AmeriGas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AmeriGas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AmeriGas Partners, L.P

460 North Gulph Road

King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-337-7000

Fax Number: 1-610-992-3259


AmeriGas Corporate Office

  • stole tank rental money from me. told if i ordered37 gal no tank rental guess what thats right tank rental of 100.00. so I close my account switch to a local supplier and ameriagas wants me to pay 250.00 for them to get their own tank…i think not. maybe better business buroua is next

  • Amerigas claims on their customer service line they have made improvements. This is not true, their customer service reps do not tell the truth. They make promised that your propane will be delivered and it doesn't happen. They have our money but haven't delivered. This is a breach of contract, we have been scammed. DO NOT USE AMERIGAS. There is no way to reach Corporate, it just routes you to the call center.

  • January 10, 2022
    PO Box 45264
    Westlake, Ohio 44145

    Re: Acct#: 202931541

    Please be advised that I have been a customer of Amerigas for many, many years. I called to have gas delivered last Thursday, January 6, 2022. I was told that because my account was still under my husband’s name, I was not allowed to have gas delivered for my tank. I explained that my husband had passed away almost 7 years ago (February 27, 2015). I have been paying the account under my name since that time. My heat is supplied by gas. Not only that, but it has been quite cold here at Beech Mountain, North Carolina and that there was a snow storm approaching. We are supposed to have snow from Thurs – Sunday (11th thru 16th). I have been disabled since 2005 and live on Social Security. I stay cold even in the summer. I am 66 years old. I cannot believe that Amerigas would not even deliver at least ½ tank until I could clear up this matter.
    Thank you.

  • these guys that deliver in North Carlina get their deliveries threw PA . The people who set them up are clueless . These drivers know where to go , how to arrange the route so they can get as many customers as possible . YET Amerigas wont let them . How the hell can someone in a state over 8 hrs away tell them where to go . They are not getting weekends off , nor holidays because the Cooperate office has them so fa behind. The drivers are getting tired of getting treated like slaves and not employees . If a animal runs out in front of them and they hit their breaks to avoid it then they have to take a mandatory class for hitting them so hard and pay 74 $ a class . They have a camera inside the truck that watches all they do , inside and out and talks to them . the trucks are diesel so they are loud to stat . then they have the I ohone that tells them where to go , . That is called DISTRACTED DRIVING . add that to the camera that is barley audible on top of no actual time off , 1 day a week aint right . They are bound to see their safety record destroyed . These guys are busting their ass to get you your gas . The complaints that should be directed to the office are not instead they berate the drivers . So when you all call to complain ask the person you are talking to where they are . That wll explain it all

  • the worst customer service possible. Totally frustrating. Small companies go out of business with the type of service I have received in the past month. Can someone direct me to anyone who just might be able to help with a not so major issue?

  • HAD alot of business with this company till they stopped refilling tanks AFTER i pay them, contacted everyone in their company i could and got a different story every time and no help and to top it all off they refused transferring to the higher ups. absolute joke of a company take your business elsewhere

  • Wow, I was hoping corporate Amerigas would fix their IDIOT issues if I got in touch with them. Aside from this blog, that doesn't seem possible. Thanks to all of you who left your problems recorded here. Because of this, I can go with another company for new service and save myself what I see to be major headaches over the years. Amerigas…Pull your head out of whatever dark hole you have it in and get with real world or lose it all. Dummies.

  • I have called multiple times just to get a "reset my password" email from Amerigas. We verified the correct email address but still no email received… I can barely understand the people from your customer service and when I do the phone is cracking in and out. I'm just about ready to drop you.

