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  • Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters

Apria Healthcare Group Inc.
26220 Enterprise Ct.
Lake Forest, California 92630
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-639-2000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-277-4288


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  1. Long hold times. Switched to 3 different departments. Order item for C-pap. Wrong items shipped. Rep told me when ordering…….I know what machine you have!

  2. I called to order CPAP supplies. I was under the impression that a supply order had been shipped except for a mask. They told me that I was exceeding customary usage and refused to ship a mask. I called back with a representative that reviews claims for my insurance company on the line. They informed Apria that this was not in excess of customary usage and would be covered. April still refused to send a mask. After waiting a week for an order that never arrived, I called in to see where the order was and was told that it had been canceled. So they canceled my order without informing me. This afternoon, I received a telephone call from another Durable Medical Equipment supplier. They told me that they were not in network for me. I asked how they had gotten my information and they told me that Apria had faxed an order to them. Apria faxed my PHI to a third party without my knowledge or consent.

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Corporate Office Headquarters