Godaddy Corporate Office Headquarters

Godaddy Corporate Office Headquarters
The Go Daddy Group, Inc. (
14455 N. Hayden Rd., Suite. 226
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-6947 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-505-8800
Fax Number: 1-480-505-8844
Customer Service Number: 1-480-505-8899

  • On 2/17/2020 Vanguard Capital Equities Corporation contracted a web hosting service based on a prepaid 2 year contract. There is no place on the GoDaddyllc website to "sign" the web hosting contract. We never received any announcement of pending 2 years contract end, nor any offer of extending the term of the contract, or anything for that matter. About February 15, of 2022 we learned that emails sent to us were bouncing back to the senders. That was few days before the 2 years contract expired on February 17, 2022.
    We thought that was a our faulty email platform, so we contacted our email vendor. They replayed that our email program is current status, and there is no single issue with it. Then we went back to the senders, and we learned, that our internal email platform is current and we can send emails between the Vanguard employees.
    The problem was that the external emails from our clients and prospects were bouncing back. We went back to our em service vendor with the news. They asked if we did change or altered the DNS files. I personally did not knew what that thing is. I went to our website to check it, and it was shot down thus the DNS records were hijack by the GoDaddyLLC.
    On the next day or two, we founded out that GoDaddy stared prostituting defrauded and stolen property from us as being for sale by GoDaddyLLC.
    We have 17.5 pages document – documenting our efforts to extend and renew the service (to regain control over our copy righted property) but GoDaddy refused to take our payment for $11 as they were prostituting our domain for about $70.
    It is apparent that GoDaddy made fortune on defrauded and stolen properties belonging to GoDaddy victims of scam and fraud. I encounter on the internet more than 2,000 victims of GoDaddy scam and fraud.
    We stopped actually counting when GoDaddyLLC scam/fraud number reached 2,000. Lost money amount is uncertain yet, as I do not know yet the final amount
    Other Additional information Addition to the Loss/Other below: We do not know yet the exact amount as the situation still is unfolding and it is too early to state the exact amount. The shut down by GoDaddy website/email now interferes in the crude oil transaction of total of 23,000,000 barrels of crude oil. There are 5 companies (3 in US, Nigeria and in Singapore) involved in the transaction. It is all documented WIP and was in process till the email was shot down by GoDaddy. Our reputation and stability is at stake.
    Note reference to our email and website: both were shut down prior to the end of a 2 year contract, GoDaddy refused to take our payment when we attempted to make payment, and no communication will reach us via regular means of communications, except our phone (1) 832- 512-9478.
    GoDaddy shut down prematurely our website and email to paralyze our efforts of communications with the law enforcement authorities, to regain control over our defrauded domain, website and email communication, and to report the scam and fraud done to us, and tremendously is impairing our capabilities to continue the crude oil transaction mentioned above.

  • Since Godaddy's sale, support has become the poorest support on the internet. I have had email problems ever since the merge. When I call for help I'm told to contact Microsoft because I didn't buy
    Office 365 from GoDaddy. When I do, i'm automatically switched to GoDaddy, so my email problems still exist. I've given up calling support. The wait times: 30-60 minutes to speak with someone in the Phllippines who I don's understand and when I request a US support person, I'm disconnected. This company is a joke.

  • I have been with GoDaddy for 11 years and I am about to dump them. I have always experienced great tech support and customer service. But in the past few months, it appears they now use a call center in the Baltics. GoDaddy has started to overcharge me on everything, and I continually get someone in the billing department with a Russian accent. Furthermore, they don't know anything. There is NEVER a supervisor available, and when you ask them a question, they put you on hold for 10-15 minutes to call someone else for the answer. But worst off, they refuse to make right their billing errors. Goodbye GoDaddy! One last thing: I I called corporate and was on hold for three minutes. No one ever answered. What kind of a company does that?!!

  • Absolute WORST experience ever!! I bought the e-commerce plan only to find out that the templates only support ONE product! All products land in the only available navigation menu of "Shop All" and it's not editable. You can't add a drop down menu to separate categories, instead, all categories are displayed on the same page!

    After THAT mess I upgraded to the Business Hosting only to learn that there are no templates but they did offer to build a website for $5000.00 plus an additional $350/hr.

