Hewlett Packard Corporate Office Headquarters

Hewlett Packard Corporate Office Headquarters
Hewlett-Packard Company
Address: 3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185
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Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-857-1501
Fax Number: 1-650-857-5518
Customer Service Number: 1-650-857-1501

  • I am a disabled 62 year old woman who saved and saved enough to purchase a laptop computer so I could play a few games, video chat with may grandchildren, check email and type up letters to send to my friends and family. I purchased my HP Pavilion Laptop in July 2020. A month after bringing it home, I went to use the laptop only to find the cord had melted into the plug in hole. I took it to Best Buys Geek Squad who informed that the unit needed to be sent to HP as it was under the HP warranty. I contacted HP and sent the unit in for replacement or repair. First I was told they received the unit and it was being fixed. Secondly I was told it was repaired and I would be receiving it within the next 3 days. After 10 days I was told that I needed to pay for the repair in the amount over the amount I purchased it for because I was at fault for leaving it plugged in too long. I asked how would I know how long to leave it plugged in, I was told I needed to unplug it when it was fully charged. I refused to pay and requested written proof of this condition. After another week, I contacted HP once again and was told this time that I had external damages and my computer was not covered because of these damages. I know the only problem was the plug so I requested pictures of what damages they claimed I did. Again, I waited and finally I was transferred to Alondra who send me pictures of a computer that was not the unit I sent in. I took all this to my attorney and we contacted HP and requested nothing be done to my unit and that it be returned to me. This is as I had proof that the pictures HP send me was not how it was sent to them and we were beginning to see some sketchy business going on. I was told I was sent and after a another week and no computer I contacted HP again. I was told to check Fed Ex tracking. I did and it kept referring me there was no such tracking number. So again we contacted HP and I was told Alondra would be contacting me back. I did not hear from anyone so I contacted Alondra and she told me Fed Ex lost my computer. I contacted Fed Ex who said they never had it. I contacted my attorney again ( Now I have no computer and have had to pay my attorney $399.00 so far because of the runaround I kept getting for HP. I was finally told HP would be replacing the computer with one that was new and exactly the same or higher version. Long story short, I finally received the new computer. It was another Pavilion and it had no sound, and sometimes would not shut off or was freezing up all the time. Again, the runaround began with this one and I had to pay my attorney another $100.00 just so I could HP to send me the packaging to return the 2nd defective laptop. Now I have the unit back Ita has no audio and . I only wanted a bit of happiness when I choose HP as my last computer. It has been almost 8 months since I decided to purchase my new laptop and I have never been able to enjoy one single day with it. My attorney has advised me to file complaints with BBB and FTC, however, I have always had HP products, ran my business with all HP products and have been a faithful customer for the past 30 years. So I am reaching out one last time. Please help. I just want a computer that allows me to enjoy the small pleasures I purchased mine for.

  • I want a live person to call me at 561-254-9878. I want to change credit cards to pay for my HP ink deliveries. The directions on the website are too difficult to follow. Chat doesn't help.

  • Glad I read all of your complaints. Consumer laptops apparently are not HP's priority. I customized the components of a laptop I purchased in 2007. It is a good laptop and for some reason I was left out of the free 2007 upgrade and was not informed by Best Buy about purchasing the 2007 upgrade kit at the time. Since reading your complaints, I will not buy another HP laptop and will move on to Apple or ACER. I have had no problems with my Eee PC made by ACER purchased in 2009. But have had to restore my HP computer several times due to viruses let in by Norton and then using free antivirus software to find the bug. I like my HP outside of this problem and will install Linux and use it as such. I have purchased a HP printer with wifi and have not set it up yet. Although it did have some bad reviews I hope I got lucky with one that passed quality control. It is worth it to buy the extended warranty from Best Buy and a store rather than HP on line. At least you can deal with a live person and go through management. Hopefully if anything goes wrong they will honor the extended warranty.

