aloft Corporate Office Headquarters

aloft Corporate Office Headquarters 
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
One StarPoint
Stamford, Connecticut 06902 USA
Reservations: 1-877-462-5638
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-964-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-203-964-6000

  • Poor service/policy:
    Knowing my flight at Sea Tac would be late I had a reservation at the Sea Tac aloft on 10/23/21, and I used mobile check in due to the late hour of arrival. After picking up our oversized truck we drove to the hotel – I went to the hotel front desk to check in – before I had the key I asked where we could park due to the height limit in the parking garage (6-10) our truck would not fit. Due to Aloft facilities that could not accommodate we had to find another hotel to stay.
    My request is a return of my points – this problem was not because we didn't want to stay it was because the facility couldn't accommadate us.
    at this point no one will return our points.

  • I dined at the Caroline Restaurant at 621 Congress avenue, Austin Texas, 78701, on october 26, 2021. Our server Brennen P, did an amazing job in attending to our needs, even though the restaurant is under staffed.
    However, I could not help but notice that the manager, Demetrius was seating people, handling pick up deliveries, busing tables,helping the servers place food on the tables and handling the incoming telephone
    calls. All with a great attitude and smile. These workers are a credit to your organization and should be recognized by the upper management.
    Charles Attanasio

  • I have requested once by voice and 3 times by email to receive a cancellation confirmation after I cancelled rooms which the Aloft in downtown Dallas had itself cancelled and then moved to another hotel "due to unforeseen circumstances". This substitute was unacceptable to our group and we asked to cancel but I cannot get a confirmation that the rooms have indeed been cancelled. Very poor customer service all the way around.

  • I agree with most of these comments abt the aloft motels we stayed 2 nights in southern California aloft & it was awful terrible costumer service rude staff dirty rooms plus they are tiny rooms I've never been treated so bad in my life by a motel

  • middle of the night, emergency alarm goes off. says, "please exit taking the stairs, not the elevator." we are on the ELEVENTH FLOOR. my mother is SICK and DISABLED. we get all the way down to the lobby and the people at the front desk say they don't know what happened, and that everything is fine. absolutely ridiculous. if i wasn't forced out of my home due to the hurricane and had no where else to go, i would check into a different hotel immediately.

  • I stayed at the aloft hotel in downtown milwaukee wisconsin and was charged 287.16 for a smoking fee and not one time smoked in the room called corporate as well as the front desk to find out how and why everyone thought it was a joke and clearly from reading everyone else statements this is apart of how the hotel chain carry themselves I'm very disappointed and outraged and getting a lawyer involved to handle this matter

  • I stayed at aloft dadeland in Miami, it was a last minute hotel when I needed one because my other location was too far from where I had dinner reservation. Room was very clean and nice but AC units need to be updated because the room does not get cold. Upon checking out I noticed a charge on my credit card for $50 which I was unaware of but desk clerk later explained I was charged for parking twice which she fixed right away. Still not understanding why you get charged for self parking which is $10 per night per car which is crazy because its not like its inside a garage or anything it in an open parking that the public has access to at anytime. Also there is no onsite security there to insure safety only signs posted that your car will be towed if there is no pass in the window. Also you get charged a parking tax as well on top of the $10 fee in which you are not paying for a service so why are you being taxed to park your own car.

  • I drive past aloft downtown Louisville,my everyday on my way home from work. When they built the hotel apparently they didnt build the valet parking lane wide enough so they make up the difference by blocking a city street with there valet signs. I have had,to,stop my truck in the middle of the street to wait for the other lane to clear so I could go,around there signs. I have complained to the general,manager and to the headquarters and they seem,to think that it is ok to cause a safety hazard on a city street. They have been rude to me when,I talk to them about it and told me,to go,around the signs.

