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  • Spencers Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

Spencers Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Spencers Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

6826 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234-4132 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-609-645-3300
Fax Number: 1-609-645-5633
Customer Service Number: 1-609-645-330


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  1. We are in need of a copy of our itemized receipt for in-store purchases on 12/31/22. We have misplaced our receipt and wondering if we could request an itemized copy of it from Spencer Gifts.

    The purchase was made in-store at Spencer Gifts, Store #2189, Springfield, VA 22150, in the amount of $136.63,last four digits of VISA card, #1111.

    Please let me know if you need any other information in order to resolve this issue. A copy of our receipt may be sent to our email addresses below.

    We appreciate your help in resolving this request for us as soon as possible.

  2. Good Evening, to whom this email may concern I have a complaint about the service that I received at your Ithaca NY store. On Monday may 3 2021, My son and I were in your store shopping, while we were shopping I noticed the two of your employees were following us. The were a young male with a tattoo on his lower right light slim build and then there was this short blond head slim young lady. They kept watching my son and I while we were looking at merchandise that he was asking questions about. Neither one of the two employee that I described asked me nor my son if we needed help with anything. Instead, they were pretending to straighten up in the area of which my son and I were looking at merchandise to purchase. I felt uncomfortable to the point where I just purchased the things that I had in my hand. I do not like being profiled because I'm a person of color why did you employees find it necessary to profile my son and I instead of helping us. As I was leaving the store I could not quite hear what the two employees and the cashier were saying, but I do know it was a comment about us after we left your store. I worked had to enjoy spending my money in places that I like to shop at but If I need to be profile as if I was trying to steal that would a person feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, I will not be shopping in your store any more due to the profiling that was not necessary. I hope that this company can give their employees some kind of diversity training because all people of color do not steal we are honest hard working people. Thank your two employees and your cashier

  3. Im writting to you, because a few months ago I bout an outfit with one of my good friends that I was visiting from out of town. When i got home the following day I pulled out the items I purchased and realized that the security lock was still on it. Today i tried taking it back to one of my nearest stores and well I know for a fact I bought the item and still cant wear it. I would like to see something in return about this. Please contact me asap. My name is cheyenne please contact me viva email. Cheyennefish97@gmail.com. I am not a happy customer and if this doesnt get resolved I will take nessesary action. Please understand my position.

  4. I have an idea for a gag gift/novelty item that is right up Spencers alley. I was just looking to find a way of contacting Spencers to submit this item to them. I imagine gag gifts are not big money makers…but I thought a little is better than none. After reading through these comments I've changed my mind. I choose not to be affiliated with such a company. My item will simply remain mine…

  5. I want to start off with a complaint but then end with a gem of an employee. First, I contacted the Chat online which I've never had such horrible customer service online as I did today. "Rebecca" was very short, rude, and did not want to go out of her way to answer or help me. I won't go into detail but wow it was a painful conversation. AFter quite a long time for a chat, she did give a store location but said they don't ship. I told her I would pay that I desperately wanted this item for my daughter. She said "they don't ship". So yes, I called New York to see if this information was correct and it was. However, after speaking with Dan at the Niagara Falls store and him finding out where I was located he offered shipping to my local Spencer store. This was never offered from Rebecca she just said no shipping. Anyhow, Dan offered to send the backpack to my closest store and not only asked for the closest one to me, but called them to get everything set for me. This was way beyond what was asked or expected. Dan is definitely an asset to Spencer Gifts! The customer service that I received was absolutely phenomenal!


  7. I am writing this to inform you of the rude member of management in you Central Mall location in Texarkana, TX. I did not get the young lady's name however, I did get pictures of her as she was yelling at me and then one of her when I asked her to bring her voice down when speaking to me. This employee was extremely rude to customers and her fellow employee. I asked to see some body jewelry in a locked case and this request seemed to anger her. After unlocking the case, she refused to allow me to touch in of the packages inside of the case. I was attempting to purchase my first ever replacement lip ring and was unsure of what size I needed, etc. When I explained that because it was dark in the store and I was having trouble reading the product titles and sizes of jewelry, she stated, "Well, too bad. It is our policy that you are not allowed to touch anything in the case." I then asked if she could hand me two different item in order for me to compare the products and she told me, "No. You can only look at one item at a time." I then asked for another employee to help me in which she replied, "I am the manager and he isn't allowed to touch my keys!" The other employee, Thomas, looked embarrassed and apologized. I then asked for the manager and was stunned to find out that this woman was indeed the manager! I then asked her what her issue was and why she was being so rude to me and received the response, "It doesn't matter. I have a broken foot!" I am still stunned at how I was treated and will no longer shop at Spencers.

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