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Apria Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Lake Forest, California. Below are comprehensive details about Apria Healthcare, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters

Apria Headquarters: Overview

Apria Healthcare Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Apria Healthcare’s History

Apria Healthcare is a leading provider of home respiratory services and certain medical equipment, including oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, sleep apnea treatment, and negative pressure wound therapy. Founded in the early 1980s, Apria serves patients in their homes across the United States.

The Home Healthcare Industry and Apria Healthcare’s Position

In the home healthcare market, Apria Healthcare competes with other providers of home medical equipment and services. The company is known for its focus on providing quality home healthcare services, utilizing the latest technologies and a patient-centric approach to meet the needs of individuals requiring assistance. Kaiser Permenente is one of their top competitors, along with Cleveland Clinic. Other competitors in the medical space include Wellstar, LVAC, Medline, Kinney, IVY rehab, and Girling.

Apria Healthcare’s Commitment to Patient Care and Service

Apria Healthcare is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its patients through innovative home healthcare solutions. The company is committed to providing reliable and effective care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible service tailored to their specific health needs.

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Apria Healthcare Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Apria Healthcare’s services, equipment, and patient care. Your feedback helps others understand the company’s operations and commitment to providing high-quality home healthcare services.

Apria Failure To Deliver Products And Services

January 12, 2024

Horrible company. They”re incompetent in every way. Ordered a cpap to replace the one my husband left on Southwest Airlines on December 19, 2023. Still hasn’t been found. To get a machine quickly, I purchased one on Apria Direct. They sent me the wrong machine. Then, an Apria Direct phone rep told me I needed another model machine according to my doctor’s RX. They sent me yet another machine with incorrect tubing. Then, my Apria therapist called me and said that second machine Apria Direct was incorrect too and called my doctor. By this time, I had spent over $2,100 out of my own pocket to Apria Direct. Lottie was asked by my iUnited Healthcare rep Lucy to call me and get the ball rolling on a new order to be billed on my insurance last Friday. Lottie still has not called. Apria therapist was going to talk with Lottie at Apria (says she knows her well) and get back with me. Neither will return my calls. Absolutely unfortivable.When I asked my United Healthcare rep to call Lottie yesterday, she got Brianna who only identified herself as district manager. She was hesitant to take a message for Lottie, but I told her I had to speak with her. Although, reticent, Brianna said she took the message. Today, when another United Healthcare rep reached oiut to Lottie only to get Brianna again. I told Brianna needed to speak with Lottie, and she wanted me to recount what I’d told her yesterday. As I clicked on the red disconnect button, as Brianna told me later today, I said, “Figure it out for yourself, B…..” She said she disconnected the call because she was offended (I guess). In the second phone call I had with her today, she said she disconnected the call. For one month, I have been cordial but firm with all the people who I have had contact with, but nothing has worked. Customers, too, have feelings and frustrations and issues, and this whole process has made me give up on ever having a peacefull, breathable night’s sleep again. I am trying to work this out, but, your repeated callousness and ineptness have led me to seek professional advice as to other avenues available to me. Bottom line: I want an Airsense 10 bi-pap machine with heated hose sent to my address by Saturday, Jan. 13, 2023.


Apria Head Office - Getting the Bill/Invoice Sent to the Correct Payor

January 4, 2024

Your firm is worthless and I have been a patient for over thirty years. Not anymore! I’m done trying to do business with your firm.


Apria Customer Service Review

January 4, 2024

I have had my machine since Oct. it was sent to me and there was no help to set it up or to explain it to me. People who have machines were shocked at the lack of service. I called and was put on hold for 45 minutes before I gave up. That’s 45 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Then someone called and asked if I could use the CPAP for 4 hours I said no and they said a customer rep would get back to me immediately. Never heard back again.


Attn. Apria HQ - Incompetent Phone Reps

November 9, 2023

I ordered my 90-day supplies on 10/10/23 — mask, mask inserts, NIV hoses, and filters. 10/16/23 received mask, mask inserts, TWO hoses, not 12, filters. Received more filters I didn’t order on 10/20/23. 11/2/23 called 855-648-8369, was told 10 hoses/1 case would be delivered overnight. None received. Called the same number on 11/6/23, and was told the shipment was in 2 boxes, one to be delivered that day, the second box being worked on. None received. Called on 11/7/23, and was told the box was on the truck and delivery on 11/8/23. Tired of being lied to, I called 888-492-7742 the same day, and was told UPS had a label, but no box. Immediately called 855-648-8369, and told the rep what I was told and why was I lied to. She said UPS wouldn’t lie. She would check with UPS. Was put on hold, then transferred to VIRGINIA; she wanted to know why I was calling her, if I was in New Mexico. Then in transferring, I was disconnected. Called the 855 area code number again, and was told the order was on the truck, to be delivered by 7 PM 11/7/23. I again asked why I was being told lies/different figments of imagination, and was told they didn’t read far enough down the order log. The order was finally delivered, I’d been using the same 7-day hoses for 21 days. Note: Medicare has been renting my NIV for YEARS, surely has bought the machine over and over, and you are still charging rent. Note: A few years ago I placed my 90-day order which included 3 water chambers. I received THIRTY-TWO, currently still being stored. I have never ordered any water chambers since. TOTAL INCOMPETENCE!


Apria Healthcare Customer Service

December 13, 2022

I called to order CPAP supplies. I was under the impression that a supply order had been shipped except for a mask. They told me that I was exceeding customary usage and refused to ship a mask. I called back with a representative that reviews claims for my insurance company on the line. They informed Apria that this was not in excess of customary usage and would be covered. April still refused to send a mask. After waiting a week for an order that never arrived, I called in to see where the order was and was told that it had been canceled. So they canceled my order without informing me. This afternoon, I received a telephone call from another Durable Medical Equipment supplier. They told me that they were not in network for me. I asked how they had gotten my information and they told me that Apria had faxed an order to them. Apria faxed my PHI to a third party without my knowledge or consent.

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