    I switched out of the Business Hosting plan and opted for the WordPress hosting as I was advised, "This will do everything you need". Well the site was broken on the back end, scripts were corrupt and in conflict with whatever apps they have attached to the hosting plan by default. Everytime I tried to add a link to the navigation menu, the link would go corrupt and not function. When I called for tech support he wasn't able to fix the issue so he put a supervisor on the line. The supervisor insisted the corrupted script and conflicts are backend issues that he couldn't fix but if I'd like to start opening tickets for $50 per error. He said either I can learn how to function with a broken website whose navigation template was not functional as most "normal" people do because, "no website is perfect" or pay PER back end programming error to have a working website. When I told him to just go ahead and refund my money because I've had enough, he wanted to argue with me and attempted to convince me that I am the problem because my "expectations are too high".

  • I paid GoDaddy approximately $2,500 for 3 sites for 5 years. The 1st site that is absolutely critical for business, is, after 5 telephone calls and 3 weeks, still not accessible. This call started with an 11 minute delay and went to the Philippines with a woman whose accent was impossibly difficult.
    I am still waiting 23 minutes now. No option for GoDaddy to call back, or how long the wait will be. I am definitely going to search on the Internet for alternatives to GoDaddy. Cliff Young
    Typing this with only one finger as I have to hold the phone with the other hand. Time wait now 33 minutes. I published this at 33 minutes which stopped the time updates.

  • Godaddy is a joke!! They put up sites for people not even knowing if they are legit or if the merchandise is legit! I ordered something from a site made by go daddy and put up by go daddy! Sadly to say the site is a scam they are just stealing people’s money! Not only that I gave my address thinking I was receiving a product that I paid for not being taken for a scam! I pray that is all they did was just steal my money and they are not murders, rapist or a Child pedophile! The site looks legit because a criminal paid go daddy to do all their dirty work for them. So legit company takes money from criminals to help them harm people! I emailed them at I made a police report now I have to wait for the police to contact go daddy, and then go daddy will think about taking down the site!!! Wow right, shocking! Meanwhile people are still getting ripped off!! So go daddy would rather take money from criminals instead of protecting the public!! Then I called twice to ask for corporates number and both times somehow got disconnected! Go Daddy is a joke and are criminals themselves! Birds of a feather flock together!!! Please please please don’t use Go Daddy!

  • Hello Go Daddy,
    I'm having an issue with payment that was taken automatically from a charge card I no longer use and haven't used for over a year. It was a surprise when I saw an automatic charge from you for $275.04 on my charge card and the bill was overdue (therefore a charge for that also). When you don't use a charge card you don't look at it in an email. And I would not have authorized your charge if I had. Here's what you don't understand about your "older" customers. We didn't grow up with a computer literally in our hands 24/7 like you did. We don't live on our computer like you do. If it's not something I use daily (like go daddy), I don't pay attention to it in my email (that and the fact that I get an absolute ton of advertisements in my email so after a while I ignore and delete them). I am seriously disappointed that you cannot prorate my fee and give me a refund on the balance of the 3 year renewal that I didn't want. I would really like a call from someone that can actually do something instead of telling me "it's company policy" and "we don't give refunds after 30 days". That's BS. There HAS to be someone that can override your company policy. Thank you for your time. It has taken me about 2 hours of my time just to figure out how to get a hold of you, spend my time on the phone with people that can't help and get you this email. Joy

  • Very disappointed with this company. I have closed my business after being with godaddy for a few years and they will not refund my money. I have to pay for ten more months of service that I will not be using! I have three accounts with them and will never renew my service with them. I will also inform people of their services. Elaine Kelly Lumsden

    • Same here.
      I was talked into changing my hosting to better server and when I did they said I nD to pay extra fees to recover my files because they deleted my panel for another.
      I lost my entire website with 500+ hours time. They said it was my fault because I wasn't backing my files up on my computer. I was backing them up in panel like I was told…. They take advantage of per who don't have they knowledge.

  • I am extremely upset with the service I just received from godaddy. I've been with the company too long to receive such terrible service. I will be transferring all of my domains.

  • Third try – ticket in as usual – no response after 72 hours again. I will be moving my account unless someone answers. Acct 444508

  • GoDaddy and YELP are both greedy with no regard for illegal websites or activity. As long as they have your money….

