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  • Arvest Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Arvest Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Arvest Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

125 W. Central, Ste. 218
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-479-750-1400
Customer Service Number: 1-888-271-1253


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  1. I am trying to close on a home loan – not with Arvest – but my checking account is with Arvest..I am in need of a VOD statement…our processor at the loan company has sent the request form 3+ times to the fax number provided. The 2nd time the fax was sent; the processor was told there would be a 20.00 fee…the check was sent. According to Arvest it was never received. Make another phone call; we are told our Request was never received. Faxed it again, called again…no response. Several phone calls made to local bank and to corporate; different answer each time. I am to close in two weeks…where is my VOD? Who knows…no one is taking responsibility for receiving it and not processing it. I am driving to corporate to discuss in person…this is ridiculous…not a happy Arvest customer..

  2. Well, I will be changing banks soon…I think…. maybe not?? . My name was on my daughters checking account because she was under age at the time she opened it. Her account went into the negative for $336.00. Not good….so of course she attempted to get the account current. Her paycheck is automatically deposited into her account (part time work). Well Arvest decided to debit my checking account the $112.34. Sent a letter after the fact of debiting the account….No problem the money was owed,,,im good. So here's my issue. Not only did Arvest debit my account they sent it to the Credit Bureau as a "CHARGE OFF'. If you got your money how is this a charge off. I spoke the manager in "Account Recovery Department" Becky out of Fort Smith Arkansas. I explained my concern of them sending my account to Trans Union as a "CHARGE OFF" on 9-14-15 and the account was settled from my account on 9-2-15. I asked Becky to please fix this as I do not want this on my credit. Becky stated theres nothing she can do but send it in as a paid charge off. Really "Arvest". This is not good business . Yes my daughter has learned her lesson on overdrafts…….Seems like "Arvest" could take some lessons on customer retention. Not Happy……….Would not recommend banking here…..Note: I will be disputing this with the credit bureau Ms Becky.

  3. I don't know of any business that allows the BM and the ABM leave the place together. This puts people in a bad situation. Are they dating? Sure looks like it. All you have to do is ask around your braces and you figure it out.

  4. Arvest is owned by one of the Waltons, you know the family that owns Wal-Mart. why do you think service would be any different than what is offered in the Wal-Mart stores?

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