  • Just dealt with HP support over a problem with an HP 6960 Office Jet Pro all in one that had an Issue with the Fax software. Fax kept saying to contact HP support which I did and they promptly shifted my call to one of "their" technitians to fix the problem. It was actually some software group somewhere in the far east I believe. Once on my computer they claimed I had also network problems and demanded $300 to fix it and holding me hostage to purchasing a contract to fix the printer and resolve the network issues which I believe did not exist. After spending over 3 harrowing hours the Fax is still not working properly and although I know where the problem is they have locked the printer settings so I cannot correct the problem on "my own printer". I have simply disconnected it from the phone line
    I once had the privilege of having lunch with David Packard who was a consummate gentleman and businessman, I am sure he would be deeply distressed at the current state of support at the firm he co-founded. Based on this experience, having been rudely and carelessly pawned off, I will never in the future purchase another HP product and will simply dump this machine and replace it with another brand.

  • I need some advice on a problem that I am having with my HP office jet pro 8720 and with HP itself. I am 85 years old and have been an HP user, exclusively, since the first computer and printer I purchased many, many years ago.

    I purchased my HP 8720 just under one year ago. I now have my sixth (6th) bad printer that I am awaiting a resolve on from HP. Going through all the HP steps of tech service I have now been transferred to their, AMS TCO Escalations team with a case number of:
    CRM:0026696000258. the previous person wrote on the instructions that I could be reached between 7 am and 7 pm eastern time. on Friday I received a call at 8:33 pm, which I could not answer, from a gentleman named Jacob with a message and also an E-mail with instructions as to what I should do and what he will do. I answered his e-mail with all the info on how and when to reach me. I called the number he left with the following extension, Site Code 52, Extension # 7811559s, 3 times and left 2 messages. He never answered them. His voice mail said he would call me back on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I still have not heard from him.
    What do you suggest I do about this problem?

  • I see that I'm not the only dissatisfied customer you have. I bought an expensive HP laptop with which I have had nothing but problems. It's still under warranty but I can't get any help from HP. At this point I want my money back, but I'm sure that will never happen so I am going to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort to tell everyone I can reach on Facebook, Instagram and other forums exactly how crappy your products are.

  • I am sure David Packard and Bill Hewlett are spinning in their graves concerning the way Your Tech Support in the Philippines, India, and other OUTSIDE of the US locations don't help the customers. Used to be a good printer but no more for me. Spend last two days and several remote conections to fix problems and nothing fix yet. LAST HP PRINTER FOR ME! but then why should you care? You don't hire Americans and you have my money now!

  • Back in July I purchased a Hewlett Packard laptop and was loving it until about 1 1/2 months into it I went to go boot it up after using it that morning and it would not boot up so I called up Hewlett Packard and I got nothing but a run around about sending me a box to send so I could sent it in, I told them I had a warrantee and they just beat around the bush and for a month they did nothing and mind you this is only 1 1/2 old laptop, I then took it into office max where I had bought it only to find out that the mother board had burned out so they called Hewlett Packard and they got a run around also. When I got home I then called Hewlett Packard and told them what was going on and they put in a request for a box again I waited and waited and about a week later I called back only to be told they didn't send it and that my laptop was out of warrantee I then asked them why they didn't send me a email letting me know that they were not sending me a box and I was told that it was not there problem to call or e-mail me that is was my problem and my responsibility to follow up with them. After being on the phone with them for about 1 1/2 hours and being transferred after transfer I thought we finally got to bottom of things boy was I wrong, I waited again and no box to send my laptop in and so finally I called again and was told again my lap top was out of warrantee after being hung up on and going on and on and on I finally asked for a manager which I had to ask for three times finally they got me a manager when talking with him he also told me that my lap top was out of warrantee and there was nothing they could do I then told him that I have the receipt and a copy of my bank statement in front of me that I was purchased on the 17th of July and went through my account on the 18th of July he then again told me that I did not have a warrantee with them and that It was not there problem, that is when I told him that is fine and if they didn't want to stand behind there warrantee that I would get ahold of lawyer and go from there, that is when the manager became willing to work with me but for the next hour we went through trouble shooting that I had already gone through 3 times before finally he told me that he believed me and that I had just purchased it and he would send me a box but I had to either fax the receipt or mail it and the box would not be shipped out until I was furious and consented in doing it, and I did after being on the phone for 3 hours with them, I then sent them by fax and working with office max the receipt. 3 days later I got a shipping box with no information just a return box and a shipping label not only with my address but also all of my phone numbers on it plus on the return shipping label, and who in there right minds would put phone numbers not only on the box that was shipped out to me but also on the return shipping label how very unprofessional and ground for trouble for the customer. Finally my laptop was shipped and I thought I would get information as to what was wrong with it and how long it would take and when it would be sent back but NO for a week no information nothing at all so I called Hewlett Packard again only to told after 1 1/2 weeks that it had been shipped back to me and then told once again that is not there responsibly to keep us posted as to what is happening with our laptops or anything else that we purchase from them. NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I ever purchase anything from Hewlett Packard they don't stand being there warrantees, they are unprofessional, rude, they belittle you, and in not so many words call you liars, and then tell you that it is not there responsibility to do anything, they all print all of your personal information and the shipping labels which should never be given out. I AM DISCUSTED WITH YOU Hewlett Packard AND THE WAY YOU AND YOUR COMPANY TREATS YOUR CUSTOMERS. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COMPANY!!!!!!!

