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ESPN Corporate Office Headquarters
ESPN, Inc.
ESPN Plaza, 935 Middle St.
Bristol, CT 06010 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-860-766-2000

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I have always had great regard for the entire Manning family. Last evening all that changed. Eli spoke of an incident with a nine year old that may or may not have occurred. He seemed to feel entitled to use an obscene gesture on live television. Goes to show that there are POS in many families including the Manning households. His eventual apology was feeble and weak. This Manning does not belong on ESPN or the Football Hall of Fame.

Dear ESPN sports. I have a suggestion to better your coverage during Baseball season. Hire Kevin Kennedy from the Dodgers. He is extremely knowledgeable of the game and can give insight to where others cannot. I have enjoyed listening to Kevin on his Sirius radio broadcast for some time now and am thoroughly convinced he is in a league of his own when it comes to Baseball. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Last week during the West Virginia/Iowa State game Tommy Tuberville kept pronouncing Jake SPAVital's name as SPIVital. The ENTIRE game. If he doesn't prep for a game any better than that, he should not be an announcer. I'm aslo disappointed with Mike Patrick, who is also a fellow West Virginian, for not correcting him during numerous commercial breaks. This is why ESPN is losing viewership!!! But all ESPN seems to care about is letting their anchors of color lamblast the President!!!!

This is a sad day, when I fought for this country my brother died fighting for this country. People think that it's ok to kneel for the national anthem .it's a disgrace. If you don't like it here leave,God bless America. Hills comment is JUST stupid, my family will not watch football or ESPN until respect is shown to our country and flag. Bless the AMERICAN patriot who stands for our COUNTRY and its FLAG .

Jemele Hill should be fired for her outrageous and untrue comments about our President. Fire her ASAP or I will never subscribe to your network again!!!

ESPN has finally completely lost its collective minds. Taking Robert Lee (of Chinese ancestory) off of the UVA football game is truly a sign of incompentance at best, mental illness at worst. I am done with ESPN completely.

ESPN has now reduced itself to the level of morons and are continuing into the abyss…it's just a matter of time! Removing a sports broadcaster from an assignment in Virginia because his name is Robert Lee…and an Asian gentleman at that is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Is it any wonder that multitudes of people no longer give 2¢ about ESPN and are leaving in droves. What do the suits at ESPN eat for breakfast anyway, stupid pills?

espn used it's twitter account to support the 'womens march' in washington this past weekend. i was wondering about whether espn supports madonna's desire to blow up the white house, or ashley judd's inference about the new president molesting his daughter?

I have completely stopped watching or supporting espn. People need to wake up after the firing of Schilling.

I am sending this email in hopes that it might get into the hands of those that are as concerned about college football as I am.

Were you proud of the presentation of our National Anthem during the Championship Game? I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagine but, good taste is good taste. Would it be asking too much to ask that the woman singing the National Anthem wear something more appropriate? Who was in charge? Maybe we need someone to be in charge of the person in charge. Plus, does anyone really believe that anyone is tuning in to hear someone sing? It's the National FOOTBALL Champion not a singing competition.

I do have a recommendation. Why not have the number 1 seed school provide student talent to sing the National Anthem and the number 2 seed God Bless America. This would give each school a national audience to show off their student talent. I would hope the 2 schools would want to present their students in the best possible light. Additionally, think of the money saved.
Thank you,
Bob Teaff
Shelbyville, TN

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