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H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


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Kansas City, MO 64105

Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-854-3000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-816-753-5346

Corporate Email: info@hrblock.com

Stock Symbol: HRB

H&R Block is a famous for their income tax preparation services. H&R Block provides tax, banking, business consulting. H&R Block is the of the premier tax service provider in the US.

H&R Block’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-866-295-7912. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  • i have just been asked to leave and HR Block office in Brooksville, FL because in the words of Evan the tax prep person I was causing a disturbance. The disturbance was that I requested to speak to a Supervisor. I went in to see Evan because I received a notice from my home state that my tax return was being questioned The return which had been filed by Even was done incorrectly and I was asking him to follow the directions in the letter and get the problem resolved. I HAD PAID for Peace of Mind Insurance from HR Block when I filed my taxes. Evan kept telling me what I had to do to fix the problem and I kept explaining that he needed to fix it. It would have been as simple as following the directions in the letter to save me from the $20 which the state wanted. If he had filed correctly to begin with there would have been no problem I am shocked that this young man is permitted to represent this company Evan was rude and certainly has no understanding of customer service I will no longer use them as my tax filer and in my opinion no one else should either

  • I am flabbergasted by the HRBlock office I just visited. My elderly friend had her 2021 taxes rejected because the AGI amount was incorrect. We contacted the local office to double check the number and was told we needed to contact Tech support. We contacted Tech support and were told that there was no record of her using HRBlock for tax preparation. We tried to get a "MyBlock" account registered and again were told that there was no record of her using this company. We drove 35 miles to the local office and found out that this branch had never filed her federal taxes or her state taxes. We asked why and were given a ration of word salad that never really explained why. A manager was brought in and quoted corporate policy about not filing state when federal was not filed. My friend had never been told that her federal was not filed nor was she told that her state had not been filed. When she raised her voice as to question why she paid money for a service that had not been rendered, the receptionist told us to leave or she was calling the police. Outrageous!! If this is how HRBlock treats paying customers, then I would surely never use them for any reason. This was a shameful representation of a company that touts being customer service oriented. And to be threatened rather than answered was the icing on the horrible cake. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

  • H&R Block is nothing but a bunch of thieves took 900.00 from my refund and I cannot get NO answers We need to start a major law suit against these thieves.

  • How can a Franchise owner ignore one of his tax professionals that are sending out fraud returns? This Franchise owner even had a coworker tell him about the problem his response was what's the big deal everybody does it. Do you think this why H&R charges so much for taxes? I think this would be a great news story.

  • BUYER BEWARE! I have been a loyal customer of H&R Block for several years and have the auto renewal for the Premium & Business software. I received an email saying that the software was almost here and my credit card would be charged mid November. Then I received nothing. I have tried calling customer service to see what is going on twice and once was transferred to a manager but after being transferred I got a message that I would have to call back later as they were not taking calls. This was during the day! In speaking with customer service they told me I would just have to purchase the software at the going rate and that they could not give me the discounted rate I signed up for with the auto renewal. What a disappointment in H&R Block. I would like to stay a H&R Block customer but if this is how one is treated I don't know if they deserve my loyalty!

  • I have been trying to cash a check that your company sent from my state tax. The My block is not working at all. I have called for 2 weeks and get sent from one person to another and not one has gave me any answer. I have been doing my taxes with your company for over 5 years but I am DONE.

  • worst company to deal with when you are trying to get your software purchase refund

  • Save your time and energy and DO NOT attempt to use the H&R Block office at the Shadle Center in Spokane WA. After meeting with one of the employees on 2-15-21, an agent promised to prepare my taxes starting on the 19th. 23 days later, after making numerous phone calls and email requests for some type of reply as to the status of the filing, and receiving absolutely zero response from this office or agent, I decided to drive there and pick up all of the documents I had supplied them with. I want to repeat, this office and agent refused to communicate whatsoever for 3 weeks!! Period, not one time did they attempt to contact me as to the status.

    When I arrived at the office, and requested possession of my documents, the receptionist reached into the file drawer next to her and immediately pulled out a folder with the documents. Nothing had been done, the so-called agent had done nothing with my documents for this 23 day period. I contend that she did not want to, and/or was incapable of preparing my simple set of taxes. I had spoken with her twice over the phone prior to the day my spouse and I met in her office cubicle.
    My takeaway from this experience is that she deliberately chose not to call or communicate with me, and that she must have given the receptionists orders not to return my calls. Talk about gross incompetence. I can only imagine how many mistakes there would be if I had actually allowed her to finish my return. I feel fortunate to have avoided the problems that this office and company would have likely made for me.

    I chose to spend a bit more of my time creating this message for the sole purpose of helping others to avoid working with this incompetent office.

  • Thank you HR & Block for not correcting my tax return after the person who was to take care of the filing did not do his job. Even the lady who reviewed the return did not do her job – cost me the stimulus check refund. Thank you – no I will not use this service again. Sad that you could not even correct the return after phone calls made.

