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Godaddy Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Godaddy Corporate Office Headquarters

The Go Daddy Group, Inc. (GoDaddy.com)
14455 N. Hayden Rd., Suite. 226
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-6947 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-505-8800
Fax Number: 1-480-505-8844
Customer Service Number: 1-480-505-8899


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  1. I have been with GoDaddy for 11 years and I am about to dump them. I have always experienced great tech support and customer service. But in the past few months, it appears they now use a call center in the Baltics. GoDaddy has started to overcharge me on everything, and I continually get someone in the billing department with a Russian accent. Furthermore, they don't know anything. There is NEVER a supervisor available, and when you ask them a question, they put you on hold for 10-15 minutes to call someone else for the answer. But worst off, they refuse to make right their billing errors. Goodbye GoDaddy! One last thing: I I called corporate and was on hold for three minutes. No one ever answered. What kind of a company does that?!!

  2. Absolute WORST experience ever!! I bought the e-commerce plan only to find out that the templates only support ONE product! All products land in the only available navigation menu of "Shop All" and it's not editable. You can't add a drop down menu to separate categories, instead, all categories are displayed on the same page!

    After THAT mess I upgraded to the Business Hosting only to learn that there are no templates but they did offer to build a website for $5000.00 plus an additional $350/hr.

    I switched out of the Business Hosting plan and opted for the WordPress hosting as I was advised, "This will do everything you need". Well the site was broken on the back end, scripts were corrupt and in conflict with whatever apps they have attached to the hosting plan by default. Everytime I tried to add a link to the navigation menu, the link would go corrupt and not function. When I called for tech support he wasn't able to fix the issue so he put a supervisor on the line. The supervisor insisted the corrupted script and conflicts are backend issues that he couldn't fix but if I'd like to start opening tickets for $50 per error. He said either I can learn how to function with a broken website whose navigation template was not functional as most "normal" people do because, "no website is perfect" or pay PER back end programming error to have a working website. When I told him to just go ahead and refund my money because I've had enough, he wanted to argue with me and attempted to convince me that I am the problem because my "expectations are too high".

  3. I paid GoDaddy approximately $2,500 for 3 sites for 5 years. The 1st site that is absolutely critical for business, is, after 5 telephone calls and 3 weeks, still not accessible. This call started with an 11 minute delay and went to the Philippines with a woman whose accent was impossibly difficult.
    I am still waiting 23 minutes now. No option for GoDaddy to call back, or how long the wait will be. I am definitely going to search on the Internet for alternatives to GoDaddy. Cliff Young
    Typing this with only one finger as I have to hold the phone with the other hand. Time wait now 33 minutes. I published this at 33 minutes which stopped the time updates.

  4. Hello Go Daddy,
    I'm having an issue with payment that was taken automatically from a charge card I no longer use and haven't used for over a year. It was a surprise when I saw an automatic charge from you for $275.04 on my charge card and the bill was overdue (therefore a charge for that also). When you don't use a charge card you don't look at it in an email. And I would not have authorized your charge if I had. Here's what you don't understand about your "older" customers. We didn't grow up with a computer literally in our hands 24/7 like you did. We don't live on our computer like you do. If it's not something I use daily (like go daddy), I don't pay attention to it in my email (that and the fact that I get an absolute ton of advertisements in my email so after a while I ignore and delete them). I am seriously disappointed that you cannot prorate my fee and give me a refund on the balance of the 3 year renewal that I didn't want. I would really like a call from someone that can actually do something instead of telling me "it's company policy" and "we don't give refunds after 30 days". That's BS. There HAS to be someone that can override your company policy. Thank you for your time. It has taken me about 2 hours of my time just to figure out how to get a hold of you, spend my time on the phone with people that can't help and get you this email. Joy

  5. Very disappointed with this company. I have closed my business after being with godaddy for a few years and they will not refund my money. I have to pay for ten more months of service that I will not be using! I have three accounts with them and will never renew my service with them. I will also inform people of their services. Elaine Kelly Lumsden

    1. Same here.
      I was talked into changing my hosting to better server and when I did they said I nD to pay extra fees to recover my files because they deleted my panel for another.
      I lost my entire website with 500+ hours time. They said it was my fault because I wasn't backing my files up on my computer. I was backing them up in panel like I was told…. They take advantage of per who don't have they knowledge.

  6. Very upset with this company. They bought the Outright application in ebay and I have been having trouble for 5 months. I keep ordering and they keep cancelling my subscription. I call no one can tell me anything, they tell me call back hours later, when I am no longer with that client. Ordered it again last night for the 5th time, woke up this morning and it was cancelled. Now I have to go to my client again explaining that the software isnt working. She will be upset with me, thanks Godaddy you really, really, really, suck.

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