  • I never do this unless I am really upset at the way a company or business treats me, but I have been a customer for GoDaddy for years, encountered questions and changes of mind, and problems and I can honestly say, this is the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I ever experience. Ever. Not once, not even once, did I have a bad experience. They know there stuff, they listen and are not annoyed to help at all like most services with people that cant even speak English. I am truly overwhelmed and had to do this. Amazing. Good job!

  • Renewed my Domain name with Go Daddy. Renewal did not go through for reasons unknown to me yet no one from this corporation contacted me. Here I am thinking that my domain is registered, but now my domain name that I owned for 20 years is lost and I have to pay $4000 to get it back from some unknown SK Creations. When I reach out to this company for an explanation – I was told- we do not send out correspondence- everything is by email. I asked why didn't someone call me about this….and leave me a message, something. This company calls me multiple times to sell me crap but something important like this, I don't get a phone call and now how convenient, my registration is expired.
    I requested to speak to a supervisor…."let me see if I can find one…I can't find one…" It is not ethical that this company can operate haphazardly- disrespecting its cleints, with no fear of correction because obviously ICANN is asleep. This company has a multitude of complaints, yet ICANN allows it to continue to operate without any type of accountability.

  • Leaving GoDaddy after 4 years. I have HUNDREDS of accounts with GoDaddy. I will sadly be going my own way with every new website I build this year. I usually build 6 websites/month. That is more than 72 accounts/year that GoDaddy is saying Goodbye to! I am leaving because in less than one week after cancelling a hosting account on me (I was not receiving the email alerts) – they want to charge me $150 to restore a website. This is unacceptable considering the amount of business I have given GoDaddy over the past 4 years. But principle means everything to me and out of consideration for me loyalty – I would have expected some sort of consideration be given. Bye bye GoDaddy.

  • I enjoyed Go daddy until recently with the support going down and lack to resolve, Like it was a bother to call and resolve—I chalked it up to service person having a bad day. But I see the true colors of how they operate, I paid for three years so I would know the cost and not have to worry about this for that period of time—NOT THE CASE— I was very clear about the total cost for the time and paid it all upfront —- with no reacquiring cost
    WELL I received a bill on my CC for 69.99 for the SSL and when calling was told that our price and you can only renew once a year…. I was lied to and that upsets me…Charging my card without approval is more upsetting and what put the final straw was blackmailing me with this because they know the process.. I suggest leaving they company for a more reliable and reputable company…I would have paid this up front but they tell me I do not have an option to pay this in advance???? The part that really shows a company true colors is when a person tells me they don’t have a boss… As a company owner even I have a boss….. Run from this company as fast as you can

  • As a former employee, I can tell you that they care nothing for existing customers. Once you have a problem and contact them…it's is more about selling you more crap you don't need for higher prices than about fixing your existing issue. Tech Support is not Tech Support, it is SALES, Period and they do not hire for technical skill they hire and retain on sales ability and quotas.

  • Dear Blake.

    This email shall serve s a DEMAND for you to resolve an issues with my web site that you apparently destroyed.

    The osting account was not able to be charged on my card because we lost that card and didnt update the new card with your company. Im told that Go Daddy DESTROYED MY WEB SITE and that there are RECOVERY FILES ALL IN ORDER in your system however you are demanding $150.00 to recover them as an ADMIN FEE.

    YOU not I destroyed that web site. YOU not me will pay to have that site recovered and recovered the right way.

    If this is NOT done by the end of business today and I do not get a call by the end of business today from a HIGH LEVEL CORPORATE EMPLOYEE I am going into the SUPERIOR COURT IN THE MORNING. LAST WARNING!!!!

    Once I file in the Superior Court YOU not I will need an attorney, YOU not I will be flying here because I am going tohave a Subpoena sent for YOU to come to court here in Massachusetts. Fail to show and I will pay the court to have a hearing on that failure to appear and then I will have a warrant put out for your arrest.
    This will ultimately cost you more than $40 K it will cost me less than $500.00.

    So, if you think Bullying someone trying to charge them $150 is the right thing to do go right ahead. Im GOING TO DO WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT which is cost you $40K.