  • Ever since Amerigas closed their local offices in COLORADO, Both their Customer and Delivery Service SUCKs. I ordered 100 gallons of propane and the IDIOTS filled my tanks. I am a Senoir and Disabled Veteran and I am on a LIMITED INCOME. When I called Customer Service, they said that they only filled tanks and did not deliver on 100 gallons. Additionally I was Quoted a Price of $2.10/gal and the bill came in For 550.21 for 197 gal. I have been with AMERIGAS for over 30 Years and now I will be looking for another Propane Supplier. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND AMERIGAS TO ANYONE

  • I have a customer respect issue with AMERIGAS in Bessemer, AL. I’ve been a customer for 28 years and had my tank buried. Given the location, I didn’t want to have a large silver bullet sitting in the yard and AMERIGAS offered to bury the tanks back then. I understand this is no longer an option. Fortunately I have not had any issues. Have had only 1 occurrence when the driver couldn’t find the tank.
    Imagine my surprise when I received my bill for the last fill up and there printed on the bill
    “The FOOL has it biered (their spelling) on the…”
    REALLY? This “fool” has never been late on his payments for propane gas averaging at least 3 fill-ups per year for over 28 years, has patiently waited for his deliveries when scheduled dates were not met, and understood when prices went up due to demand and supply line issues over the years.
    I post this not expecting a response given the track record demonstrated on this corporate web site. I worked for a Big telephone company for 40 years and they sure as heck wouldn’t want the negative comments seen on this corporate web site to be the first thing seen on being directed to it. They would have also have followed up in an attempt to make amends and offer an apology. I guess this is the difference when you have customers locked in and make it very inconvenient and expensive to change propane companies.

  • Ever since the Coronavirus came to the United States and in Colorado I cannot talk with our local office anymore. They were able to take care any situations that my wife and I with our propane to include making our payments. Now everytime I try to call the local office I get routed to some call center along the east coast somewhere. I have been fighting with Amerigas for four months setting up Auto-Pay because of the convenience. Well it's still not working, I've walked through it 3 different times in setting it up. I also set up payments every month and delivery is suppose to be automatic, well it's not working, last time I asked about the automatic delivery and they said it is set-up but since our tank was at 35% they would schedule it, well the delivery was 3 weeks out which was fine only to not have our propane delivered by the fourth week, I called and they did not have our request in so now the tank was down to 15%?? So now they had to put a rush on it. Anyway, I have called Amerigas three times today and twice I got disconnected on while waiting on hold, do you know how frustrating that is especially with hold times out there. Now the third time I am on hold and the customer service rep. is calling and can't hear me. Imagine that and all I'm trying to do is pay our bill. So now I'm calling again, 4 times. Man how I miss not being to speak to our local office. When I asked customer service rep "Who can I call to make a complaint". I was told they handle everything internally, imagine that! Customer Service Bite's.

  • 1/12/2021 – We called your company to get a delivery. Vickie whom we spoke to said we should have a delivery soon.
    1/19/2021 – A week later still, no delivery. So we called again and spoke to Sherry, she said it would be delivered the next day on 1/20/2021.
    1/26/2021 – Well here it is over a week later and still No delivery yet. So we called again. We were told they would be out there tomorrow.
    1/28/2021 – Again No delivery. So we called back and spoke to Sharon who said that it had been ordered on 1/19/2021 and was supposed to have been delivered on 1/20.
    I told that my aunt is 87 and my dad is 84 and that we were almost out of gas and that is what we use for heat, hot water, stove, laundry appliances and that my family had health problems and could not do with out these things.
    She checked with her supervisor and said that it would be expedited and that we should receive some that evening. Also she indicated she would call me back in 20-30 minutes.
    1/29/2021 – Well still NO DELIVERLY YET or NO CALL BACK. So I called again and spoke to David. He looked up our acct and said that it is now supposed to be delivered on 2/1. I explained to him about the older individuals that were living in the house and that we were down to only 5% now. So he said he was going to expedite it again and see if they could deliver it sooner. He said that someone would call us today.
    SO unless we hear from someone today, I guess our next step is to cancel our PREPAID ACCT with your company and go with another company who has respectful associates working for them that doesn’t lie to us and who seems to care about older individuals too.
    Acct is under Hunter in NC
    email is