  • After eternal hold times, and transfers, I proved to H&R Block via emailed screen captures, that their software was defective for even simple W-2 tax returns which use form 8962 for healthcare.

    Originally, they asked for only my receipt and mailing address by email to process a refund. That's it. Then someone called, asking for my social security number.

    Then, when I emailed again, asking where is my promised refund, they replied, asking for my date of birth.

    Very suspicious, looking like a setup for identity theft, and they are obviously trying to wear me out with all their demands, rather than honestly admitting their flaw, and issuing me a refund. Outrageous.



  • "Unanimous" I am so sorry for your losses. You have been hit hard beyond compare. I lost only $900 due to a mistake on my return form caused by an H&R Block agent. You have lost much more. I only hope that you and your family are still young enough to be able to rebuild once again. Good luck to you and your family.

  • We have been fighting since August 2017 to prove our debt was paid in full. I keep hearing a lot of the same things we have been told over and over. Today we received letters with the intent to seize our property for 4,300 of which we were under the impression we didn't owe. After spending over 3 hours on the phone with IRS, come to find out, she never added the extra 10% we were fined for pulling money out of our 401K to save our home from Wells Fargo of which we still lost it due to them selling it out from under us in the middle of modification. So in the last 3 years we have lost our home, spent a year an a half paying off one debt just to have to turn around and start paying again because our taxes were done right the first time. We paid over 500 dollars to get thigs straighten out. I agree that they should be shut down.

  • I had my 2016 tax return done at the 13755 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL office. The agent filed me as single but I am married filing separate. On May 5,2018 I received a notice from the IRS that I was fined $900 for the mistake the H&R Block agent made on my return. I have called that office twice but the agent will not speak to me about the mistake she has made. I am now out $900 for a H&R Block mistake. BEWARE!

  • Filed my taxes this year with the BLOCK as I have done for the past several years. Never had any issues until now. Instead of the h&r block preparer letting me know that they do not load Green dot or netspend pre-loadable cards, I'm now getting the run around about where my refund is. They said that it was mailed out the next day after not being able to load on my card. It's going into 3 weeks. Does not take the post office 3 weeks to get mail to my house and the mail is within the same state. Done with the BLOCK!

  • A very long term employee of HRBlock – Enrolled Agent was forced to resign last week in the Pullman WA office all because of a first year tax associate being embarrassed. Could there have been mitigating circumstances that may have effected the Enrolled Agents tone of voice and actions? The fact that she normally had 12 to 15 clients scheduled over the 12 hour shifts she worked and still was required to train and answer the mundane, and often repeated questions, by first year people could have been a stress inducer all on its own. Whether the question has to do with what box to check in Block Works or how do we "fool" Block Works into taking unreimbursed mileage on a form 2106, it interrupts her appointment and train of thought. That often happens multiple times during a single appointment. The fact that Appointment Manager is only accessed by the Manager and we as Tax Associates are set a block of hours by the Manager that are then accessible by online appointments and CSP's where you can have one appointment right after another from 9 to 9 with no scheduled lunch, breaks or time to use the facilities. Having worked prior years I thought the company cared more about properly filing tax forms for the clients and getting them the highest legally available return but it seems that letting a person with her knowledge and client base go – is shooting HRBlock in the foot.

  • How does HR Block come up with charging 348 dollars for a short form. Talk about legal robbery. Will never go back there again. They are rip-offs.

    • I totally agree with you, Mike. I live in Yonkers, NY, and they charged me $328 to do my taxes. As you said, they didn't even itemize and they charged me a fortune. It was the most I ever paid in my life to do taxes. I'm 71 years old and I'm on a fixed income. You can bet your life that I'll never use H&R Block ever again.

  • I just downloaded the software for 2017 that I received in the mail. After downloading it, I tried to re-start the computer and the screen was dark; would not run. I tried some maintenance and the computer has begun working again, but now runs like molasses. Your technical staff might want to look at the 2017 software to see if there is a virus hidden within.

  • A long time user of your software. I just received a paper audit for 2015 tax year and submitted a claim to you. Was actually surprised that the claim was denied, but actually not surprised as I read comments about your so-called guarantee. Your software was the problem. Ia m 100 percent sure of that. I have been on the phone with your representatives, who agreed it was the software that was the problem. This time with your representative took 6 hours of being on the phone, sending all the tax data that is private information, and the result was still a denial of my case, #16075778. I will eat the 59 dollar interest I paid to the IRS, BUT I will never purchase your software ever again as it is totally unreliable and have no confidence that your software does legitimate and careful calculations. I will always use your competitors software and will tell all my experience and to not use your tax software ever. For one, this should cost you more than it cost me in interest, and second, you will probably lose a lot or go out of business totally with changes to tax laws so people can simply do their taxes themselves without purchasing your terrible tax software. My experience in the case was terrible and will lodge a complaint with the BBB and do all I can as a consumer to tell others to purchase anything but hr Block erroneous software. Have a good day and thanks for nothing.

