Journeys Kids Corporate Office Headquarters

Journeys Kids Corporate Office Headquarters
Genesco Park 1415 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37202-0731 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-367-7000
Fax Number: 1-615-367-8278
Customer Service Number: 1-888-324-6356
Para Español: 1-866-322-9099

  • I was just in the Longview, TX store purchasing shoes for school for my daughters and the manager there is very rude, disrespectful to customers and the employees, and hateful. Her name is Skyler. Not sure if this is the correct spelling. The sales associate, Triston, was very nice and helpful. I simply asked him if the sandals we were purchasing were on sale for the same price as they were online, $19.99. He said they were on sale for $24.99. I asked if they matched online prices, and he said he would have to check with his manager. Skyler. We were at least 12 feet away and could hear their conversation. He simply asked her if they would match the price and she very loudly told him they were $24.99 and then proceeded to say "if they don't like it, then they van go home". There were lots of customers in there doing their back to school shopping, I assume, and everyone could hear her. I walked over and simply stated that I had asked because I received an email stating they were $19.99. She very rudely then stated that they would ring up for whatever price they were online. Needless to say, I purchased the shoes because they were $19.99 and because I felt so bad for the sales associate assisting me. I could tell he was so embarrassed. This needs to be handled. There I NO reason to be so disrespectful to customers spe doing their hard earned money or the employees. I will not be back to the Longview location.

  • I would like to make a complaint about the manager located at the Capitol city mall, Harrisburg PA kids journeys.
    This young lady treats her employees terribly, there is no reason why an employee should dread going to work in fear of a supervisor who is barely an adult herself.

  • I am complaining like the other complaints I just read on this site, that the manager of the Journeys Kids located at the Deptford Mall in New Jersey stole the nice salespersons commission after helping a woman with her granddaughter buy at least $300.00 in sales. The managers named I believe the manager's name is Alisha. I was stunned that when the salesperson asked her if she was taking her commission she simply said ah huh. Is this the way you operate your business all over?? My GOD do you actually support this kind of stealing it looks that way as you haven't fixed the problem from reading the other reviews. This took place on December 1 about 6 or 6:30 that evening. I was also told that the two managers are friends and they both do this to the poor salespeople trying to make a little salary. I want to keep in touch and will see if this happens again

  • I would like foe you to know your corporation has a awesome sales person at the Journeys kidz in Texarkana, tx. at Central Mall.I worked in the public since I was 15 yrs old I'm now 60 What I'm trying to say is this young man is awesome at his job.He helped my granddaughter that is a picky lil girl,kinda like me and that man was on top of every whim that lil girl has about shoes shopping. I can't say enough good things about him. I hope you are a company that takes care of their employess as valuable assets.Robert is certainly the tops.Theo most polite people working there,best wishes to Robert. Please take care and keep him and advance him.Sicerely Debby Daniel, Texarkana,tx.

  • I have a question in regards to 17 year olds not getting paid their commission but making sales and only getting paid their hourly , when evryone else gets their hourly plus commission . I guess I'm asking for paperwork that says that,because my daughter was not informed at interview.. Thanks

  • My catalog came and the prices listed in the catalog did not match what was online. The store manager saw my frustration and looked at my catalog and told me that he was sorry and he wished they would list ALL the price variations. I walked in ready to purchase Mario Bros vans for 41.99 but the online price for my sons who are 9, size 7 youth, was actually listed as 61.99. At this point I did pay for the shoes because they were a promised. But I want a customer service to contact me asap.

  • Your district manger for the foley alabama journeys and journeys kidz is horrible. And so are both store managers. They are disrespectful to the employees and one of them even curses at the employees. They show favoritism and plotted to fire people. This is wrong. I can promise you that once word gets out. And it will. The stores will close because no one will go there.

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