  • well from the looks of all the comments im not alone. I had ordered my 84yrs old mothers propane December 23. I got a email saying it would be delivered 27th to the 6th, well its January 8 and still no propane. in the meantime we have been keeping a Kerosene heater going for heat. we have called everyday and they keep saying it will be there tomarrow that day has never came. I'm so glad that my husband and I got rid of ours after being a customer for 20 years. They used to be a good company but not since they have changed everything. everyone that lives in my area had them and got someone else. looks like they are going to loose another. I filed a complaint but no one has called me back.

  • I recently purchased a new home that had already been set up with Amerigas. I called to have the tanked filled and set up the account in my name on Oct 16, 2020. It is now 11/9/20 and I still dont have propane. I have spent over 8 hours on hold and had 6 conversations with these people! I have also been hung up on twice after waiting on hold for over an hour each time. I paid for 96 gallons on the 16th and was told they would fill up my tank by the 23rd. On the 29th they came out and put 25 gallons in. Through 4 different calls, they never bothered to tell me that the account wasnt set up correctly so they just have me locked out. They still have not unlocked my account. I have 3 children in a house with NO HOT WATER for all most a month now!!! They have never called me back to update me or set anything straight! I cant get them on the phone now. Im beyond frustrated with every aspect of the way this company operates!

  • Customer service at the Harrisonburg Virginia branch might be the worst around. Doesn't anybody work there anymore? The automated phone system is a nightmare. Giving serious thought to going with another provider, life is too short for this nonsense.

  • I want to complain about the watkins glen office. every year i have problems with them not delivering. today they were supposed to deliver propane and the driver never even pulled in the driveway he walked out to check the tanks , leaving me with 11% in tank. i know if this doesn't any better with your company i will be finding a new fuel company. i am tired of the rude nasty people i have to deal with at the watkins glen office. i don't have to be treated this way.

  • I have read all of the complaints above and noticed that no one has come back to say that ANYTHING was ever resolved satisfactorily. Are these people untouchable, is there no oversight at all? We all need to find out do something about it other than just going to another company. I plan to move beyond this complaint box that nobody at this company cares about.

  • I hate to sound like another disgruntled customer, but I'm very disappointed in the service that’s been provided to me again and it’s just the being of the Fall Season. I have two propane companies that service my area, and I kept with Amerigas because of the price, but now I'm thinking I’m better off going to WOC Energy because at least I know I'll receive my propane! I ordered propane September 23rd and still have not received it. This is business day 11 (even though they are open on Saturdays, they do not count that as a day of business). I contacted the local office in Mill Hall, PA and it seems that they haven't even dispatched someone to my house yet!!!! This means I have to wait another couple days for propane. When I ordered on September 23rd, I paid for the propane that same day and they took my money out that same day. Why am I paying for a product that I’m not even receiving on the 7-10 day guaranteed business day! I have a 4-year-old stepson and we now we will have to use electric heaters to heat our house because we are going to run out of propane before we get the product. How is this even possible without some sort of repercussions against the employees of the company? I just don’t understand how you can run a company with such little respect for your customers.

  • I've read numerous notes here, and all are valid. Try working here. At the location I work at, we are completely under staffed. No one to do the route if you're sick, unable to use vacation for thesane reason. When inclement weather strikes and as a driver you feel unsafe, Amerigas doesn't care, they only see dollar signs. I suggest everyone go elsewhere. Amerigas is not the only game in town.

  • Amerigas has been the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with, for over a year I tried to get them to fix the tank gage that was stuck on 90%. I have waisted hours on the phone trying to get them to fix endless issues. I ran out of gas because of the broken gage, I called 5 times and waited on hold to get it filled before they actually did. The driver was never told the gage was broken so he wouldn't fill it! I was charged for over 300 gallons when my tank holds 172! Now, its been months of trying to close my account, they tell me they will reverse all charges and close account and I keep getting billed with late fees! Close my account!!!!!!!!