    I can be reached at 617-840-5346. Speak to Mark if I am not available,


    • I'm not sure of these good comments about GoDaddy but my experience is TERRIBLE at best and I plan to share this view all over the web. I think it should be renamed GoInMyWallet as it seems all about the money to GoDaddy.

  • Dear Blake.

    This email shall serve s a DEMAND for you to resolve an issues with my web site that you apparently destroyed.

    The osting account was not able to be charged on my card because we lost that card and didnt update the new card with your company. Im told that Go Daddy DESTROYED MY WEB SITE and that there are RECOVERY FILES ALL IN ORDER in your system however you are demanding $150.00 to recover them as an ADMIN FEE.

    YOU not I destroyed that web site. YOU not me will pay to have that site recovered and recovered the right way.

    If this is NOT done by the end of business today and I do not get a call by the end of business today from a HIGH LEVEL CORPORATE EMPLOYEE I am going into the SUPERIOR COURT IN THE MORNING. LAST WARNING!!!!

    Once I file in the Superior Court YOU not I will need an attorney, YOU not I will be flying here because I am going tohave a Subpoena sent for YOU to come to court here in Massachusetts. Fail to show and I will pay the court to have a hearing on that failure to appear and then I will have a warrant put out for your arrest.
    This will ultimately cost you more than $40 K it will cost me less than $500.00.

    So, if you think Bullying someone trying to charge them $150 is the right thing to do go right ahead. Im GOING TO DO WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT which is cost you $40K.

    I can be reached at 617-840-5346. Speak to Mark if I am not available,


  • How can a company with such stature completely LOSE a web site, and all its content? A salesperson called to upgrade / update the website, and made the sale. The result, was the complete disappearance of
    a 22 year-old business, with an internet core. Customer Service's latest solution, is a refund on the update services… STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

  • $25 an hour???? That was no expert. You got what you paid for. Expert services from a real expert will cost upwards of $75 an hour.

  • Their Website Builder evidently was not tested on major browsers. I get a different result with Firefox than I do with Chrome. Things don't line up, text breaks differently, frames don't apply to pictures correctly. After four calls to "tech support" (that's a joke), having them call their "Advance Team," I am no further ahead and they cannot explain why the GUI doesn't work. I thought I was taking a step up when I cancelled the POS 1& offers for business and went to GoDaddy. Nope. They are all the same — touting their user-friendly website builders that evidently nobody has tested.

  • In Feb.. I purchase a "web site facelift." $300. This is June. Not one email has come in since the new site went online. I have made repeated requests for … what's happening? What's going on? "Oh I can send you email." Yesterday a guy contacted via other than my site… "Ha. What's up with your submit form?" And begins to describe what it is not doing. As in submitting. People. What good is a business site that will not "send" info? I want the GoDaddy CEO's name & mailing address. It's letter.. certified, return receipt requested time… And looks like GoDaddy don't hire people with "last names." GoDaddy says all the info you need is on the main site page. Being friendly is great. Letting your clients sit deaf, dumb and blind for 3 months… is as UN-COOL AS IT GETS. Does ANYBODY have GoDaddy CEO's name and mailing address. Cause you damn sure won't be getting it from GoDaddy. $1000's of dollars wasted and $10,000's in LOST OPPORTUNITY.. as a direct result. And geee.. Nobody's got a last name… Imagine that??? Anybody got a name and address for the CEO?

  • Their website has become far too complicated. It was OK at the beginning but now, evry time I register a new domain, I need to stop and redo it everytime because I end up in a dead end. It is a real pitty.

  • Just got off the phone with customer service and it was the worst. I have not had to deal with godaddy over the phone in a long time but it was the worst customer service I had every had. I am now looking for a new company to host my website and email.

  • The worse customer service I have ever had!! I asked to talk to HR about an old employee and they flat out refused to put me through to anyone. No wonder you have so many negative comments on your page.

  • Check out Budweiser's ad! You need a new advertising group. Go Daddy will be the example of how not to create a tv ad for the next century and beyond. Pulling the ad and "adopting" the dog is not enough. Donate some of your billions to animal rights groups–Best Friends in Utah, ASPCA, and local rescue groups. Then do an ad focusing on how you support animal rights.

