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Fresh Market Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Fresh Market Corporate Office Headquarters

The Fresh Market Inc.
628 Green Valley Road Suite 500,
Greensboro, NC 27408 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-272-1338
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-336-272-1338
Employment and Jobs: 1-336-272-1338 ext. 1533

  • My significant other has worked at the Oakley, Cincinnati location for over 2 years, never a performance review or raise. Apparently if you ask for a raise, your hours will be cut. Also, GM is an alcoholic that is useless.

  • To all concerned,
    First, I'd like to say how much I actually enjoy shopping in your stores.
    Secondly, I was curious to know if there were any future plans of opening a Pete's Fresh Market store farther out away from the city?

    I live in Sandwich, IL. approx. 60 miles west of Chicago.
    There aren't many options when it comes to grocery shopping.

    In Yorkville, there's a Jewel, in Plano, which is located between Yorkville and Sandwich, there's a Walmart, and in the town of Sandwich, there's an Art's, a small family owned store.
    In my opinion, I believe one of your stores would do quite well in this area.

    I hope in the future you will consider expanding and opening a store in the general area I mentioned.
    I personally think you would be welcomed with open arms.


    Anthony Ray

  • I purchased my Thanksgiving dinner from your Fresh Market in Boca Raton, Florida. I have to tell you I was very disappointed with the meal. The stuffing looked and tasted like sawdust. It was nothing like the demostration they gave the previous week. I spoke to other customers who ordered the same dinner. There reply was the same. I will never order from Fresh Market again.

  • I have visited the FM in Columbus Ga on Bradley Park Drive on multiple occasions and the bakery manager is the rudest woman I have ever seen. I have, on several occasions, heard her yelling at the employees from over by the meat department and on one occasion while I was being waited on in the bakery, she came up right beside me and yelled and belittled the heavy set boy in the bakery. She is not nice to the employees or customers and I will no longer shop there because of her and the head manager that is never friendly or acts as if he cares. I have complained to him several times about her and she still is there acting out in the same manner. I have heard rumors of this store closing and this is probaly why this store is not profiting as it should be.

  • I shop at the mt. Lebanon pa store on a regular basis. The store us clean and the produce is wonderful. The meat and deli departments however are unbelievable. The are serviced by the laziest and ignorant people I have every seen. I recently stopped in for my usual weekly spree. I spend hundreds of dollars a month here. I loved the fresh market in my hometown of Nashville, it was my go to store. I asked several employees and a manager for wipes for the carts, and was ignored and told look in the store. I asked for help from several employees in the meat and seafood department about how to cook fish and a roast, and was told to cook it in the oven. They basically laughed at me. I was so exasperated that I sent to the produce employee to get the manager. Pete was so nice and understanding. He asked what the problem was and proceeded to get me the wipes for the cart, my meat, salad, and produce, for NY meal. Then he went to make my favorite coffee which was out, got me new cream, went to the dairy section to get me my milk for my son who has an allergy ( I did not know fresh market carried this brand) then asked if I needed anything else before he got the manager for me. He was so pleasant and professional that I decided not to complain to the manager. All I wanted was a little help. Pete went out of his way to assist me on a very busy day, as he was stopped by several people whom he also assisted while still helping me. Employees like this make the difference in shopping at a store on a regular basis. You should take a lesson and hire more professional and helpful employees, and get rid of the lazy and rude people you employee in your store.

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