  • My name is pam clancy and i wanna know vwhy lansing company In illinois is telling me fill up is 2.65 a gallon when i called ashland propane there charging .95 cents is amerigas price goching this is not the only one another company told me .98 cents im definitely gonna have to change my company also the late fees are ridiculous 36.00 a month by the time i can afford to pay off my bill im hit with another 150.00 extra im gonna call and have this checked out because corpate does not help

  • We stopped service with Van de Veer propane in Biscoe , N C October of 2016, They still haven't pick up there tank, I stopped one of their service trucks back in December, 2016 who were in my neighborhood . I asked if they were going to pick up their tank while they were this close. They told me they could not pick it up without a work order. They also told me they had about 300 tanks out needing to be picked up but again they couldn't pick them up without a work order. Now I think I can assume the tank has been abandoned and I can give it to someone to get it off my property. I have spoken with other Propane dealers that have told me they have pick up tanks that Van de Veers have abandoned.

  • After reading all these complaints I feel better about my own gripe about an inept, unprofessional office worker in Arcata, CA. I can see it won't do any good to complain, but I'm going to write a letter anyway.

  • Amerigas doesn't care about there customers they just care about the profit they are making the location in Springfield Tennessee is the worst I've ever seen

  • Your New Jersey representatives are down right disgusting. The way that they handle propane order calls is not only unprofessional, they are down right NASTY! I will be lodging a complaint with the better business bureau and I will also be switching to NATURAL GAS!!!! Your company is the WORST going and I hope there comes a time where your company closes down for good!!!!!

  • I don't know your affiliation with Bi-State Propane in Reno/Sparks, NV but for over 11 years I have had nothing but PROBLEMS getting deliveries..etc. However, this office has NO PROBLEM taking my $$. Time to move on to another company. THANKS FOR NOTHING! And also, as your NV location is ONLY CONCERNED with payment, I'd like you to KNOW that I only PAY for what I get!!!! Get a clue people…

  • Called the Amerigas in BeaverDam Wis considered on December 9th 2016 at 10:49 am. I was told they couldn't come out that day. Would be able to come out next week if that's alright. I said yes that would be fine. Well here I am Saturday December 17th now out of LP. The place is closed no answer. Called corporate and got put on hold for 10 minutes so I hung up. Just so you know we are in the middle of a winter storm warning and it's very cold outside. After being a customer for 15 plus years it's now time to part ways with amerigas come spring.

  • Back in may I switch propayn companies told em to come get there tank its now October and the tank is still here and they auto filled me and say I owe 186 $ and I'm not even a costumer of there's anymore I ain't payin em and still want there tank out of my yard or ill start chargin them storage fee if u are considering amerigas do yourselfa favor and go elsewhere

  • Your Office in Adelanto,CA sucks. Sandra said she would mail paperwork to sign up for your new program two months ago still waiting. Amber said she would call me back after her lunch break that was three days ago. You messed up on my bill yet again. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. You guys are so bad I really do not know how you stay in business. I am looking for a new propane company, you seem to not care if your customers stay with Amerigas.

  • Your Watkins Glen, NY office is horrible. Your system sucks, your staff really do not know the answers to questions related to why my account shows POA after 15 years of service. Your Manager covering that office will not return my calls, you ran a soft credit chk and told me I had aweful credit, my credit rating is over 800 and you wonder why people find other gas companies to go with. Needless to say, I am looking as well. Thank you for nothing

  • Opp Al. Office is SHAMEFUL
    employees selling on the side..
    managers helping truck drivers cheat with office staff..( paid weekend getaways to Florida and an extra cell phone)same manager and staff helping sell things on the side…

  • Pissed Off

    I signed up as a new customer for a brand new house in a rural area in Arkansas. One of your people came out and did a site survey. Bottom line – Your Springdale, Arkansas office jerked us around for 1 month before telling us they were not going to do business with us because of our driveway. I called your local competitor and they installed a 500 gallon tank 7 days after contacting them. Amerigas Sucks!, I will not even buy a 5 gallon cylinder from you in the future for my grill, I hate you so much!