  • Stayed one night at the Aloft at BWI and I can say that we will never stay there again. First, it took us forever the check in because the front desk staff was too busy having a good time. Finally checked in and the dirty elevator should have served as a warning. The reading lights above the bed were not working, the A/C was barely functioning and the maintenance person who came to check was rude-"A/C is working-the room is not cooling off because it is hot outside" did not help with the A/C nor the lights. Called the front desk and requested another room-our original room was dirty, the rug had numerous stains, the telephone was filthy. I complained on tripadvisor and the manager responded that he hoped we stayed there again because the rooms were to be upgraded next year. Evidently the staff is incompetent because the manager is totally incompetent.

  • I stayed at the Aloft in Downtown Atlanta, GA August 19th – August 21th. They double charge me for my stay. I was told by the front desk upon checking out and according to their computer, that I was only charged for one night. I called on August 1st and paid for my stay. My bank account record showed a debit from Aloft for two nights stay. I been calling to try to clear up this matter, no one has return my calls. Totally unacceptable!

  • (Cont) is unacceptable, rude and a horrible showing of customer service. You just lost a faithful customer and I will be sure to spread the word of how you turn victims into predators and kick paying customers out based on your employees' moods. Horrible, rude ass staff! Never again will I stay here or give my $ to this place. Day staff were wonderful. Night staff and security today acted with no regard for our safety or my health condition. Angry, hurt and disappointed. This place used to be nice. If you can't count on security or get a good nights sleep, why stay here? Stressful night indeed. Hating it here now.

  • As a continuation of the above, I have stage 4 cancer, and rest/respite is essential and important to my well being. To be told you're going to get kicked out of a hotel for complaining about noise disturbances and "pissing off" the front desk staff person working the night shift on 8/20/16

  • I have stayed at the Aloft Philadelphia many times and staying here tonight but extremely disappointed by the loud noise disturbances at night and the responses and verbal threats issued by security against me and my husband simply for complaining about the fact that someone kept pranking us and repeatedly knocking on our door loudly. Yet when we answered, there was no one there. Security came as requested after the second time and continued to tell us there was no one in the hallways. The last time this occurred, my husband walked out of our room in a towel because it's 3am and we were sleep. At this point, the security guard and front desk personnel both threatened to throw me and my husband out of the hotel that we paid for and have been company guests of, and insisted they were monitoring the hallways, and looking at us as if we were both crazy.

  • CONSIST OF A STAFF FULL OF LIARS!!!! By far the worse hotel chain ever… I filed a complaint when I stayed 6/17-6/22 and never heard anything back. I went through my bank to have the resort fees "Shirley the manager" said she would credit but never did reverse and this company will not honor the credit. I spoke with Corporate Customer Service today and what a waste of time… Harry the representative and Teddy (female) the supervisor basically read notes that were pure blatant lies and said "oh well". Its not even the credit anymore that concerns me – its the principal and unfortunately I dont believe anything will ever be done about it. After reading the numerous reviews before and after my stay I see nothing will ever change. THERE'S NO ACCOUNTABILITY AT ALL AT THIS PLACE

  • About 2 weeks ago I stayed at the Aloft Miami Beach and needless to say I am very disappointed with the customer service and better I say the "lack of" service from the hotel manager and the corporate office. The shower leaked terribly, we went without washcloths for a whole day, the toilet broke and I was told I would receive credit for at least my resort fees but instead was charged for them. I probably cleaned up more than the maid service during my stay. I'm an SPG member and never have I been so disappointed with my stay an an SPG property.

  • I stayed in the aloft San Antonio airport location and was told to park my vehicle in thier garage but they would not be held liable if it was broken into. I asked if it would get towed and they said no. When i arrived from my trip. My vehicle was towed. Talked to management and he didnt seem to care.Cost me an additional $334 plus a cab ride of 40 to get my vehicle. The manager would not give me corporates number.

