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Houzz Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Houzz.com has helped me with providing wonderful interior design photographs and ideas for my clients. My own Houzz account however has not been updated with the proper address and contact information. Several weeks and 9 emails to support and to date, I do not have a correct address on my home page. For mysterious reasons, Houzz prevents the designers from updating their own contact information, so if you are thinking of joining, know that your website may not attract any clients. The support team is probably from a foreign and does not really understand the English language very well. I think they are sending prewritten supplies without understanding what they are saying. Other than that, Houzz is an exciting place to visit and get excited about decorating!

  2. Although I found the items I wanted, which crossed over several categories,I had issues connecting the dots related to color coordinating between products across the website. I wasn't able to select what I hoped to pull together; I was insecure about assuming color identification was as advertised. Shame…

  3. Your customer service person I talked to today was not sufficiently competent to speak or understand English enough to answer my main question. She just kept repeating the same stupid answer (which was NOT the question I asked) to my question. Then, she couldn't get a supervisor for me to get the answer I needed AND she could not get me the number to your corporate office so that I could talk to SOMEONE!!! Why do you not let your reps have your number? It is available on line. makes no sense.

  4. We have a problem with the lack of professionalism of one of your staff. When we complained to his manager they cancelled our top rated, best of Houzz account of 4 years. Who do we contact to get resolution?

  5. i spent hours trying to find write fabric. finally found one,only to discover "not available". I then tried to find a customer service live rep., and that didn't work.
    very upset with this process.
    dr. sandra mann

  6. Please cancel this order – Order: 1564-3133-6425-6942 —– I buy quite a few things from Houzz, – but now – no customer service phone number, and – the cancel order option is not available where the web site instructs you to go. God – what a hassell. You guys have got yourself a real problem here. That's it for me. I'll do my shopping at another site. Good Lord – you need to fix this situation, this is horrible. Customers are not going to like any of this about the first time they go to cancel an order. There is no customer service phone, and anything pertaining to cancellation of an order does not appear on the site as instructed. I am a computer programmer myself, – and I can tell you this entire process is poorly designed, and who ever does you site programming —- they need to be fired. Believe me – people in charge of this site are not exactly doing anything near close to a good job making this work. And for Gods sake – get yourself a customer service phone number and put it on the site. It's not rocket science you know.

  7. Your Houzz Survey Team lures people to take the survey by offering a chance to win an iPhone, then, once you go to the site – you have to fill out the survey by 3/22, and the message is sent on 3/23???!!!!!
    Doesn't say much for the integrity of Houzz.

  8. As a design professional I enjoy viewing photos etc. I find it very distracting to see the same advertising picture over and over. I also want to see more than the most popular photos and am really turned off by the inability to see the more obscure ones. Please don't assault me with advertising anymore. Your site could be rally perfect without it.

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