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  • Dominion Virginia Power Corporate Office Headquarters

Dominion Virginia Power Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I sure feel validated reading these comments. I was out of work for a year, got really behind, am working and have been overpaying my bill almost a year. I got a disconnect notice (it was at the top of my bill and I didn't notice it), managed to get it turned on the same day, and now they are slapping at 600 deposit on my bill. I tried all avenues of resources they suggested but none could help me as I had gone back to work. The call center (Faneuil) are the actual rude culprits in this customer service fiasco. I also support a disabled husband. They could care less. This deposit is going to break me.

  2. Yes, this the worse company ever to have power with they do not know the meaning of the word sick or emergency. They are quick to add fees when your lights are not disconnected and the want you pay a re-connection charge and they never went out. What are they doing? We need to get Dominion out of the North Carolina small towns and keep RCA and Get Duke Energy.

  3. Dominion power sucks they don't care about there customers and there customers service sucks they cut my power off so I paid the bill then they didn't come back for 2 days to cut it back on and I have 2kids and my mom live with me on oxygen SMH going to find a new power source promise

  4. I want to know how yall can just change budget billing from 269 to over 444 dollars from 1 month to another. Now we owe yall over 1300.00 because we have been paying 269 a month. It's just wrong!

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Corporate Office Headquarters