  • In March, I took our company taxes to your location on Nameoki in Granite City, IL.  The agent that took my taxes stated your company and he as well were competent to complete the taxes in a timely manner.  I gave the agent our Payroll file, tax paperwork for the state of Missouri as well as all of the deductions broken down on a piece of paper.  The agent stated I had pretty much done all of the work, he did not want the receipts.  In May, Patricia Butler stated the taxes were not completed due to they needed the receipts and another agent was now working on the taxes.  I could not find where I had placed the receipts.  Finally found them and tried for several weeks to take them to the location where I dropped my taxes off.  Could not get in touch with anyone. I saw a phone number on the door and called it.  Come to find out, the business next door caught fire and the location was closed.  Not one person from your company had contacted me.   I then found out that the taxes were taken to the Niedrenhouse location in Granite City.  I went there and dropped off my receipts and they told me the taxes would be done by the following Monday.   That was two and half weeks ago.  Again, I cannot get in touch with anyone from that office.  I called the main number for our town and reached customer service whom could not put me in touch with them as they do not have the capabilities to take phone calls and the office is closed until 4:30- which I took that appointment and re-arranged my schedule since the office will be closed for the next two weeks.  I am out of compliance for my business license, workers comp policy and payroll.  I am receiving thousands of dollars in fines.  This cannot continue and the taxes need to be filed ASAP.  I do not feel I should have to pay for this service as we are now 6 months in trying to get these filed with a lack of communication and customer service.

  • In Vicksburg Mississippi our case worker messed up our taxes we got audited for the past two years. We pay for peace of mind. She didn't help us at all. Her name is Debra Wilson at hrs block in Vicksburg Mississippi. Thanks to her we owe 4500 to the irs already have lost our home and fixing to loose our vehicle. We have a kid. We don't know what to do now.

  • Recently I used H&R block online services, As I went through the process it got to the point of charging my credit card. I input the card, but at the end of the process I decided not to use their online tax service and never filed. I have attempted to regain my credit for the service which was never finalized, but was told that it was non-refundable. I have used H&r block for years and even though my total cost for my card was only 32.09, I will never use this company again for my taxes nor will anyone in my family. I would think that 32.09 for a refund would not be too much to ask of a large company such as block, but obviously they need many money for a process that was never completed. It's not the money it's the principle to me..

  • I purchased the H&R Block tax software to prepare my 2015 tax returns. It was a frustrating experience. Fortunately I have a significant amount of knowledge about income taxes. The end result is that I managed to get the software to correctly generate my returns – federal and state.

    In the process of preparing the returns, the estimated taxes for the following tax year (2016) are calculated. I dutifully paid the estimated taxes. When I prepared the 2016 returns, I received a surprise. The state return included a penalty for underpayment of my taxes. I then went back to the 2015 return to see why this happened. I could not find anything logical about how H&R Block calculated the required estimated tax payments. The software offered no clues as to the origin of the numbers.

    I then tried to find a method to file a complaint. There is no simple method – just telephone numbers and lists of local offices. Next, I found this website that included an endless list of complaints about H&R Block. After reading many of the complaints, I concluded that it would be useless to try and get H&R Block to reimburse me for the amount of the penalty. Just what they would like me to do – forget it.

    The only piece of mind that I get is to NEVER USE H&R BLOCK FOR ANYTHING.

  • I live in KC. H&R Block is a home town company that has done a lot of positive stuff here. In the past. I am 65 & I've been using this company for probably 30 to 35 years. For the past 11 years I've been using their software to do my own taxes. NEVER AGAIN. This year, I've had some fairly basic and I suspect common software problems. (transferring last years file to a new computer) Their website and software is unfriendly and deceitful. "Live support" is a joke. (no, it's a LIE) IF you can get past the annoying and unresponsive computer voice menu and ask for an operator,you are politely told by one voice "just a moment." The next voice prompts a quick "just a second." and then advertising. I gave up to eat dinner at 15 minutes. Called back, on hold for over 30 minutes and then connected with a polite but generally unhelpful person who put me on hold to check for a solution. Before putting me on hold, I explained that my battery may die, she had my phone number, but told me she would be unable to call me back if we were disconnected. So I asked if there was a number I could call back to get in directly and was given a alternative number. Nice. (seemingly so anyway) I was on hold again for 5 minutes and moments after she returned to the line with "good news," my battery died… I got another phone with a full battery, called back and got the same "robot hell," and was on hold for another 15 + minutes. finally spoke with a very helpful individual who answered my question in less than 5 friggin minutes! I've wasted 4 hours tonight and haven't really accomplished anything on my taxes! (I'm hoping that the solution I was given will work!!!!) But I'm so pissed right now that now I'm wasting my time with this silly forum to complain. H&R block doesn't have the DECENCY to even have an honest customer service phone number or e-mail. And the "customer service" survey at the end of the call (if you can last that long) is a joke as well with questions that are so specific or abstract as to not be reliable assessment tools. Or an opportunity to leave my name or request a follow-up would have been nice.
    Seriously, I will NEVER use H&R block again. Never. And I will tell everyone I know of this experience. GEB

  • We went to hr block in Riverdale MD just like last year, only this time we dropped off taxes, big mistake. When after repeated phone calls and emails to our preparer finally picked them up got home looking through the copies realized that 3 forms were not filed . I called told them that this needed to be corrected immediately, it's been almost a week and again I've repeatedly called them and emailed her no return call and no response to emails.
    We won't be going back next unread.
    I'm considering filing complaint with BBB, maybe I can get this resolved with them.