  • I stayed at the Aloft BWI in April, and was double charged for my stay. I have made several phone calls, sent faxes & emails and have yet to get a response from the staff.
    As i am writing this, i have currently been on hold waiting for the supervisor for 15 minutes, after being hung up on twice.
    It had been over 4 weeks since my stay, and i have yet to recieve a refund or at the very least a response.
    Such a shame as the rooms at this hotel were nice, but as someone who travels for a living, id rather stay in a lesser quality hotel with a great staff, than a nice hotel with a god awful staff.
    This has been an awful experience and i would not recomend this hotel to anyone.

  • Very upset with the so called policy the front desk clerk said of the Aloft hotel that booking a room through a third party such as Expedia (which I've used for years and even used to book international hotels and never had an issue until Aloft) anyway he stated that booking through Expedia and I quote "does not guarantee a room" What the hell is that? I reserved a queen room with 2 beds specifically because I was traveling wit my family. After traveling all night, no queen rooms because the room I booked was not guaranteed so all hey had was a room with ONE king bed….really??? My poor kids had to sleep on the floor. That is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! This business of not guaranteeing the room I reserved is BULL!!! Will not be staying at the Aloft in OKC or anywhere for my future travels.

  • Why is it so difficult to find a contact address to make a complaint about aloft hotels? You should have an easily accessible website address for customer complaints. Not even a comment card to be found at the check in desk or inside my hotel room.

    I recently stayed at the Aloft Baltimore Washington International Airport location. There are several issues I'd like to address…mainly, your staff at the front desk were all wearing jeans. Not a button down collar shirt on anyone. The airport van driver was wearing jeans and a jean jacket. This just seems so unprofessional and doesn't give a guest a comfortable, welcoming feeling. Your staff looked more like weekend hotel guests than front desk employees.

    The seats in your hotel van were so soiled and filthy I chose to sit in the front seat to avoid the unpleasant thought of touching them. Please, have them cleaned. They truly need it.

    There were other small issues regarding the condition of my guest room. Had there been a comment card in my room I would have made note of them so they could be fixed.

    I won't be staying at an Aloft hotel again.

  • The level of Customer service is terrible. I stayed at the Aloft Hotel Jacksonville Tapestry Park July 27-31 after I checked out, I noticed a $200 charge on my credit card. I called, talked with an assistant manager, and was told that it was a smoking charge, and that I needed to talk to the general manager about it. I have never smoked a day in my life and am allergic to smoke.

    I asked when the general manager would be in, and was told the next morning. I didn't get a call back. I called again during the weekend, talking to other front desk people, trying to find out when the manager would be in.

    The manager told me to file a credit card dispute, but that she couldn't help me, because she wasn't present during the inspection of the hotel, contrary to what the assistant manager had told me. She explained that a team of three employees go through a room that is suspected of being smoked in, and they don't normally reverse these claims.

    I believe this hotel is trying to get extra money from their guest and if you decide to stay at this hotel, please be careful! Take pictures before you leave. I will never stay at ANY Aloft hotel ever again!!! You have lost a customer.

    • I am trying get a response from the hotel manager regarding my stay as well. my credit card was charged extra as well stating that is was a security deposit which I was not informed of at anytime. my stay was horrible at the inner harbor cirle in Syracuse ny. I was up with my daughter most of the night due to noise when going to front desk to get wifi password i was met by 2 police officers. couldn't enjoy the pool because of disruptive group of 15 people whom were paying the front desk guy cash to swim in the pool. Very disappointed for my first time. I will never stay again

  • I stayed in the Aloft in Philadelphia Airport on July 4-6. I had an emergency situation and two of your staff members really were beyond exceptional in their service and help. Brian in security was wonderful amazing polite and helpful and I greatly appreciated his help during a stressful time. Ayana from the front desk was so resourceful and helpful really helping me during a stressful time. These are 2 GREAT Assets to your company. I travel for a living and have lived out of hotels for 5 plus years…they stand out as being 2 of the best employees I've seen in this country. Please thank them and praise them both for me. These are the type of people that make me want to come back to the Hotel because of their great service.
    Best Regards, Anita Bahramy

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