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  • Plenty of Fish Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Plenty of Fish Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Plenty of Fish (Plentyoffish.com) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

PO Box 841

C/O plentyoffish.com

Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5


Corporate Phone Number: not available

Fax Number: not available

Email Address: not available

Website: POF.com

Plenty of Fish is famous for its free dating site, plentyoffish.com. The website is one of the largest dating websites in the world. The site is owned by internet entrepreneur, Markus Frind.

Plenty of Fish’s does not offer a toll-free customer service number. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.


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  1. try this number. This is a billing number for pof but, if you call during the week before 7pm pacific time you should be able to reach someone.

    800 763 5007

  2. I have read through all of the comments. There seems to be a prevalent theme here. The primary problems are: no one ever responds to mail, profiles and pics are not deleted after numerous request to have them pulled. This site tells it all, no email, no phone contact, no one ever answers any of concerns. Seems like a class action suit to me.

  3. I've ben on pof for 2 days and had 3 people view my profile and after that i haven't got any messages from pof saying that i have new people viewing my profile and i paid 1.69 and they charged me $16.90 instead i wsnt my money back in my account i didn't know it was $16.90 because it didn't say just $1.69 only and i never got an email neithet i was my money put back in my bank account i used my debit card pleadr help me thank you plise my ex is on there to lol.

  4. Site says the my email is not found in the database!
    Did my account get deleted?!
    If so, is there a way that I would be able to recover my account, and why did it get deleted?!

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}
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