  • KEEP AWAY FROM THE PEACE OF MIND CLAIM! in 2013 my wife and I had purchase the peace of mind protection… in 2016 we received a letter from the IRS stating that there was an error on our 2013 taxes and that we owed $7000! we immediately contacted H&R Block to have this resolved. At first they said we never got the piece of mind claim, when they realized that we had, they then tried to get out of honoring it by saying that we had taken to long to contact them, unfortunately for them this was not true. then there representative "went over" our taxes and determined that we did not owe $7000 but only $5600…which was all that we received from them. We only received a check for this amount but no supporting documentation after several attempts to get the required documentation we were told by the office manager , "oh you don't need that just send them the check"….really! for the years of 2014 and 2015we were told by H&R Block that due to our income we neither owed or were owed a reimbursement, and that their was no need to file…yeah big mistake there! well now the IRS has come back to us and told us that it doesn't matter ,we have to file for those two years! it has now been over a year, the IRS is getting ready to put levies against my wife and I and all attempts to get this documentation have failed. to add insult to injury, 8 months after this situation was brought to their attention I received an amended state return, telling me that we owed the state another $800. hum what about the peace of mind claim, why did the tax preparer take so long but most importantly WHY WAS I SENT THE BILL! so in short its a scam, they will try to get out of honoring it and if they have to they will not give you enough to cover it, you will receive no documentation supporting "THEIR" claim, and you will have to deal with the IRS on your own. Best bet is to avoid H&R Block altogether, they'll take your money quick enough and then if it comes leave you twisting in the wind alone!!!!

  • OK we have a big problem many seniors that collect Social security joint or couples are missing out on a lot of money and your team of agents can help. Let them know that they are entitled to file for 1/2 there spouses money How do I know this just by talking to a few people that collect Social security one being my sister of 76 missed out on 300.00 a month for 10 years it added up to 45k so pleas do not disregard this memo to you use it any way you want

  • DO NOT EVER USE H&R Block at Stoneridge, in Gahanna, OHIO. I paid for my taxes to be done on April 1st, and they did not file them until April 13th. Even though I was getting a refund for Federal, but owed City & State. They took my money but refused to acknowledge that my return was not processed until April 13th. I've tried calling the Corporate Office and they were rude, patronizing and told me that THEY, H&R had the right to process my documents at their discretion. What is the point of paying for something on a certain day, but H&R doesn't feel the need to process a paying customers taxes? THEY JUST LOST A LONG TIME CUSTOMER, THEY ARE DISHONEST, AND HAVE EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I intend to take this to the BBB in Columbus, OH and will continue to file a complaint against this office and their staff.

  • H & R Block is a total rip off. I went to have my taxes done there, I didn't even have to itemize, I was told the price of my tax preparation was based on the number of pages she had to go into, the lady who did my taxes was very pleasant but went into way to much detail for what each page was for, not to mention going back and forth to the same page. I was there for a total of two hours for a short form tax preparation, the real clincher was she said I owed 322.00 to do my taxes. I hit the ceiling I told her there is no way I am paying that she got up and said she would go talk to her manager, she returned and said her manager told her she could use a 50.00 coupon. BIG WOOP!!!! H & R Block will certainly never see me again. I thought about calling the corporate office but because of other people's issues on this site they sound just as bad. WHAT CROOKS

  • I will never go to this place again. I tried to tell the person doing my taxes that I did not have to claim my pension for state. He insisted that I did and ended up owing over 400.00. I came home made phone calls,even went to Jackson -Hewitt who were very nice and helpful. The reply was the same. No you don't claim it for state. Now I am trying to get them to amend the report only to be hung up on once and blown off 2nd. I will not pay for the amend. There was so many hidden costs and not disclosed until the end then he wanted me to make out the check right then and there so he could send it. No, I think not. You people better wise up and bring it back to the company it was before.

  • We have been going to H&R Block for over 10 years, but this last visit, will in fact be just that…OUR LAST. The Cost to do our taxes has jumped from a little over $100 to almost $700! This is absolutely outrageous to me. We have triplets…all with special needs, and to have to pay that kind of money out of our return is ridiculous! There was nothing special or unusual done that deserved such a fee, Plus we were never told how much it was going to be until it was to late. Last Year it was over $300, which I still think is outrageous, but to jump almost $400 was the last straw!

