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The Absolute Dental corporate office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below are comprehensive details about Absolute Dental headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company. This overview includes its competitive position in the dental care industry against major practices like Aspen Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Smile Brands, as well as smaller competitors such as Gentle Dental, Coast Dental, and Western Dental & Orthodontics.

How To Contact Absolute Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Absolute Dental Headquarters – Overview

  • Absolute Dental Main Office Address – 8370 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129 USA
  • Absolute Dental Corporate Office Phone Number – 1-702-291-2031
  • Absolute Dental Customer Service Number – 1-844-876-4536
  • Absolute Dental Complaints Department – 1-844-876-4536
  • Absolute Dental Website: absolutedental.com

Absolute Dental Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Absolute Dental Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of Absolute Dental’s History

Founded in [Year], Absolute Dental has grown to be a prominent dental care provider in Nevada, offering a range of services from general dentistry to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Facing competition from larger networks like Aspen Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Smile Brands, as well as regional providers such as Gentle Dental, Coast Dental, and Western Dental & Orthodontics, Absolute Dental distinguishes itself with comprehensive dental care, accessible locations, and a commitment to patient satisfaction.

The Dental Care Industry and Absolute Dental’s Position

In the competitive dental care market, Absolute Dental stands out by offering a full range of dental services under one roof, catering to the diverse needs of patients. The practice is known for its focus on convenient and affordable dental care, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Absolute Dental’s Patient-Centric and Comprehensive Care Approach

Absolute Dental is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care, emphasizing patient comfort, accessibility, and comprehensive treatment options. The practice focuses on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients of all ages, offering personalized care to meet each patient’s unique dental health needs.

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Absolute Dental Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Absolute Dental’s services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s dedication to providing quality and comprehensive dental care.

Absolute Dental Main Office - Never got call back I was told

November 13, 2023

Did not get the second call back about the rep running for credit without my approval.


Absolute Dental Appointment

December 13, 2022

I have been to two Absolute branches at Craig Rd. in North Las Vegas and on Charleston, in Las Vegas which is the office in question. Both told me that I could not have treatment unless I had my Cardiologist sign the consent form. They faxed it to the Charleston location over 4 times. and showed me the last 2 confirmations.

Both locations took XRays and the North Las Vegas office had me sign up for Care Credit, which I was approved. My last visit was about 4 months ago. They had me in the waiting room for over 3 hours. When they called me to the back, the black clerk came in and told me ” We do not have your Drs. consent form.” When they made the appointment, I specifically asked if my consent form was sent over. It has now been five months that I have had constant toothaches and I have been treated worse than an animal.

I called again & was forwarded to that location and I finally got through. the front desk clerk, (Hispanic) I asked if she could please check my file to see if my faxed consent was in it. The call dropped about a half hour ago and she has made no effort to return my call.

I worked for over 25 in the Customer Service field. If a call drops, it’s professional to call back if they were given that customer’s name. No one should be in this much pain.

I am politely asking, please! if someone in Corporate could make an appointment for me? There are so many workers out here with experience that would gladly do a better job and treat customers like human beings.

Corporate Office Headquarters