  • My name is Anna M. Brewster I spent 2hrs on the phone on with a tech named Josh at HP..Josh tried to help with my problem, but after many tries suggested that I send my Envy15 Notebook back to HP and that it would probably take at least 5 business days to repair….The packing box came on time and on 10/3 FedEx picked up my box…the address was in Indiana where the notebook was going for repair [I have since spoken to 4 different tech support people all from India, hello they couldn't give me any information as to what the actual problem was with my machine].
    I have been tracking the status on the hp.com/repair site using my order number the first estimated delivery date was 10/14, on 10/16 I checked the status and the new est. del. date was now 11/6….I again checked on 10/28 and again the est. del. date was changed to 11/11….as of 11/5 my new delivery date is 12/30/2016….THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE…there are no notes on the "status" as to what the problem is and why it is taking so long to have my machines repaired…and NO MY MACHINE IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY….when I call the tech support, they give me a run-a-round, saying they will put an "expedite" on my order…REALLY…I am so SORRY that I sent my machine back to the MANFACTURER HEWLETT PACKARD….I should have gone to an independent or even Geek Squad and at least if it was to take longer than 5 days I would have been given information as to WHY!!!….JUST ANOTHER DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER WHO WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE A HEWLETT PACKARD PRODUCT AGAIN……

  • My name is Kathy Lacey I have had my computer/laptop HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC serial number 5cd4273183 product number G6R09UA#ABA windows 8.1 for a few years now but until recently I haven't had any big major issues. BUT NOW. Since back in September I have been on with HP support and HP smart friend and my issue has not been resolved to my satisfaction. I keep getting tossed around from department to department with no resolution.It all started with a driver issue message that came up in my computer I contacted hp about it and the next thing I know they TOTAL DISK SPACE has changed on my computer it says 635 GB free of 673GB I believe that before the driver issue THE TOTAL 673 WAS AT LEAST IN THE 700'S MAYBE 750 BEFORE THIS WHOLE ISSUE OCCURRED. I have been on with more techs then I can count. Some say it's just fine some don't. Then just a few days ago one of the techs put me in touch with hp smart friend and I got charged me for it. I called them and they didn't do anything at all just set up an account which I paid for I WANT THAT MONEY BACK SINCE THEY DID NOT RESOLVE MY ISSUE. They said it was not an issue that there department could take care of, so I got tossed around again. When I asked for a refund the put me through a whole bunch of crap taking over my computer for more than an hour or so they had me on the phone for that long also. I finally got sick of it and disconnected which for some reason left my computer inoperable. I did get it working again only after I did a complete reinstall of everything. I really wish this issue could get resolved as I said before I have 635 GB free of 673GB I believe that before the driver issue THE TOTAL 673 WAS AT LEAST IN THE 700'S MAYBE 750 BEFORE THIS WHOLE ISSUE OCCURRED. Thank you for your time I hope we can get this resolved quickly.


  • I just purchased a HP laptop and contacted Support to help with a random beeping issue, the refused to acknowledge my warranty and care package. Now I am being asked to provide all kinds of proof and even after I send it, they keep asking for more. Never again will I purchase HP. Im going back to dell

  • I just purchased a HP laptop and contacted Support to help with a random beeping issue, the refused to acknowledge my warranty and care package. Now I am being asked to provide all kinds of proof and even after I send it, they keep asking for more. Never again will I purchase HP. Im going back to dell

  • I ordered 2 Elite TM monitors on May 16 with a delivery date of 3-6 business days since I did not receive it in 6 days I called the "help" line, good thing I wasn't sinking because your Help line doesn't help. 6 calls later and 4 weeks later I have spoken to at least 15 support people that have no idea what is happening. First it was going to be made in Memphis, then Texas and today I heard it is being built in Mexico. At this point I can't understand how a technology company has no technology. No wonder Meg split the company and took the good part for herself as she knew how screwed up the business solutions (That's a laugh, solutions) was.
    HP customer support is non existent, but I guess when you rely on people that are 16 hours away, one can't expect that they know what is happening on a different continent. I have taken 4 surveys after my calls giving the call 0 out 10, 1 being worst. I have asked for someone to call me 4 times…I am still waiting! You guys just stink!