  • We built a house this year and I had found out that in my state you can deduct the sales tax from the building of my house. When we went into the Monroe Washington office we were told that NO we could not. They filled in our tax return and mailed it in with a $9000.00 error in the taxes. Afterwards I did a little research and found out that YES I could take the deduction. I had to call their office and tell them that I could take the deduction. The manager said "Oh we were about to call you". (They never did). They knew that they had made an error and still filled a fraudulent tax return. Then to make matter worse when I finally got them to agree that I could and they did up a 1040X. When they did up the 1040X they used the wrong tax table and left out a $4000.00 refund. These people in the Monroe Washington office (especially the manager) are incompetent and should not be allowed to do tax returns. I wonder how many other people they screwed out of a proper return with their incompetence.

  • H&R Block office in North Myrtle Beach SC "misplaced all my personal tax document" for one week…then they said they shredded them by mistake. They gave them to someone else who now has all my personal, bank and tax information ..Very bad company…I'll never go back

  • I used them 2 years ago and they charged me 568 or around that. I was to get 1/2 price for being new and was informed after the fact that they did not have to give me this discount because they were their own entity. My refund was late a month and they were very rude. I will never use them again. I now use a real CPA and they only charge me 150 much better.

  • It was my first time using H&R Block to prepare my personal taxes this year since it included 2 states and I purchased a home. The fee associated with this preparation was OUTRAGEOUS and 2.5 months later, I am still waiting for my state refund. They have been nothing but unprofessional with me. They refuse to help me and tell me that according for them, they filed and it has been accepted. There is nothing more they can do! I have NEVER had a problem getting my refunds and the first year I use H&R Block, it disappeared! The state has no record of my filing! I WILL NEVER EVER EVER USE H&R BLOCK EVER AGAIN! They are a joke and ripped me off!

  • Bruce was not able to answer a simple tax question and his alleged 11 years as tax professional is clearly not impressive. His unprofessional hang up does not say much for H&R Block. This kind of customer service is evidence why people should not engage H&R Block to do their taxes.

  • Not long ago I came into H&R block to get my tax mess that I created straightened out.

    I am mentally ill (much better now) that's why I was there to get a professional to fix it.
    At any rate the person that did my 2012 1040x did it in such a way that my Social Security was wiped out for that year.

    I have sent him several emails and he has elected to ignore me at this point in time.

    In my initial filing of 2012 I didn't include the SE form(I am self employed) in the 1040x my deductions made it so I didn't owe anything and I received a credit towards my IRS bill but it eliminated my SS for that year. I was planning on applying for SSD due to my illness and it requires a five year past history of "recent work" now that is gone and I'll have to almost start over to attain this.

    Now it would seem to me any self respecting tax preparer would tell the client that by submitting this I would loose my SS for that year. Obviously he didn't know what the SE tax is for. I should have been advised this would eliminate my SS!!

    Before It was filed I was told I didn't owe any taxers for that year but I never dreamed that included my SS!! I have to pay that, this is a horrible mess.

    The preparer took a huge leap of faith waiting on me due to my illness but just because I'm "crazy" doesn't make me stupid. Maybe it does in this arena.

    I am bi-polar, manic depressive with suicidal ideations and was truly hoping for SSD this year. I'm not going to make it I'm afraid so I guess the damage is moot.
    Just want you to know your people should know what the tax forms are for.

  • Not long ago I came into H&R block to get my tax mess that I created straightened out.

    I am mentally ill (much better now) that's why I was there to get a professional to fix it.
    At any rate the person that did my 2012 1040x did it in such a way that my Social Security was wiped out for that year.

    I have sent him several emails and he has elected to ignore me at this point in time.

    In my initial filing of 2012 I didn't include the SE form(I am self employed) in the 1040x my deductions made it so I didn't owe anything and I received a credit towards my IRS bill but it eliminated my SS for that year. I was planning on applying for SSD due to my illness and it requires a five year past history of "recent work" now that is gone and I'll have to almost start over to attain this.

    Now it would seem to me any self respecting tax preparer would tell the client that by submitting this I would loose my SS for that year. Obviously he didn't know what the SE tax is for. I should have been advised this would eliminate my SS!!

    Before It was filed I was told I didn't owe any taxers for that year but I never dreamed that included my SS!! I have to pay that, this is a horrible mess.

    The preparer took a huge leap of faith waiting on me due to my illness but just because I'm "crazy" doesn't make me stupid. Maybe it does in this arena.

    I am bi-polar, manic depressive with suicidal ideations and was truly hoping for SSD this year. I'm not going to make it I'm afraid so I guess the damage is moot.
    Just want you to know your people should know what the tax forms are for.

