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  • Price Chopper Corporate Office Headquarters

Price Chopper Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Price Chopper Corporate Office Headquarters

461 Nott Street
Schenectady, NY  12308
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-727-7423
Customer Service Number: 1-800-666-7667

  • I live in Granville New York. Over the past eight years, I have watched our Price Chopper in our community sell molded produce, rotten meat, and price gauge like I have never seen before. I have had enough. Going forward I will start taking pictures of the rotten, moldy food and calling the health department. As far as the price gauging goes, I am going to compare your prices to other places in our area and start posting your outrageous prices online. As a corporation, your GREED is ENOUGH!

  • If you are not going to staff the registers, what good is the store? I shop at the Berlin Vt store and consistently the registers are never open and there is always a line! A lot of folks stop in after working all day to shop then have to wait 20 minutes to check out because there are no registers open. The self check are open but there maybe one or two of the regular lanes open. If you want to piss people off, this is one of the best ways to do it! Get all your shopping done in 4 minutes and wait 20 to ring out. UNACCEPTABLE PEOPLE!

  • I would like to express my deep appreciation to Collen (Gift Card department). I have had to assume responsibility for my sister, a recent widow, who has had significant health issues as well as those negative issues associated with the aging process. Collen was able, given her competence and compassion, to effectively and efficiently address a complex concern. My extended family members have been long time patrons of Price Chopper and have only had positive experiences.

  • wow it sounds like people hate working for price chopper,, while people LOVE working for market basket the owner and corporate office should look into this and figure out why

  • I sent and email about a problem I had not being credited for items purchased with e coupons. Business day 10 and still no reply.

  • I just spent 15 minutes at their Deli. When I got there there were 6 people ahead of me with one deli person working. The Deli manager was slicing for packages to be put on shelves. I asked her to help get the people in line thru, she said that was not her job. I stopped by the front desk and told the front manager. She said she would get some help over there. 5 minutes later 3 people still in line, but the manager was on her break. The one worker was still servicing the same guy who was getting a lot of different types of food.

  • I certainly hope Price Chopper corporate is not supporting employees who are so abusive by rewarding them with a job in another one of their stores. That is terrible and gives credence to those who think all corporations are greedy and immoral.

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