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  1. Legal shield is a scam. 1) we cancelled our membership back in September 2016, January 2017, n several more times from 2018 thru 2021. However, legal shield continues to steal money from us. We changed credit card numbers n legal shield illegally called our bank n illegally obtainened our banking information. Filed with fcc. Legal shield doesn't provide legal assistance for any of our legal issues as promised by sales rep. 100% scam n fraud

  2. I tried to get questions answered about LegalShield's business practices that are in violation of their Mastercard contract and was sent to a page to sign up for a tech membership. This company does not conduct themselves in an honest manner.

  3. Can I use LegalShield to write a letter to LegalShield requesting reimbursement of monthly fees that were taken after the the "Cancellation" of the membership?

    I need every penny I have to seek legal advice from a real lawyer who will listen to a concern with valid evidence of several misdiagnoses that were only varified 10 days ago but I have suffered for a minimum of 13 year's. I need legal representation and a competent legal team.

  4. I cancelled my membership at 12:03pm on February 5, 2018 and requested an acknowledgement of the cancellation. I received an email acknowledging my "cancellation" at 12:04pm on February 5, 2018. I checked my bank account after receiving messages requesting feedback concerning a letter that was prepared by the legal team in my city. The letter was not sufficient for what I needed and I decided to cancel the membership since I actually need legal representation to go up against the VA hospital. They the fee's on February 6, 2018 and when I sent screenshots of my emails and the acknowledgement of the receipt of the cancellation notice I was informed that the funds would be returned to my account. Since my membership is paid up for the current month can I request legal assistance to request repayment of fee's that LegalShield after said membership was cancelled?

  5. I became an associate but have not been pro-active with the business because the two times that I used my membership, I was truly disappointed in the layers that supposed to work for us. My first encounter was that I rented an apartment in South Carolina because I was relocating from Columbia, had a move in date all was well. Well moving day came the rental office was closed, cool stuff happens, came back the following day office closed, went to the apartment that I was supposed to move in, it was trashed, long story short had to quickly find another place that was costly, and the complex did not refund my deposit, reached out to legal shield, they sent out a few letters, asked for my receipts for the new place and then everything went dead silent, I had to keep calling them to get updates until I just cut my losses.

    My second disappointment, my 18 year old college student got a ticket for $425.00 driving after hours with her permit, she immediately called legal shield in Columbia, they told her to bring in her ticket, I drove 260 miles round trip so that the lawyer's had everything before her court, put the documents in the secretary's hand, she made copies of everything, with an unpleasant attitude, well needless to say my daughter was at court with no representation and she had to pay the full ticket with points against her driver's license which she had by time her court date came up. Luckily my son showed up to court driving the same 2600 miles roundtrip to get there and luckily he had money to pay the ticket. Who does that leaving a child to defend herself, of course she was nervous, scared and did not know how to fight for herself. They did not even try to reach out to her, why did I drive all those miles. We could have saved time by just paying the ticket before the court date. The lawyer's so far have left a bad taste in my mouth, how can I endorse something I have no faith in, I know all cases won't be settle but they could have at least pretend they are fighting for us, gee whiz. I go to the meetings and try to be motivated about the company, and yes people are killing it making millions, all I can see is me telling somebody a lie just to line my pockets. I just can't do that, not from make personal experiences. Reading the other post, I'm not alone. bkind2clients@gmail.com is my email, I live the way my email reads, it sure would be nice to had the same in return.

  6. I'm disappointed so far
    We signed up January 9 2016
    This is January 25 with no communication from legal shield. How are you supposed to sell this with no information or communication. You tell me

    1. Doug Hogsed:

      Sir: PLEASE call me ON 501-772-1313. I will be in Fire Chief's classes on Tues to Fri. this week ONLY FROM 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call me at night. That is my personal cell phone, & I will follow up with corporate, then get back to you.

      I'm so sorry you had this bad experience I WILL Follow up during my break when you call me. Then get back with you. No matter how late please call me.

      MY personal email is

      Randy B.

    2. Me and my husband are more than disappointed with Legal Shield. Been dealing with them for 4 years, 3 different attorneys that have done nothing for us. Spent over 7,000 and they literally have done nothing in 3 years time!! After the first attorney someone in Legal Shield referred us to another attorney that promised us the world and again, this one was worse, after 2 years did nothing, then he sent a letter after no correspondence with us at all, told us he left the firm and good luck!! We have nothing to show for it after all this time. But they did take our money!! It scary that we would pay a monthly fee for a service that when my husband needed legal representation recently did not even think of using Legal Shield because he doesn't trust any of them! This is suppose to help people to be able to afford good attorney's. As far as our experience, we have seen nothing but poor if not incompetent lawyers! I am ashamed to say I used Legal Shield!
      Sherry and Michael Schuessler
      Denver, CO

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