  • I hear you we went to H & R Block here in Texas and was charged $586.00. They advertised that first timers would receive at $250.00 off and we were told after they did are taxes that they did not have to give us this because they are a separate entity. Then she also added a H&R Block security for an extra $35.00 after charging this fee they informed us that all they would do is show their work if we were audited they would not represent us in court or defend their work. I wonder if its possible to sue them for this crap?

  • I have always heard H&R Block proud themselves in caring for their
    clients. Dumb me I referred my daughter her first time to file
    and she was tricked and was charged 500.00 dollars. As per the office manager it was all charges for what who knows ??. when she asked to have
    this canceled the tax person said " No, I do not know" Now I have a very sad daughter who was taken advantage of. I will never recommend theses theft's again and I tell everyone don't even go there because then there is no one to help. This is from Florida ,Port St Lucie

  • So… I recently had my taxes prepaired for 2015. Its been 2 weeks, and still no refund. Upon looking closer at my return receipt I was charged for a refund anticipation loan. In questioning this with the branch I was informed that it was a fee to take payment from my return. There is something fishy here. I am going to check my previous 15 years of returns

  • How does H&R Block treat their clients?

    I have been an in-house paying client for the last 3 years, and this was my 4th year. I was never treated so poorly and with no apologies what so ever.
    ***I witnessed childish behavior, and that was a man that was my contact for a supervisor, although his badge stated ‘Customer Service lead’. He laughed for this Saturday (part-one) episode. Handled nothing!*****
    That was on the first day of Saturday 02/06/16. The elderly tax preparer was making so many mistakes that after two hours I had asked for the supervisor to assist me with this. The supervisor had a name tag that said 'customer service lead', so he probably was not even a supervisor. He said he had to leave to meet his wife for dinner at 5:00pm. (On with the show)!!! We were there till 5:30pm.
    As I am a senior citizen as well, I expected more professionalism. She should not be talking to me about another customers tax issues, (which she did) and please, focus on my taxes, maybe there would not have been so many mistakes that took 2+ hours to complete. All other computers worked fine, but the female tax preparer I was with was having many issues. Was it the computers or the user?
    I had to go back the next day with a question, and that ended on me being pushed out a door at 5:30pm ET by a male tax associate. I ended calling the police and now have a case# regarding this incident. My witness was a woman outside the door that came to my rescue and provided me with everything she witnessed from outside the building. All will be addressed in other letters moving forward.
    Not a good place to do your taxes in Florida.
    H&R Block
    5020 E Bay Dr
    Clearwater, FL 33760

  • I to am being scammed and treated terribly by H & R Block. I had many questions when doing my filing online and used their online chat and called, they gave me the same answers so I filed the way that would give me the largest return, now my return and my son's return is messed up an all they do is tell me to calm down. I have been told I can fix it with an amended return, which I do not have time to do, I was told I would most likely be audited and my son can not file his return until the IRS decides to accept the new return. I have not found one intelligent or caring person!

  • I caution all that read this comment—-DO NOT USE H & R BLOCK——I was not at all satisfied with my tax return figures and the fee I was charged for my 2015 return. I wrote my check to Dolores West , the franchisee of H & R block located at 139 E. Lake Ave., Celina TN. After giving her my check , I though more about this return & the price I was charged & within minutes of handing her the check I asked her to give me back the check because I was not happy with the return OR the amount I was being charged for the tax return , SHE REFUSED to give me back my check. I have been doing business with H & R Block for 22 years & this is how I am treated?? My wife & I were completely shocked at Dolores West's actions & I am demanding a total refund of my fee paid of $283.00—-After doing business with Dolores for 22 years she treated me in this manner & with such a degree of unprofessionalism. I know that her office is not doing well & this is why we were now being treated this way. I found out that many of my neighbors no longer go to this H & R office in Celina, TN .

  • I have a lifetime gift certificate from h&r block to have my taxes filed, this past year I was informed via my tax preparer that it will no longer be accepted per the office manager.

  • You guys are worthless. You messed up our claim and now the IRS is asking for the money. We signed up for the peace of mind and you are now denying it. You are all worthless, obviously. We would not be in this situation if you had done your job right in the first place. I am going to the media with this.

  • The worst tax filing experience of my life. No one never knows anything, it's like they have dummies running this place. I filed back in March it's now July & my problem still seems to linger. I won't be returning to H&R Block thats for sure.

  • My wife and I went to H & R Block at 3509 W. Northern Ave. Phoenix, Az. to get our taxes done, we have used this location before, while waiting I noticed a sign stating you could drop off taxes and they would call when done, so we decided to do this. I did not get a call for days, I called several times and got no answer or wait for Ramon to get back. I finally went in and was told the taxes were not done yet, this was days after the 15th deadline, They said we told them we did not need the taxes done until after the 15th, this does not make any sense too me, we did not say that. Since it is late I asked Ramon did he file an extension and he said yes, this was a lie, a few days later I got a penalty from IRS. I went to the office several time and it was closed or Ramon was not available, I fell they owe me the penalty of $74.60. My E-Mail is kwestjr@hotmail.com

  • I am a former employee, and I need a copy of my W-2 for 2015 tax year for my tax record. I could not access it on the DNA site because I am no longer authorized to access it. Please advice me. my e-mail is Civ411@yahoo.com.

