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  • Brookshire Grocery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Brookshire Grocery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Brookshire Grocery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Stock Symbol: Private Company
Official Address:
1600 W. South West Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-903-534-3000
Fax Number: 1-903-534-2206
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-903-534-3000

Brookshire Grocery’s main competitors are Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Albertsons, H-E-B, Costco, Whole Foods, Conns, and Meijer.


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  1. To whom it may apply,
    I have always loved to shop at Brookshire's in the east texas area. I have been to any of them and find their workers as hard-working and friendly. I have no complaints about the service I have ever received. I'm the type of person who speaks to all of them and tries to be a positive customer that will lift them just a bit for their day.
    The reason for this note is to Ask you the management to reconsider your new "app" and specifically your "E coupons".
    I know that your competitors are using them too, but I can see and feel as it is discriminatory against the older or challenged population. They do not have smartphones or if they do they don't know how to maneuver the app well enough to get the savings you advertise. I just don't see the benefit in these E-coupons?
    I have thought about not writing to you about this. But just today I had issues myself with it in the "self checkout" area and I had just come to my limits on this crazy coupon deal.

  2. The Brookshires in Keithville La. The young boy pushing the cart flat out ask me if I tip, I told him no your not a waitress, you get paid over minimum wage and I haven’t seen you do a good job you were just standing around talking while the cashier was was checking and sacking, so I took the cart from him and told him to get out of my site and grow up.

  3. Good Afternoon,
    Well, my wife is once again complaining that the store in Celina, Texas does not have any of their advertised specials. Advertised grapes, no grapes, pinto beans, no pinto beans, advertised rolls, no rolls. Only two Roma tomatoes. Now a big thing with her….. the workers in the store are no longer friendly nor or they helpful. There seems to be little knowledge on how to fill a grocery sack so that things are not crushed and when she asks where to find something they are of little or no help. We have paid your higher prices since the store is closest but dissatisfaction can overcome convenience and that time seems to be at hand. The management of the store should be evaluated since every time something is not in stock they say something like, "Well, we ordered it but they do not send it to us". If you feel this is worth your time it would be appreciated

  4. I worked there for about a week and a half and had to leave to due health issues. I moved to Tennessee and they have my forwarding address . Here it is March 3rd and I have no W-2. I have called payroll at least a half dozen times and get the same run around. It's always the Post Offices's fault. Just email the damn thing to me for gods sake

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