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  1. I am a disabled 62 year old woman who saved and saved enough to purchase a laptop computer so I could play a few games, video chat with may grandchildren, check email and type up letters to send to my friends and family. I purchased my HP Pavilion Laptop in July 2020. A month after bringing it home, I went to use the laptop only to find the cord had melted into the plug in hole. I took it to Best Buys Geek Squad who informed that the unit needed to be sent to HP as it was under the HP warranty. I contacted HP and sent the unit in for replacement or repair. First I was told they received the unit and it was being fixed. Secondly I was told it was repaired and I would be receiving it within the next 3 days. After 10 days I was told that I needed to pay for the repair in the amount over the amount I purchased it for because I was at fault for leaving it plugged in too long. I asked how would I know how long to leave it plugged in, I was told I needed to unplug it when it was fully charged. I refused to pay and requested written proof of this condition. After another week, I contacted HP once again and was told this time that I had external damages and my computer was not covered because of these damages. I know the only problem was the plug so I requested pictures of what damages they claimed I did. Again, I waited and finally I was transferred to Alondra who send me pictures of a computer that was not the unit I sent in. I took all this to my attorney and we contacted HP and requested nothing be done to my unit and that it be returned to me. This is as I had proof that the pictures HP send me was not how it was sent to them and we were beginning to see some sketchy business going on. I was told I was sent and after a another week and no computer I contacted HP again. I was told to check Fed Ex tracking. I did and it kept referring me there was no such tracking number. So again we contacted HP and I was told Alondra would be contacting me back. I did not hear from anyone so I contacted Alondra and she told me Fed Ex lost my computer. I contacted Fed Ex who said they never had it. I contacted my attorney again ( Now I have no computer and have had to pay my attorney $399.00 so far because of the runaround I kept getting for HP. I was finally told HP would be replacing the computer with one that was new and exactly the same or higher version. Long story short, I finally received the new computer. It was another Pavilion and it had no sound, and sometimes would not shut off or was freezing up all the time. Again, the runaround began with this one and I had to pay my attorney another $100.00 just so I could HP to send me the packaging to return the 2nd defective laptop. Now I have the unit back Ita has no audio and . I only wanted a bit of happiness when I choose HP as my last computer. It has been almost 8 months since I decided to purchase my new laptop and I have never been able to enjoy one single day with it. My attorney has advised me to file complaints with BBB and FTC, however, I have always had HP products, ran my business with all HP products and have been a faithful customer for the past 30 years. So I am reaching out one last time. Please help. I just want a computer that allows me to enjoy the small pleasures I purchased mine for.

  2. I want a live person to call me at 561-254-9878. I want to change credit cards to pay for my HP ink deliveries. The directions on the website are too difficult to follow. Chat doesn't help.

  3. Glad I read all of your complaints. Consumer laptops apparently are not HP's priority. I customized the components of a laptop I purchased in 2007. It is a good laptop and for some reason I was left out of the free 2007 upgrade and was not informed by Best Buy about purchasing the 2007 upgrade kit at the time. Since reading your complaints, I will not buy another HP laptop and will move on to Apple or ACER. I have had no problems with my Eee PC made by ACER purchased in 2009. But have had to restore my HP computer several times due to viruses let in by Norton and then using free antivirus software to find the bug. I like my HP outside of this problem and will install Linux and use it as such. I have purchased a HP printer with wifi and have not set it up yet. Although it did have some bad reviews I hope I got lucky with one that passed quality control. It is worth it to buy the extended warranty from Best Buy and a store rather than HP on line. At least you can deal with a live person and go through management. Hopefully if anything goes wrong they will honor the extended warranty.

  4. Just dealt with HP support over a problem with an HP 6960 Office Jet Pro all in one that had an Issue with the Fax software. Fax kept saying to contact HP support which I did and they promptly shifted my call to one of "their" technitians to fix the problem. It was actually some software group somewhere in the far east I believe. Once on my computer they claimed I had also network problems and demanded $300 to fix it and holding me hostage to purchasing a contract to fix the printer and resolve the network issues which I believe did not exist. After spending over 3 harrowing hours the Fax is still not working properly and although I know where the problem is they have locked the printer settings so I cannot correct the problem on "my own printer". I have simply disconnected it from the phone line
    I once had the privilege of having lunch with David Packard who was a consummate gentleman and businessman, I am sure he would be deeply distressed at the current state of support at the firm he co-founded. Based on this experience, having been rudely and carelessly pawned off, I will never in the future purchase another HP product and will simply dump this machine and replace it with another brand.

  5. I need some advice on a problem that I am having with my HP office jet pro 8720 and with HP itself. I am 85 years old and have been an HP user, exclusively, since the first computer and printer I purchased many, many years ago.

    I purchased my HP 8720 just under one year ago. I now have my sixth (6th) bad printer that I am awaiting a resolve on from HP. Going through all the HP steps of tech service I have now been transferred to their, AMS TCO Escalations team with a case number of:
    CRM:0026696000258. the previous person wrote on the instructions that I could be reached between 7 am and 7 pm eastern time. on Friday I received a call at 8:33 pm, which I could not answer, from a gentleman named Jacob with a message and also an E-mail with instructions as to what I should do and what he will do. I answered his e-mail with all the info on how and when to reach me. I called the number he left with the following extension, Site Code 52, Extension # 7811559s, 3 times and left 2 messages. He never answered them. His voice mail said he would call me back on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I still have not heard from him.
    What do you suggest I do about this problem?

  6. I see that I'm not the only dissatisfied customer you have. I bought an expensive HP laptop with which I have had nothing but problems. It's still under warranty but I can't get any help from HP. At this point I want my money back, but I'm sure that will never happen so I am going to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort to tell everyone I can reach on Facebook, Instagram and other forums exactly how crappy your products are.

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