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  • Apple Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Apple Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Apple Computer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-996-1010

Corporate Fax Number: 1-408-996-0275

Corporate Email: info@apple.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: AAPL

Apple New Campus Headquarters

19111 Pruneridge Avenue

Cupertino, CA 95014

Apple is famous for the Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Apple TV,Mac Computers and Itunes. Apple’s products include computer and music hardware and software. Apple is one of the premier computer hardware, software and music and entertainent companies in the US.

Apple’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-275-2273. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • Dear sir/madam

    My name is Charles Garrison. I'm in desperate need of an Iphone 5 so that I can use them with my hearing aids. I currently have an iphone 4 though At&t. That is paid though by my daughter. I'm on disability so I don't have funds for a new phone. And don't want to bother my daughter about it. since she already pays for my phone service.

    So I'm writing you as a last means. to see if you have old iphone 5 that you could donate to me. Thank you very much for reading this. And I understand if this is not possible.

    Thank you

    Charles Garrison
    1728 71st Ave NE
    Marysville, Wa. 98270


    Leave message if no answer.. I don't always hear the phone.

  • Every one thinks what the wish about the phone code uproar. Have a few of your best go in, break the code, give the Government what information put it back in and go home. If that information saves one of our troops or possibility a group of innocent people it would have to be worth that. I'm on your side but when precious lives are possibly the losers when life may be at stake working things out in some way that doesn't hurt either of you is a necessity.
    Please talk with them.
    Thank You;
    a concerned life form

  • Urging Tim Cook to stand firm against government overreach. Had the FBI and courts kept silent the IPhone in question from San Bernardino could have been serviced without getting the media excited. Hope you teach them a lesson!

  • APPLE YOU are sliding downward, and your greed, viz., the new charges for listening to the internet radio…shows it.

  • I am 65 years old and Apple Support is the worst I have ever dealt with. I purchased an Apple phone for my grandson who is in college with the AppleCare Insurance. The display quit working, so we filed a claim. They sent a replacement phone programed for Verizon…….who is NOT my phone company…..and it won't activate at my cell phone company. We have spent hours and hours on the phone with Apple as well as our local provider. All we get is the run around. It has been a month next week and we still don't have a phone that will work. They sent us to another city …….over an hour away to the Apple store and told us they could unlock it or give us one that would work. Took off work and went down there and they said they could not fix it that we needed to take it to a Verizon store and have it unlocked. We ran around all over this town that we know nothing about to find the Verizon store and we still don't have a phone that will work. This is pathetic customer service. On top of that the loaner phone my provider gave him to use won't connect to wifi so I am incurring all kinds of additional data charges. I should be refunded what I paid for the replacement phone as well as compensation for time off work and aggravation and stress. I will never purchase another Apple product and I will tell everyone I know how stressful and dissatisfied I am for dealing with them. I had another insurance company with the other phones we had and had absolutely no problems at all when one needed to be replaced. Apple Care Insurance is as disappointing as Apple Support. Oh yes……and I still don't have a phone that will activate.

  • Here is a Great idea for you i-phone techs;
    An app that turns off the ringer for a specified time, then turns the ringer back on.
    My wife turns her ringer off during church, then on Monday I can't get ahold of her because she forgets to turn it back on.

  • I ordered an I-pod nano from the on-line store. When I got it, I could not hear any music. After I spoke with a technician it was determined I needed to return it for service, which I did. When it was returned to me, I still could not hear any music. I noticed that the earphone plug did not go all the way in. I plugged the plug into my old i-pod and it went all the way in. So it appeared the problem was something inside that wouldn't let the plug go all the way in. When I called technical support the second time, I said I wanted a replacement. I was told they could not give me a replacement, only check the original i-pod again, but if they could not find an issue they would send me the same one back again. Why would I want that same one back again? When I purchased a brand new I-pod, and it did not work, I should then be given a replacement and send the old one back without any hassle. Now I could possibly be out the price of a new i-pod, and still not have a working one. What kind of customer service is that? Is Apple too big to care about customer satisfaction? I have bought only i-tunes music for only i-pods. But this will be my last.

  • Apple has started taking disadvantage for its brand name and started selling defective and quality rejected I Pad. Recently i purchased from its retailer but it is defective. Worst part is that i visited the service center 4 times within 1 month of its purchase but still no repairs/solution. Their service center team is very casually asking me to visit again as it is under warranty. Support from toll free no. is even more burst.I never recommend any one to go for apple products.

    Balram , Mob- +91 9712991180, Mail Id–ballu241@yahoo.com

  • I took my iPhone to Verizon in Morehead City, NC because it needed resetting. The girl took my phone and 30 minutes later she came back and handed me my phone and said have a good day. I left thinking she had fixed my phone but when I got into my car and tried to make a call, I realized she had deleted everything in my iPhone. I mean everything. I went back in to talk to the manager but was told they could not recover my information. This Verizon Store gets a lot of complaints. I will not go back.

    • Apple has started selling defective and faulty products by taking the disadvantage of its brand name. recently i purchased I Pad mini it was defective. I had to visit the service center 4 times within 1 month of its purchase but till date got no solution for that . Their service center people very casually asking me to visit again and again as it is under warranty. Support from their toll free no. is even more worst. So in future i will never go for apple products nor will recommend any one to go for apple products.

      Balram , Mob- +91 9712991180, Mail ID– ballu241@yahoo.com

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