  • Go daddy is entrapment at its worst. I am trying to renew my domain without the Domains By Proxy (yes, GoDaddy owns DBP) yet they will not allow it until I cancel my DBP account.
    Here is the kicker: even though I have my account number and password, I cannot get into the account. My email address is an old one so they cannot email whatever password they may have (I have the correct one, anyway). Their website says that in order to gain access to your account, so you can cancel it, you need to submit a government issued photo ID! Where does that come from? Oh yes, they need to cross reference the information to see that you are who you say you are. Problem is they never had a photo of me before. My address is on GoDaddy's account, it is on my account number, which is the correct account number. There is no reason to release personal information to get into my account as they have nothing on record to match it up to. This is an attempt to blackmail customers into taking services they no longer want. Warning: do not get Domain by Proxy protection. The nice people on the phone will sit there helplessly and will not help you at all. If you get tired of paying their high renewal rate you will end up losing your hard kept domain. Avoid Godaddy/ Domains By Proxy as it is a combination mousetrap. Shame all around!

  • On Christmas day, I got a email that I made a bid on a domain name for $4,900.00. When the bid was for $49.00. I wrote them and they said you made the bid for four thousand nine hundred dollars congratulations. I called them and are still trying to get it worked out with punkie little kids. Go. run, run fast, stay away from this company. I have told them I will be making a report to the Arizona Police if this is not taken care of. They accused me of partying to much and hitting the wrong buttons. I do not drink. Deborah

  • Go Daddy SUCKS big time. Do NOT waste your hard owned money or your time. We paid upfront in February. In September we got a letter from a collection service. AFTER they had already paid, they attempted to collect yet more money and when they couldn't, they sent us into a collection agency and they didn't even tell us. Last month they helped themselves to three more months and we closed the account. We disputed the charge so hopefully this will be the last we hear from them. Do not give them any information and DO NOT use them. There are a bunch of sites that are cheaper and don't take your money for nothing. AVOID them at all costs.

    • How did you even get to collections? They REGULARLY take money out of my company's bank account when they are not authorized! Another $1000 yesterday which is allegedly being refunded.

  • Go Daddy in my opinion is running a scam unsuspecting customers. The FCC needs to get involved. This is a horrible company – as stated on other comments – they have you buy, and buy, and buy, and the resolution is never forthcoming. You have to go to a "professional" IT person to get results. The Attorney General's office needs to be informed of all these "situations".

  • Sloppy Customer Service – condescending and patronizing. Even though I cancelled my FULL order within 24 hours, they kept $5.00 from my refund. If they have such a great customer service team.. where are they? I will NEVER use this company ever again for anything and will recommend business owners and prospective web site builders stay far away from them. Tacky tack tacky. The have to keep $5 lousy dollars for their company. If they're so successful, then why not provide decent customer service and refund the money they guaranteed?? This company is a complete sham… and should be ashamed for sloppy business that costs others hard earned money

  • Buyer beware! This company could care less about their customer's satisfaction after 45 days have elapsed on your agreement! When you are dissatisfied with their product and want to cancel, they will not refund the unused portion of your plan. They WILL however, offer you an in-house credit for the unused portion. What good will that do when you no longer wish to use their product. All they do is quote policy and offer their apologies, they care nothing about customer service! The only recourse I have is to discourage anyone from ever doing business with this company. I will never get my refund but will make it a quest to cost them potential business. Their one-sided policy will cost them 10 times what they stole from me!!!

  • As a web developer I do "damage control" for clients who started out thinking they could handle their websites themselves. I have had nothing but trouble with Go Daddy taking advantage and selling people that don't know any better insanely high services and products that they don't need. of course none of it is ever refundable. Avoid Go Daddy like the plague!