  • The worse customer service in Calhoun, Ga. Ask for gas tank to be painted 2 months ago looks horrible
    gas bill is always messed up never the same their was adjustment made of $527.14 big adjustment big mistake no one in Calhoun office can explain why the billing is never the same ready to drop !!!!

  • Amerigas in Killingworth, CT SUCKS!!! They charged my mother-in-law hundreds of dollars for propane that wasn't hers. She was on a budget plan and should not have been getting a bill for anything over the budget amount. And they were supposed to do a pool job that they cancelled on us due to getting a job for the state of CT that they felt was more important then my house and my 5 year loyalty with them. Time to change companies. Don't EVER use Amerigas!!!!

  • I got a call that my bill is overdue, and I have never received a bill since I moved here 4 1/2 months ago. The phone number for Jamestown, CA office, which is on my tank, has been disconnected. I have called the general 800 number and it is never picked up. I tired to sent a response email on the consumer contact page of the website and got an "application error". I don't know my account number because I have never received a bill, because this city I just moved to, has no postal delivery. I am really scared they will just shut me off and I will have no heat. My head is spinning. How to get around this?

  • We are stockholders and are still waiting, on April 7, for our K-1 info on our account #1610003082609 for 2015 income tax. The date to mail taxes, as you know, is April 15. We go through this every year! Please, please get this info out NOW.

  • Completely and totally frustrated with Amerigas! My family has been displaced from our home since Friday the 22nd due to them not delivering propane to my home. Corporate Office needs to think about hiring more drivers in the winter or something to fix the problem in our area. We are in a rental at the moment and have never used this company before. I can tell you when we build our house we will NOT use Amerigas nor would we EVER recommend anyone to use this company. The customer service is horrible and they tell you all different things so you can't believe what anyone says. Customer Service is NOT their priority like their recording states.

  • See all the notes here on problems with delivery from Amerigas. I live in Chester, Va and am having the same problems. Called 2 weeks ago for deliver and then called back in 8 days. Said I was on schedule for delivery that day. No delivery. Called next day and was told driver had gotten sick from something he ate for lunch. Funny thing is I was told this same thing the last time I needed a delivery from them and took over a week to get it. This is a standard excuse they have come up with. Was told I would be on delivery for that day. No delivery. Called the next day during potential snow storm and they said if they could they would make delivery. Told them I was almost out of gas and needed delivery in case we lost electricity. No delivery. Snow came and I knew they could not deliver so waited 3 days to call again. Was told I was on schedule for today if they could get in my driveway. Almost 3:00 and have not seen anyone. As far as I am concerned, this company has no concern as to whether you have their product or not. Will look for another propane gas source.

  • Yes! Very dissatisfied with your Alder Creek NY office. They had to come three different times to get job done! I had to have my contractor drill the holes! Then they tried to bill me 160.00 dollars labor. After several calls the bill was fixed and they turned me into collections 2 weeks later! What a joke! Never again!

  • Your Cullman, AL is either 1) stealing from me, 2) installing old faulty tanks & gauges or 3) trying to see if they can cause an explosion. Changed over to Amerigas/Coastal last month due to a great in-customer deal and now a month later when I went to use the tank discovered my paid in full tank shows only 20% on it's extremely moisture covered gauge.

    Sooooo did they give me a tank that leaks?
    A gauge that's broke?
    Or just took my money without filling it?

    After discovering this & calling the CULLMAN, AL office I did not receive a call back, nor someone came by to turn everything off as the lady said they would. Instead when I called 2 days later I was told "sorry I forgot to call you back. The next available appointment is in another 5 days-make sure someone over 18 is home for this appt." (again!)

