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Black and Decker Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. I purchased personal space which only lasted 3 months. Aftr sveral attempt to gt replaced under warranty I am still waiting. They do nor respond and when they do it is so unprofessional you would think it is from INdia. Filing with BBB.

  2. My wife purchased a TR1117 hedge clipper about 5 years ago and has used it twice. So, it is virtually brand new. Unfortunately, I gave my 55 yo reliable clipper away, thinking that I did not need two instances of a rarely used tool. I should have given away the TR1117 garbage.
    This morning I used said TR1117for the first time with disappointing results. While trimming overgrowth along a chain link fence, I accidently caught the blade on a wire on the fence. The trimmer immediately jammed. The lower blade had buckled.
    I removed the blades and attempted to straighten the buckled blade. However, while the blade was removed the trimmer remained jammed. Further disassembly revealed that the jam was in the mechanism. I could not budge the motor armature. It’s as if the damned gears were welded together. Either that, or the eccentric rod affixed to the large gear was locked up in some way to prevent said gear from turning.
    I threw your disgusting piece of garbage in the trash. I remember that Black & Decker once offered reasonably decent quality for a reasonable price. Obviously, that in no longer the case. Shame on you.

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