  • Go daddy is completely incompetent. They just stole my domain and it is going to cost me thousands of dollars and hours or even destroy the small business I have worked years to brand. I'm ready for class action , care to join me? Chris @ 774-922-9256

  • By far the worst service i have ever experienced. From customer service rep to supervisor, complete incompetence. I have several accounts with them as a result of purchasing my domains through this company and i have a Host Gator Account. Host Gator can navigate through Go Daddy better then the Go Daddy reps.
    I spent more then 4 hours on the phone with them Thursday night, trying to upload an html template through their new interface, which is always changing. They could not figure out how to use their own system. I hung up numerous times in hope that i would find someone more competent, only to realize that it was useless. One rep went as far as telling me that he was not a computer programmer and that he was reading off of the notes, and when i asked for a supervisor after feeling completely wiped out, the supervisor refused to help me and offered little more then the notes that the sales rep was reading from.
    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! Do yourself a favor and look for another hosting company as the do not appreciate your business.


    • Option 3 "We love giving technical support". Love? This comment above is exactly what I have experienced. (Some) Employee's who call themselves "experts" deflect to the fact that Website Builder is a "self" operating program and if you have a problem you can pay GoDaddy $1000 to build the website when you have already done all the work yourself and are addressing "bugs" in the system. Some customer service reps gladly help others are the lowest of the lowest who are happy to take your money and degrade hours and hours of work.

  • I have had a website hosted and designed with Godaddy for 5 years. I wanted to move the domain and rebuild the website on a different frame. I also have two hosting packages that two other webites I have go through godaddy.
    When I called I was told that it had a security lock on it and all I would have to do is fill out a form and submit and it should be good to go. Well 2 days later I get an email that looks official but with nothing really there to assure me it was real to send them my business license, tax id # etc. to prove I was A business. So I sent them a copy of my FLorida tax ID# which you can't get without first having a Federal tax ID#. Next day another email we need more proof you are a business. So not feeling real good about I sent a copy of my EIN#. Next day I get a request that I send a photocopy of a government issued Picture ID card that must be dated current and show my picture and signature so that they could identify me as the proper registrant. Well in the first place no one at godaddy knows me or what I look like and in the second place my DL has my SS and DOB so I guess if you have all my business info, My picture, my SS#, my DOB and a copy of my signature you about have everything. I do not recall ever signing any thing that they could compare my signature to so why do they need all this?
    I am not sure if this is real or a scam but if it is real under what authority can they demand this amount of information?

    • You are being sold a cock of lies. All you need to do is transfer your domain name to another registrar while it is still active; ideally at least a month before it expires. This is an easy process. You can choose from any ICCAN accredited registrar or any reseller for an accredited registrar. (GoDaddy is one of the biggest registrars but its also among the most expensive.) You can get the list of their accredited registrars from the ICCAN website. I recommend Spirit Domains ( for domain registration. They offer hosting too. I recommend you shop around to find a host provider that best supports your needs and budget. You do not have to host with the same company that you register your domains with. Set up an account with Spirit Domains or another registrar and simply transfer your domains. Spirit Domains has a back-end system that makes it easy and they have 24-7 support; not all ICCAN registrars do. If you already have someone else who is going to provide hosting for you then they ought to know how to transfer your domain as well. I'd be cautious about using their host service if they don't know how to do this. I do domain name registrations and transfers, but only for my website development customers; as I choose not to make a profit on that service. You can call me at 888-612-6664 if you have more questions.

    • Yesterday I was totally appalled with the Super Bowl commercial the Today Show presented. Either your marketing team are idiots for such a degrading ad, or genius for NOW announcing they already have a "backup" ad to replace the ad shown yesterday. If this is the case, it may backfire once again when the public learns it may have been a marketing ploy.

    • Customer service WAS good in 2001. This is a case of a company asleep at the wheel. They are constantly changing server protocols and 'breaking' websites. First level technical support is NEVER competent enough to fix issues. It is quite a task to have an issue addressed or escalate an issue to someone who even understands the problem…that THEY often caused! They seen disinterested in support.

    • I was so impressed with my recent customer service experience with Laura A. Shukers, I searched to find your corporate website to sing her praises. She was helpful, pro-active, supportive, patient, and very knowledgeable. She not only helped me with my concerns, she made my day.

    • Very upset with this company. They bought the Outright application in ebay and I have been having trouble for 5 months. I keep ordering and they keep cancelling my subscription. I call no one can tell me anything, they tell me call back hours later, when I am no longer with that client. Ordered it again last night for the 5th time, woke up this morning and it was cancelled. Now I have to go to my client again explaining that the software isnt working. She will be upset with me, thanks Godaddy you really, really, really, suck.

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