    I took today off. Most people cannot take a day off to wait on the tech, who apparently has awesome bankers' hours (please plan all leaks and issues between 8-5!).

    So get this fix today or give me my money back & pick up your tank so I can go back to the original company that did not try to screw me or put me in danger..

  • This is the email I sent to David Vance, the supervisor of Devore – Fontana California. It is an ongoing billing issue that never gets fixed. I have called the corp offices with no reply. Their bills are sent with half on one bill and the rest on another bill called an "Advance pay". The advance pay always goes to a collection agency, A.R.M. Solutions, who never has a live person to talk to. It makes me so mad. David Vance never returns calls, emails or replies to multiple messages sent to him via his drivers who, confirm that the messages were handed to Mr Vance. After months he did reply via email stating he attached a spread sheet but nothing was attached to the email. Mean while, today i get another notice from A.R.M. that they are going to report me to the credit agencies. I, as a business owner can not do this any more, i can not take the time to call twice a week to get my current price, just to be put on hold for 30 plus minutes. Today, 6-12-15, my wife and I have called three (3) times to pay a bill just to be put on hold. We are a small family business and have to talk care of the customers in our store. UHHHH. Called A.R.M. and Amerigas, while I am typing this, leave a message it says…. I am going to look for a new propane supplier. There is nothing in the attached file.

    *****Here is the message**** The billing issue is how you bill us with half the bill listed as an "Advance payment" and the other half billed due in 60 days. The advance payment always shows late even though the payment has been paid or is not yet due. Your collection company is always shows us owning when in fact we do not. Even after I came in and paid $28000.00 to you, you guys failed to clear it with your collection agency and YOU failed to return my calls, messages and any attempt to contact you to correct this issue. As part of the $28000.00 there was a question of us being over charged for many months. During our sit- down in your office I explained to you that we have had this issue and Allie, who was in your Fontana office, had made many corrections and was going to audit our account and correct the over billing and fix the " advance billing" issues. You told me she was no longer with you and told me that another person, a guy that now no longer works for you, would corrected the issue! NONE of these issues have been corrected. I have to call and argue with your office people to get my price after every delivery then make them correct the amount per gal.

    Your collection company says we owe you 6 or 7 thousand and that is not correct.

    You also told me that Clay would be out to renew our contract…..Ya Right, never happened not even a call. You said someone would come talk to me about getting propane at my Phelan store….Ya right, nothing there either. I now went with another company up there.

    If the billing and contract issues are not corrected I will be forced to move on and replace Amerigas. How much do you want for the tank and pump set-up at my location, maybe I should just buy it and move on as, we no longer have time in our work day to constantly deal with a mess that obviously will never be corrected and appears to be of no concern to you or anybody at your company.

    I do not know where Amrigas made such a downward turn with your obviously flawed billing and collection system BUT WE DO NOT WISH TO DEAL WITH IT.

    I do plan to forward a copy of this to Amrigas corp office.

  • Here is a copy of a letter I mailed to the main office and the Warrenton office in Virginia. Never ever got a response from my calls or letter……….Now they have put a lock on my tank by trespassing on my property and damaging my propane tank!!!!

    October 2, 2014
    8356 Meetze Rd.
    Warrenton, Va. 20187
    When I called you in June 2014 to have propane delivered to me, I asked you, as I always do, “How much per gallon” the gentleman on the phone said $2.10, and I said WOW! Why so cheap. He said it’s the time of year. Therefore, I said to fill the tank up.
    When I got your bill you charged me $3.25 per gallon. I called your office and was told the gentleman to whom I talked to would call me back about the discrepancy. He never did return my call.
    I paid the amount I was quoted on the phone. I realize the price fluxuates and that is the reason I ask about the price everytime I call for delivery.
    I do not believe I am responsible for any amounts over the $2.10 I was quoted by your staff.

