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Trulia Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Trulia Corporate Office Headquarters

Trulia, Inc.
116 New Montgomery St., Ste. 300
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-648-4358
Customer Service Number: 1-877-776-9521

  • Cease and decist. 410 Salem St 1305 is NOT in foreclosure!!! My wife is a lawyer in Boston so it won't cost us anything to sue you. We are filing a report with the state senator in CA and BBB. You will be hearing from us soon. You will be liable for false advertising among other things.

  • I truly hope this reaches someone high up at Trulia and someone finally does something to fix this continuous aggravating problem before I take legal action! Trulia, even though I have continuously contacted customer service for the last 3 years and provided county records, keeps providing FALSE information on my home that I have owned for over 16 years, by shorting the sq ft by over 1500 sq ft. I am fed up and ready to contact a lawyer, be cause your customer service just told me, and I quote "The data you reported is coming from your county records, because of this I am unable to edit the information. This data is gathered by a third-party data collector and only updates on Trulia when discrepancies are identified at the next data collection cycle. Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite this process."… I am done begging! Fix this or I sue!

  • Greetings,

    I am contacting you again because I am an agent that lives and works in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. I have been a licensed agent since 2005 and in the Property Management arena here in Atlanta since 1994. I have notified your company (Zillow and Trulia) that you have part of the Old Fourth Ward branded incorrectly as “Bedford Pine”. This is not the neighborhood that we live and work in. The neighborhood as a whole is Old Fourth Ward. Bedford Pine(s) is not the neighborhood. Bedford Pine(s) is actually one of the Oldest HUD subsidized Federal Housing Projects in the US. This is the name of an apartment community within the Old Fourth Ward. This name has negative connotations and is being used to red line our streets and divide our neighborhood. We all live within the Old Fourth Ward. Once again- Bedford Pine(s) is an apartment community- only one (albeit large) within the Old Fourth Ward. It is not the name of our neighborhood and never has been. Please correct both Trulia’s records. Before you merged Zillow had it correct. Now, I still show that Zillow has the information correct, but Trulia’s site just is not True.
    How is it that you have merged but you have not corrected this discrepancy? Old fourth ward is not divided by Boulevard. Boulevard on both sides (East and West) is Old Fourth ward. Feel free to send a representative to check. Please update your records and confirm the actual neighborhood lines of the Old Fourth Ward. Thank you for your response. Let me know if you need anything from me as proof, or if you need me to provide you the actual neighborhood boundaries based on Address Validation.

    Thank you.


    Heather Ramirez

  • Cease and Desist. 8 Orchard Street, Suffern, NY is not for sale or in forclosure. Get your facts straight it is 8a Orchard Street, NY and it is now for sale. If not taken down in five days I will seek legal action. This is my third and last try.

  • How interesting! After getting so fed up with these fake postings on Trulia, and after emailing Trulia several times, emailing Zillow, I looked for the corporate website only to find this page. Not shockingly, I see all the comments with the very same issue I have. If one wants to report fraud on Trulia, the "help" section says to click on a particular button that doesn't exist. I have emailed their investment folks because that usually works with other companies. But, alas…not a response one. I guess Trulia doesn't think very highly of it's realtor customers, buyer customers, seller customers or anyone else it intends to target. It's sure not working for me. How unfortunate – I'm not sure why Trulia is in business at all. I really, really do not like the Trulia site and have now decided to ban it for lack of response.

  • EVERY bit of information on your site regarding our property is WRONG. Most folks can't stay in business or keep a job by doing such sloppy work. You serve to mislead and not help buyers or
    sellers in any way. Crucial information such as CORRECT number of bedrooms and baths, source
    of heat and air, ACTUAL tax assessment, etc just might be important to both sellers and prospective
    buyers. We can't begin to think WHERE you gleaned the COMPLETELY INCORRECT INFORMATION
    you have posted regarding our gorgeous property with noisy stream, waterfall into private pond, seven acres and hand-crafted cabin. NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW based on what you put out there. You should be ashamed of your work product and you should be shut down for misrepresentation.


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