IPIC Theaters Corporate Office Headquarters

IPIC Theaters Corporate Office Headquarters
433 Plaza Real
Suite 335
Boca Raton, FL  33432-3945
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-886-3232

  • They filed Chapter 11 so we might as well just cut our loses! I'm amazed you managed to stay in business…i have a feeling even if somebodytryes to take you to court it won't work.

  • Well I went to work . I audit movie theatres for Warner bros studio's. When I got there ,there was a gentleman outside whom I thought worked for the theatre but he said he did work for the theatre and he would have a manager called for me.
    I proceeded to the ticket counter to get the prices and the manager came around the corner and told me in a very threatening manner that technically I shouldn't even be standing in the theatre today because there was a private event going on and I needed to get out now. I told him ok, but he continued threatening me in a manner that i really felt threatened and told me i should have came friday to watch the trailers. I told him we dont work on fridays and we dont only watch the trailers we count how many people are in the theatre.as well. He then proceeded to tell me that I am not an employee of ipic and I must leave the premises immediately he was invading my personal space and I really felt threatened. Then he said I could come on sunday, but you know what? I'm a grown man and didnt need to be threatened like I did so I'm not going back to this theatre ever again and he should be fired as a manager.

  • HORRIBLE COMPANY OVERALL! First dealing with the location where I live in Houston and then the corporate office shows even worse customer service. Businesses like this don’t last. People there are rude and hang up on you.

  • Does anyone bother to check and see if the Dobbs ferry Location is running correctly?? Burnt Popcorn, UnKnowledgeable staff. Food is starting to resemble the Alamo. If I wanted that type of Atmosphere I would NOT have Joined your VIP Club and Spent all this Money!! It seems sad that a Good Idea has Deteriorated So Fast !! Someone Needs to Step up and Clean Up!!in a hurry. I have made complaints several times to management and Corp and NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE acknowledged my concerns!!

  • I pic north miami florida, big event and every sink in the bathrooms was marked do not use…could not wash hands. Mind u theirs like 15 sinks. Service has taken a dump. If I go to movies I go in the early afternoon, much slower. However service lately sucks. Served me a coke in plastic cup? Really? I pay premium I expect the usual glass. Today had to call to reserve seat cause online not working. Again! Garry or jerry said I was supposed to call and leave a message, why don't they just answer phone. He even said he saw my call on the I'd. Why dident he answer? I had to call the restaurant for him to answer. No other business does this with the messages. Knowing your system not working maby smart to put more people on the phones.
    Lately the service went from a 9 to a 3? Last chance ipic!

  • May 28, 2017 at Theater 7 for Pirates of the Caribbean in Houston: Server swapped my credit card with someone else and I went back to return the wrong credit card to the manager but still have not heard anything about where my credit card went after 24 hours.

  • Please bring the Ice cream sandwiches back to your dessert menu. It was one of the many reason I went your theater. I even recommend others to go just to have that dessert.

  • To whom it may concern:

    My my membership is Q1HDBPK3Y8 membership ca 03006762555575

    My partners membership number is KM42ZHNHRB membership card is 03006761460496

    We opened them both at the same time at your Houston location.

    My first issue is that I receive emails about iPics promotions days if not weeks after my partner gets them this issue has been going on since day one but no one can fix it.

    Second issue I am not getting credit for all the tickets that I have bought.

    Third issue, why we cannot merge my partners account to mine since i was told by Cindy Lu, that you guys use to do this but no longer do so.

    I have brought numerous clients to iPics who have singed up and are now loyal member, I would like these issues resolved before my frustration boils over to social media.

    Plus I am a Gold Elite with you guys.. Great Customer service NOT.

  • I have been waiting over a month to get a refund!!!!! I am ready to report this to the attorney general office, this is utterly ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Your theater at Bayshore Mall in Milwaukee WI has an ageist policy of not allowing anyone under the age of 21 to attend a movie after 7PM, even if they are accompanied by a parent. I find it absolutely ridiculous that a person can be turned away from a business based on their age when said business offers age appropriate entertainment services. I recently attempted to take my 15 (nearly 16) year old son to a movie, I was carded and then told he also had to be 21 to attend.
    Your company has lost me as a customer for good.

  • I have been going the Barrington Illinois. Every visit has been increasingly more inadequate. During one recent visit, I had to go look for 3d glasses. They were dirty and obviously not sanitized. This past weekend, lines were so long, tables were dirty, I saw a manager drinking something while on duty….. I will not be going back.

  • Totally agree with these statements. "Worst experience ever with iPic at the Domain in Austin, TX. Simply nobody cares". "Simply ignored by the manager. They don’t care. Their phone # has no one available. You can leave voicemails but no one will return". We do have the same ordeal when trying to book ticket with iPic Theaters. What is going wit this company?

  • Worst experience ever with iPic at the Domain in Austin, TX. Simply nobody cares. We try to book a corporate event but we were simply ignored by the manager. They don’t care. Their phone # has no one available. You can leave voicemails but no one will return. iPic website is not listing the available movies so we can book the ticket for your group. So we simply have no idea how we can book tickets for a group of people.
    Just to list a few, I’m not sure how the heck iPic Theaters still in business. Business model is good, management is worst of the worst in business.
    How in the world that iPic corporate not knowing all of this going on at iPic Theaters??????

  • Experience is great. Atmosphere upscale. Comfort incredible. Lounge. Inviting and fun.

    But food, way below the premium standard in evidence elsewhere. Hire a good Corp chef, do a couple of focus groups. You'll sell a lot more movie tickets.

    Also, you have a moderately functional app. Upgrade it. Not intuitive. Hangs. And, you miss an incredible opportunity by not inviting customer comments.

  • Since moving to another state I have found that there are no Ipic Theaters here. To my surprise, when I tried to "unsubscribe" from Ipic's emails nothing happen. So after several attempts to "unsubscribe" I finally was forced to called Ipic Corp. offices at 1-561-886-3232. I was told that it would take care of. You guessed it, nothing happened, still getting useless Ipic emails. Thought company's had to give you a "unsubscribe" option. Help…

  • I've tried contacting Ipic Pasadena, Ca. via email and on Facebook, but I'm simply ignored. Maybe you can answer my question as to why there are several publications throughout the theater advertising happy hour prices on certain items. Nowhere on them does it specify that those happy hour prices only pertain to the lounge, and not the theater. Yet, I was charged full price for happy hour items and told it was because those prices didnt pertain to the theater, just the lounge. Huh?? Isn't Ipic theater all about the theater, afterall? I just want a simple clarification, and no one seems willing to do this. Ipic Pasadena customer service leaves much to be desired.

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