    Terry S. Allen

    Cc: AmeriGas, Pittsburg, Pa. 15250

  • Amerigas corporate needs to rethink their business practices. This is Winter!!!! Hire more people to help cover the additional sales of propane. My husband called 3 weeks ago to order gas – we still do not have gas. Our local Amerigas company is stretched to thin to accommodate the needs of this area and we live in south Georgia. This particular store has one clerk and one driver. We are looking for another gas company to meet our needs!!!!

    • it's horrible! I live in Tennessee and have been waiting for a week! We have no gas! It's a ice storm here! They need more help! Praying they come today! Murfreesboro,Tennessee. Good luck to you:)

  • order gas on nov,18 5014- told 7 to14 days still no gas, called two times down to 20 percent but of course this way you have to order sooner, this is not the way to do business/////// they were right on it ,,Christmas is coming must need more of our money we don.t have Ashtabula,rome ohio

  • Central Illinois, cant wait to change companies, I have to much left in tank for other company to pump out. So hopefully what I have left will last until spring. Why change? Ameragas lock-in was $2.09 yet Central Butane lock-in was $1.69 when I told AG secretary her response was I don't know how they can sell it so cheap? With wages, and transport cost. I'm sure their still making a profit maybe their not as greedy. this is the second company that starts out reasonable then the greed sets in, Ferrelgas was the first.

  • I am very dissatisfied with your service! The office in Calhoun, Georgia is unprofessional and inept! I never in my life have ever dealt with a company that does not follow through with customer requests for cancellation of services and much less allow this request and dispute to continue for over a year! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

  • Your office IN Williams CA SUCK!! Their reps are dumb & cud care LESS if youre OUT of propane or NOT! WORST customer service reps in history!!! AND if youre wondering which out of the 3 that works there,, its ALL of them!! RIDICULOUS!

  • Your Crystal City MO. office sucks… Over one month to fill my almost empty tank… This after 2 visits and one phone call… Lady at counter's excuse… We only take the orders… Operations fills them… Fix it or I'll have you take the tank out

    • Terrible customer service. Still waiting for fillup — ordered toward end of Dec 2017 and still waiting. Told them this is main source of heat — does not matter to them. An AWFUL company.

    • I had moved into Hemlock Farms over a year ago and was told my propane (Ameri Gas) would be $1.76 a gallon. I was running low on propane come November of last year and the truck pulled in pumped my propane with two cars sitting in the driveway not knocking on the door and took off leaving the receipt sitting on my doorstep. I read the the ticket and with out warning me jacked my price up to $2.67 a gallon. I was left holding a $980 bill. I then removed them from my services and have 40% left in the tank when I was in formed that I would have to pay the full amount and receive no credit back for the 40% left in the tank. They would resell that potion of it to someone else. This place is a true rip off and will in every way take advantage of you in the middle of the winter. I am not afraid to show my name and number if someone would like to file a class action suit against this company for all of there wrong doing that they are getting away with. Please feel free to email me at if there other people out there just like me going through this.


    • Florida, Orange Park

      Called for install quote on September 2020. Come around JANUARY 2021, someone from corporate offices called, out of the blue, I had forgotten about the matter. They finally sent somebody, who informs me LOCAL PARTNER they could have sent people anytime they'd want it, but AMERIGAS MANAGEMENT dropped the ball.

      TWO WEEKS AFTER A QUOTE, this became PERSONAL, and a curious experiment into how much AmeriGas can suck. Nobody contacts or responds to requests. Call. After SIX TIMES calling, getting put on forever hold of up to one hour, then outright dropped or disconnected a couple times, then getting attitude from some lout, then routed to some "management" who had CONVENIENT "headset issues", I cancelled the experiment and my just set up account.

      I escaped. Can you IMAGINE what service would be, if THIS is how they treat prospective new customers, when they should be luring people?

      AmeriGas is the absolute worst customer experience I ever seen in my life.

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