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Auto Owners Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I am not one of your insured but I had an issue with one of your insured and the problem should have been taken care of by the insured but your rude, arrogant agent told me I was responsible for the damage and any costs incurred.

  2. I recently had an unpleasant situation with Auto Owners in Florida. I was three days from moving out of Florida to a new state. Then a car pulled out right in front of me.
    on highway 41. It was an Auto Owners client. This client was cited as 100% at fault for not yielding right of way. My car was towed to local collision center where it sat for weeks before an adjuster stopped to look at it to determine whether it would be repaired or totalled. In the meantime, I had left the state to for my new home as my Florida home was sold. After finding that my car would be repaired, it took four months for me to get it back here in my new state. Part of the problem was the collision center couldn't get the part for months. When the car was finally repaired, I had the car transported to my new state. I had it less than two weeks when the car stopped and all the dash lights went on. I had it towed to the dealership and they said because the car was just parked in Florida for four months without movement, the throttle had gunked up and would be $550 to clean up. I paid it, but I sent the bill to Auto Owners in Florida. They refused to pay it sayinbg it wasn't their fault and the collision center couldn't get the part. I said that the car would not even had been at the collision center if there wasn't an accident with their client being at fault. I am considering taking this to a person at a higher level in the company. It's the principle behind this.

  3. My mother is 87 and losing her sight. She put in a claim for storm damage to her roof. They turned her down…twice. Her house was hit by two major hail storms and then a wind storm. They claim the hail storms never happened. She has been with Auto Owners for 30 years. Never had a claim till now. I hope they are prepared for the smear campaign they are going to be having. Bad Faith all the way around.

  4. I apologize and i am saying a prayer for your company after 22 years of service my wife was walked out of the office with no reason why and something was said manger Eugene Hass did not like kammy stone has been very disrespectful to my wife thinking she will quit we left are home state of Lansing Michigan so kammy can do what she love to do working for Auto Owners she loved her job very much she was very grateful all are family lives in Lansing her father Denny Moore of Hubbell real estate.All kammy wanted to do was retire from Auto Owners and be a great employee.for the number 1 company.And them Interns showed up and employees started calling in taking time off and the work was not getting done so Eugene Haas took it out on kammy stone most of the people say they don't like somebody usually don't have a legitimate reason they go on what some body else said which in my opinion is bull when somebody tells us something about someone it dose'nt matter if it's good or bad you need to check the story out before we open are stinking mouth i am sick of the way we are so quick to judge people we need to get back to helping one another again instead of destroying each other with our poisnous tongue…..

  5. Terrible insurance!!!! Been with them for 15 yrs. paid my premiums (1000.00 Plus) in full when due. They intern,,, rewarded me with a denied $1400.00 hail damage claim to my roof…..think twice about picking this insurance as your provider…….

    1. I've been with them for 18 years. Had 2 accidents that weren't even my fault and my insurance jumped $300 per month. SHAME ON YOU AUTO OWNERS!!!

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