Miami Dolphins Corporate Office Headquarters

Miami Dolphins Corporate Office Headquarters

Dolphins Enterprises, LLC,

7500 SW 30th St.

Davie, FL 33314 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-452-7000

Fax Number: 954-452-7027

Customer Service Number: (305) 943-8000

Email: N/A

Player/Cheerleader Mail: Miami Dolphins, ATTN: Staff, Player or Cheerleader Name, 7500 SW 30th Street, Davie, Florida, 33314.

Fin Club Support:

  • I have season tickets but I can't access my tickets on the Dolphins App to use to get into the Stadium. It started at the last home game and I can't even use the App to get my season tickets discount for purchases at all. I was told by my Rep that it was a Ticketmaster problem and I can't contact them at all. I say that this is also a Miami Dolphins Organization problem as they are the ones using Ticketmaster for the App. Four days to game time and the App is still not working. I paid money to be able to go to the games without any problems but this is not the case.

  • players still kneeling I'm finished with the dolphins if I protested at work I would be fired what a joke.These players get paid to play football we don't care about there political opinions

  • We are waiting for the suspension of the players that protested the Nation Anthem last night. The owner stated he would suspend anyone protesting, lets see him keep his word.

  • a bunch of overpaid ungrateful un american losers.hey ross,move to london and you could change the name to the london guppies and wear little pink panties and is no longer the stinking is the stinking dolphins.

  • I also have been a Miami Dolphin Fan since 1965. Very disappointed in the actions of several players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Disrespecting our National Anthem, flag and our men in uniform both blue and our military who put their lives on the line every day is disgraceful. Specifically by young men who have not accomplished not one positive action for mankind except to play a game. Mr. Ross, you are a weak leader for not putting an end to these disgraceful actions. We fans pay big money to be entertained and not to be forced to view the player's political opinions. The Cowboys and Steelers do not put up with this non-sense. When will you. I have canceled my Dolphin Digest, NFL Channel and hope many others do until the players start appreciating the fans and the opportunities in front of them and the great county they live in.

    George in Melbourne

  • Week after week, month after month, year after year my beloved Miami Dolphins S.U.C.K. suck suck suck. I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since 1970 with 4 season tickets with my dad and brothers since then and just can no longer that this crap that you continue to put on the field. This is not good for my health and refuse to continue to spend my hard earned money and time watching this crap. Ryan Tannehill is so bad I have no idea why you continue to believe in him. Please, I beg you to respond to my email.

    I am trying but my time is this life is running out.

  • Hey Dolphins players and coaches I hope you can see this post. I've have been a huge fan just like everyone else might be win or lose. I enjoy the games at home and travel if I can to see you play. Not to go and drink because I don't but because I'm a die hard fan. I just want to say one thing to you guys and I hope you get this. The NFL was your dream now your there you wanted it and you were willing to do whatever it to to get there right? Well you guys can't give up on your dreams because your already there. You WANT to win right. We want you to win. That all sounds great. But are you all WILLING to WIN. Everyone in life can want something but if your not willing to go after it there is no point in wanting it.

  • I am frequently in the presence of men and women living with lifelong injuries that restrict their ability to move, talk, eat, watch football or even smile. These US citizens were injured in the act of protecting this country and the flag flying over it. I am saddened by the demeaning, disrespectful actions of highly paid NFL employees that are then condoned by their very profitable employer. I will not be contributing anymore.

  • While I understand we have a freedom of speech, I cannot agree with kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem while they are employed by the NFL. If this is something they want to participate in they should do it on their own personal time. I'v been a fan for over 40 years and have stuck with this team even though they have not won a Super Bowl in over 40 years. I am going to walk away if this continues. How they could do this on the 15th Anniversary of September 11 is beyond me. I am a life long New Yorker and am insulted by their actions.

    • AGREED! I did not like the change in the first place. The new look has an animated appearance. The original 80s helmets can add to the desired culture change that Mr Ross has requested!

    • AGREED! I did not like the change in the first place. The new look has an animated appearance. The original 80s helmets can add to the desired culture change that Mr Ross has requested!

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