  • My wife had been worked for your h&r block for 11 years with a clean record,until this year ,when your office sent this manager to the Hildsbourg office to take over,in sonoma county 3 days before the tax date was out ,she fired her.This made my wife sik she had to take som med to come her down. No one talk bad about my wife ,we had been married for 40 years,and she had worked in a bank for 30 years with no one saying a bad word about her,and here come the new manager and got right in her face,and sayed that she was fired ,she dident give any reason y she fired her ,but I found it out fron her co workers and they will testefi in court.Her Name is Skye Freeman.my wife dont do taxes ske is the one that set up the appo,for the tax preperers ,I have testemony from her co worker that I can send to you "Copy"My attorney is getting the fact togther so we can take her and H&r block to court, when the time come.Now she cant get a job any where ,she was black bald by this Skye Freeman.You are dealing with me now not my wife,she cant get over this,Her Name is EVANELLE MOLDE.
    She has lost wages that we needed to pay bills with,and we will sue for those lost wages and Disc.
    and harresment .Maby I dident spell evry thing right ,becuse I am pissed off .
    She was planing to go back next year,but now she cant,she lov her job ,and never been fired from any job she had in the past. thanks for now and I will keep you informed or my attorney will.
    My e-Mail is ::::hgmstv@att.net,like to know first what your office can do before this go to court and it will be a very big amount that we will sue for,or you can settle wit us ,after you have looked in to this.
    Thanks for now. Harald Molde Retired Police Officer 10 years so I know the law very good.

  • I paid an H & R office $496.00 in 2013 for my taxes. I also paid extra for the piece of mind. The IRS sent a letter with some issues about my 2013 taxes. The office did not stand by their service. I had to go to a different H & R Block to get my taxes fixed. The other office had to amend my taxes twice. I filed a piece of mind claim with the company. The company did an investigation and approved my piece of mind claim. I was supposed to get my 2013 tax preparation fees refunded. I received an email from the company on 3/10/15. I was told that it would take 7 to 10 postal days for my refund. I still have not received my refund. I provided a copy of the email.
    H&R Block has completed the review of your claim under the Peace of Mind Extended Service Plan and it has been approved.

    You will receive a check for $461.00. Of that amount, $0.00 is payment of your claim under the Peace of Mind Program, and $0.00 is payment of your claim for Penalty and Interest under the H&R Block Standard Guarantee for your 2013 tax return. The check is tendered to you with the understanding that your acceptance and negotiation of the check satisfies our obligation to you for this claim under the Program. Please allow 7 to 10 postal days for the check to arrive at the address listed on your claim.

    The payment may or may not constitute taxable income for the 2015 tax year, so we encourage you to consult your tax advisor. Should the amount be taxable, it should be reported on the "other income" line of your Form 1040. The line is usually numbered 21 or 22 and is found on the front page of the tax form. If your payment is $600.00 or more and determined to be taxable, you will receive a 1099 MISC directly from H&R Block after the end of the year.

    You can relax knowing H&R Block provides extra services for your tax return, today and tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you will continue to select H&R Block for your tax filing needs. If you have any questions, our contact information is listed below.


    H&R Block Client Services
    One H&R Block Way
    Kansas City, MO 64105
    1-800-HRBLOCK / hrblock.com

    • I filed a piece of mind claim because I had to have my 2013 taxes amended twice. The company approved my piece of mind claim. I was sent an email on 3/10/15 that stated that my piece of mind claim was approved. I was told that I would be receiving a refund of my 2013 tax preparation fees. This ended up being $461.00. I was told I would have a check in 7-10 postal days. I still have no check and no answer why. I have called this location to find out answers. I get nowhere. I have provided a copy of the email
      H&R Block has completed the review of your claim under the Peace of Mind Extended Service Plan and it has been approved.

      You will receive a check for $461.00. Of that amount, $0.00 is payment of your claim under the Peace of Mind Program, and $0.00 is payment of your claim for Penalty and Interest under the H&R Block Standard Guarantee for your 2013 tax return. The check is tendered to you with the understanding that your acceptance and negotiation of the check satisfies our obligation to you for this claim under the Program. Please allow 7 to 10 postal days for the check to arrive at the address listed on your claim.

      The payment may or may not constitute taxable income for the 2015 tax year, so we encourage you to consult your tax advisor. Should the amount be taxable, it should be reported on the "other income" line of your Form 1040. The line is usually numbered 21 or 22 and is found on the front page of the tax form. If your payment is $600.00 or more and determined to be taxable, you will receive a 1099 MISC directly from H&R Block after the end of the year.

      You can relax knowing H&R Block provides extra services for your tax return, today and tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you will continue to select H&R Block for your tax filing needs. If you have any questions, our contact information is listed below.


