternoon to return all my items purchased and get my $5300 back and giving my business to someone who sells quality products and cares for their customers. Thanks, Kays, for ruining a moment in our life where we should be planning a wedding. It's an absolute disgrace that my fiance has had her ring being worked on now longer than she has actually gotten to wear it. We have cancelled engagment photos and even lost a $60 deposit on them due to your poor customer service. There has been no apology, no patience from your support staff, no offer to make this right, nobody wants to help. I feel as if I'm bothering them every time I call.

  8. A guy and tall white blonde lady, at the outlet store in blackwood, where calling a previous customer Walruses and mocking them on a piece of jewelry they bought that I was buying for my friends 21st birthday. They were being very loud and rude making fun of them. I later found out she was the store manager and will never shop there again. They make fun of you when you leave and that wasn't very nice. What did they say behind my back when I left. I hope you do something about them. Maybe I will make fun of her when she loses her job.

    1. I know that this complaint will go no where but if even one person doesn't go there it is a success. DO NOT BUY FROM KAY JEWELERS. My ring was in the shop 5 months ago for 2 months
      (it took that long to fix)
      and now is in the shop for the same reason – diamond falling out. They said it will take another 6-8 weeks or up to 12 weeks to fix it. My ring in a years time will be there more than on my finger.
      I bought the warranty and they fix it but it takes months to return to you. NEVER AGAIN

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