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Liberty Tax Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Liberty Tax Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Liberty Tax Service Company Corporate Address:

1716 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 USA

Liberty Tax Service Corporate Phone Telephone Number:


More Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-866-871-1040
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: Liberty Tax
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Liberty Tax Service Company Profile and Bio:

Liberty Tax Service is one of the largest companies in the industry. Their competition includes TaxAct, Credit Karma, H&R Block, Intuit TurboTax, and Jackson Hewitt.

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CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Liberty Tax Service. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.


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  1. Worst TAX service EVER!!! I have tried to have them fix the mistakes made on my return since February. I've gone into the office and Stacy the woman who prepared my taxes is NEVER there, only the other woman and she claims that there's nothing that she can do. I've called the corporate office and I was told that I would hear from Stacy, well it's December and she's NEVER called or returned ANY of my calls, I go in and she's NEVER there. I paid $479 up front to have my taxes done. I want my money back and my taxes fixed!!! I'm going to be spreading this all over social media and I have almost 3,000 people on my FB alone… I'm sick and tired of the run around! This is wrong! I'm a widow with 5 children. I need the money that's owed to me s I can get a place for me and my children to live!!!! My husband passed away last Dec 18th. My children are staying with their grandmother until I can afford to get a place and with the money owed I can do that. My minimum wage job isn't doing me much good. I will NEVER recommend Liberty TAX to anyone, not even my worst enemy. I will be letting the IRS know about these people too. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed against this place!!!!I'm think about looking into that!!! 100% satisfaction guaranteed my butt!!!! I'm FAR from being satisfied and I will be taking this matter to a lawyer now!!! It's caused me to have worse anxiety and depression my nerves are terrible and they're making my condition worse by giving me the run around…. it's affecting my health!!!!

  2. Temple, PA location screwed up my taxes so bad i had to take them to an accountant, after they said I owed $1400.00, he is getting me $3,000.00 back. Now, I find out that they didn't file my state taxes

  3. I had my taxes prepared with Liberty Tax this year after being told several times that they had everything that was needed and if anything else was to come up they would contact us we were told we were to get our taxes back on March 1st however received the letter from the IRS saying that they needed the 1095-a not knowing what a 1095-a was the locations manager basically said we had to get it from some website went to website that I was told to go to was unable to find it finally tracked one down after several days and calling every government website available once located Liberty Tax finally faxed it in for us however they were asking for more information as well and did not and failed to send the other information in as well causing our taxes to be held yet again when we tried to speak with the branch manager we get that with hostility so we go to the branch location that we filed our taxes at when we walk in instead of them saying hi welcome to Liberty Tax how may I help you they simply looked at us and said hi welcome to it's you which I thought was extremely rude so I asked to speak with the manager who was opposed supposedly not in that day and asked to have them call however the next day we receive a phone call saying that I'm no longer welcome in that building because they met us with hostility and I basically told him I thought it was a rip-off for them to charge us $300 to do our taxes and yet we still not received any of the help that we were guaranteed to receive needless to say I will never go to Liberty Tax again in my life nor will anybody I know

  4. I was a devoted customer of Liberty Tax Service but in 2014 the girl dont remember her name. This was in Paducah KY never asked me any questions never told me that I needed a couple 1099 forms and here it is 2017 and I find out that the IRS will be keeping my refund because she screwed it up and never put in my reported income now I have 9068.00 in unreported income I am having to pay. I will never use Liberty Tax again because I am without my refund which is not fair. They give you this gaurentee that if you get penalties or anything that is not correct they will fix it and pay the penalties and interests it is a lie. I have been waiting since January to get my 2016 taxes and then they throw this at me. They are unprofessional and there needs to be something done to this company because they are a rip off and they cheat you out of your money and they charge outragous fees for doing your taxes. Kannapolis NC is just as bad as the rest.

  5. There is a Liberty Tax Office in Charlotte NC which is preparing fraudgenlent tax returns. The owner/instructor is teaching his preparers to ask customers leading questions directing them toward stating they own a business. He is bragging about his banner season however these customers are being lead to believe they are doing the proper thing. It is against the law to enter bogus information on a non-existing business profit and losses to increase your return.

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