  • I've used HP printers exclusively for over 20 years. Last year I got a wide-format printer (Officejet 7610) to print orchestral scores and it never entered my mind that it would be useless, but it is. Until now I've only written chamber and choral music, not requiring large size paper, but I need 11 X 17 for the scores. This machine tells my computer that it can only handle paper up to legal size, not nearly sufficient. It loads 11 X 17 paper, and the HP sales people say it handles 11 X 17 paper and is the right machine for my purposes, but I can't print out on it on 11 X 17 because my music program can only read up to Legal size capacity. The website won't let me submit a tech support form online (yes, I've tried any number of times). The phone numbers sales reps (the only HP people I can actually find to chat with) give me refer me to the website, which doesn't work. And now this has been going on so long my printer's warranty has apparently expired, so they say I need to BUY ANOTHER ONE. Why on earth would I buy another hunk of junk that doesn't work and has no tech support, from a company that does not care about its customers?

  • Hello Margrett Whitman: Can you contact me about my ownership of the company and the shares that I have to this date? And let me know if this is still the with Shamrock contract and BMW? Make sure it remains in the United States for Headquarters and once you contact me I will let you know further plans for the company and new innovative ideas for upgrades and new products?

  • I have been having problems with my HP Laptops and my HP printers. The printer keeps going offline even after I have just finished printing a job. I have called HP 4 times today. Each time I got the runaround and talked to some very unpleasant people who were customer service representatives. At one time I had a supervisor tell me that he was going to transfer me to tech support and he would explain my problems to them. At NO TIME has anyone given me a case number but that is what everyone wants. When the tech support person came on he asked for my case number. I asked him if the supervisor had talked to him and he said no. I currently own 3 HP printers and 2 HP Laptops. These are the first HP Products that I have owned and you can bet your last dollar they will be the last. One of the printers is still under warranty but I kept getting a MAJOR runaround in trying to get it fixed. When I asked the last gentleman if he was from the United States he said he was in Texas, however, he could hardly speak English and it appears that he had a script he had to follow because he would not carry on a conversation just kept asking the same question over and over.

  • Just returned our new hp all in one. Wasted two hours of my time with phone support from a country. Wasted much time getting the right person for help. I asked how long these printers were to last as we were on # 3 of hp printers. She said about 4 years. NOT! Anyway our brand new hp was making lines down the copies of faxes just like our last one. We are now done with hp! Asked to speak with someone from the U.S. about their inferior product. Of course they even screwed up the email as it wasn't even about what I had asked for. Now I know why Carly Fiorina left hp!

  • So Unhappy with HP right now. Been on the phone for the 3rd day ( Today it was 4 hours… kept getting transferred ) I have 4 bad black ink cartridges that were sent to me by HP… they do not work. Either not compatible, or empty cartridges…. I am so Upset, They will not do anything about it !! No more Hp for me ! And I will be calling BBB.Marguerite Ross

    • I tried for over an hour to find how to email HP that I have an ink cartridge which does not work to no avail. I had purchased a 2 pack at Walmart and used one until it was empty, then inserted the remaining one which does not work. Called Walmart and was told they can't do anything if package has been opened and to contact HP. I do not have money to waste on products which are not covered if they don't work so this will be my last HP product also.

  • I was sold a discontinued product with the representation that I was getting a special price becaue of I was a returning customer. I discovered it was being offered by HP for the exact same price to the general public. The price immediately went down from $96 to $39, right after I discovered that the printer cartridges are not eligible for the rewards program. Customer service did not care and was very rude. They said I bought the printer from a 3d party, BUT IT WAS THEIR TECHINICAL SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE WHO SOLD IT TO ME!! Not a loyal customer anymore – Dell, Cannon, IBM, here I come.

  • I have purchased HP Printers for a very long time. My last printer-All In One Officejet 6500-wouldn't print. I had this problem once before so I called and ordered a new printhead. The printhead didn't work. I ordered a new printer and called customer service on 9/29/15. I was told by that rep he would send out a return label. After a week, I called again and was told what he said was incorrect. Got a case number and spoke to no less than five people. Nothing was resolved. On October 12., I called again. I was told nothing could be done and I needed a transfer to a parts store. I was transferred to a parts store, given a new case #. I explained everything to "Nick" who told me the printhead was non-returnable and non-refundable. I was never told this and I ordered it by phone from a tech who never said a word. Nick went through my case #'s and said no where does it say I was told Non-refundable and Non-returnable. Said I was misinformed. He spoke to his supervisor, came back to the phone and told me a case manager would call me. It is now November 11 and I haven't received a call back. I called again today, the rep who answered couldn't do anything except say she understood–which I doubt as she wanted to transfer me to tech support. I was put on hold for so long, the operator came on and asked where I wanted to be transferred. I gave her some information and she was going to also transfer me to a tech who would help me with my printer!! After about 15 minutes of this, I hung up. I am so frustrated! I have never dealt with such a horrible customer service department. It seems the first person you call can only help up to a point and you're given to someone else–who can only help up to a point and on and one until I've spoken to 5 or 6 reps with the last one transferring me to a parts store!! Does HP do this to frustrate your customers to the point they give up??!! Once this printer gives out, I will not purchase another product from HP.

  • I've had only HP computers/printer in my home office (had Dell in my office at the university). I have gone through several printers and except for the very first printer about 15 years ago, I have not been happy with the printers. Recently purchased HO Officejet Pro 8625 and I am very UNHAPPY with it. Try to print on both sides; sid 1 is fine, side 2 prints half way down the page and spits out a third page with the second half page. Often prints on page 1 but page 2 comes out on a second piece of paper. Often wastes several sheets of paper trying to print out simple letters, etc. Same thing happens when copying and now when scanning, there is a red streak from top to bottom of the scanned print. I have only had this printer about 90 days and have not had a dozen successful prints. I will never buy another HP printer again.

  • I have an out of warranty pavilion and it crashed on me. I called to have them help me get it up and running again. Gladly ready to pay the $99.99 but they didn't fix it and kept my money. Case worker said they are a best effort repair and I said then sorry about my luck? She said yes. Have had numerous hp's over the years, as I run a small business out of my home and buy new puters every 2 yrs. NEVER will I buy another hp. They are too big now and care nothing about 'petty' issues.

  • I made the mistake of calling one of your help lines, and now they won't leave me alone. They talked me into taking control of my computer and then downloaded a program to clean up my computer for about $50. I could have downloaded the exact same program myself for a lot less than that. I get calls constantly that my computer is infected with viruses and that I need to let them download a program (this time for about $200) to fix it. You need to get rid of those scammers. Because of them, the next time I buy a computer, it will not be a Hewlett Packard even though that is all I have ever purchased for at least the last 15 years. My credit card company does the same thing–someone calls me at least once every 2 weeks with an offer to lower the interest on my credit card (I never pay interest because I pay the balance off every month). They are also about to lose my business!

  • I bought an Hp laptop 8/23/14 what a piece of junk. only had bought HP in the past no more ! it had been in for "extensive repairs" all they do is clear it out send it back. never did work right now problems with windows media player and cd but get no place with KONZO nor did I with Frank .. cant understand people which makes it more difficult ;called windows media player cant understand them either . but did say HP's problem. I have spent more time plus hours on phone with them .. NEVER AGAIN

  • We purchased a hp laptop on 2/28/2015 the realtek sound card has quite working and the control panel will not load up .We called microsoft for help and all they wanted to do is charge us another 199.99 dollars to purchase a program which is already on the laptop and is not working.Also was told that macefee/avg/norton would not protect the computer. He said we would have to purchase this to get the computer fixed through them. He said that walmart and other stores that sell these laptops put macafee and all other third party anti virus protection on the computers when they get them. I think that hewlett packard corp. would not be impressed I feel that hp being a high ranking co would be able to have tech support that doesn't cost after you have purchased a computer 2 weeks ago. I can't imagine this is good for buisness. A very unhappy customer.

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