      H&R Block Client Services
      One H&R Block Way
      Kansas City, MO 64105
      1-800-HRBLOCK / hrblock.com

  • H&rblockput our refund on a e card to be used to purchase gift cards. We thought we were to receive our refund on an emerald master card and the offered $290.00 bonus for the e cards. Now the refused to transfer our refund to the master card. Told us to buy targets card the cash it in for the cash. We would have to buy six or more to get our refund at what ever they charge per card. We just want our refund put on the emerald but they refuse. I am making complaints to any and every state an federal agency from

  • Phone service is awful and I made up my mind I don't want to use H&R Block ever again. I experienced a huge waste of time and energy trying to answer 1 question. Couldn't even leave a message for my tax consultant and had to drive to the local office to leave the answer. Why can't I get the individual working for me?

  • This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with!! They have stolen over 500 dollars from me and there is no one to talk to!!! Not only is the product not good the customer support is much worst. NEVER use this company!!!!

  • H & R block really messed up on our taxes. We file with you guys every year and this is the first year that you have messed up. You didn't account for Self Employment money and then didn't file our ammened return. We thought everything was done and come to find out that you were sitting on it for a month and then lost them. How are we going to pay our bills. We knoe that we are intittled to a refund of the amount paid to you to have our taxes and ammended taxes done. We paid for piece of mind and instead we got more stress. Get your millions back America is a joke.

  • We are having problems with your company on are taxes they are show they have no idea on what to do they lost are 2014 AMENDED tax return for a month in febuary 3rd now its march 5th. think we were done with taxes and we checking on IRS web and show nothing now we have wait till 12- 16 weeks get them my wife have surgery, in march on the 19th and i have traing school for my CDL training in one week after her surgery. We are behind in bills and we have pay half of surgery for her is risky for not to have we have 2 kids one 3 years old and the other is 8 months and i have to go and get a career, just to come up with enough money bye april so we can keep are place.Job's around here close up for winter and slow down any mager city is 80 miles away our more.

  • Be sure to watch what fees they tack on and don't explain. I have been waiting since February 12, 2015 for a refund of charges in their fees I did not ask for. The first time I called I found out the manager of the Hurst office never completed filing the paperwork. So here I am again waiting another four to six weeks because the paperwork had to be filed again on February 26, 2015 for an issue that was done on their part. I use to trust H & R Block……but no more. This is the last year after ten years of using this company.

  • Why when I call premium office and ask for a certain preparer I get asked by receptionist to go to a different preparer…NO…I asked for that certain preparer!

  • H&R Block is not very well represented when tax preparers are rude to their customers. I called and made an appointment for 3:00 p.m. Sunday February 8, 2015. I arrived at 2:30 and was told by Joan D. Schell at the Winchester office that the party I had the appointment with had overbooked. Joan then told me she could take me right then because Swinn had asked her to take me at 3:00 for her.
    This is no way to run a business. I should have been called and informed that the 3:00 appointment could not be met but that I could be scheduled with another preparer if I wished. I was not given the courtesy of a call. I drove 70 miles to make it to the scheduled appointment on time.
    In addition, when questioned I was treated very rudely.
    H&R Block does not make it easy to register complaints about local franchises. Don’t they answer to regional representatives of this company? What form of oversight and quality control does H&R Block have? It is not easy to find even corporate information. The Internet provides two different addresses.
    What kind of business is this?

  • unfortunately there are all levels of preparers in the offices. Best to make an appointment with a person that has done your taxes before. If someone is a walkin, they may be put with whoever is available no matter what skills or knowledge is needed. They need to do a better job picking managers. The management in the lake worth office next to dominos brings their children to work instead of paying childcare. They also could use some tips on professional dress. The customer has the right to ask for a different person or go to a different office if they are not comfortable with how their taxes are being done.

  • I have been using H&R block for a long time. I have noticed that the preparer is instructed to basically lie to the client (me) to keep me at bay! I overheard a conversation between preparer and supervisor. She told the preparer to just tell client there is a glitch in the system and it will be taken care of the nxt day. surprisingly nothing was done. How can a fortune 500 company get away with lies and deception ? this glitch is going to cost me my closing on our home. My taxes are still in a glitch and no one seems to care. This will be my last use of their services. I agree with all the other blogs on this site. these people are not as professional as they claim. Signed Extremely dissatisfied…….

    • I can sympathize. We have been waiting for our refund, and found that the IRS AND H&R Block had no record of our return info. We went to the office only to find that our account had been LOCKED, and our returns had never been sent. So here we are, waiting, AGAIN! They told us the same thing. That it was a GLITCH in the system.

    • I was wondering about a system glitch too! How can their system not be fixed to have your information automatically roll over to next year. My taxes were filed incorrectly due to a system glitch according to H&R rep. They did not even offer to reimburse me for their mistake in filing incorrectly. It's a good thing I check my stuff.

  • H&R Block prepared my 2010/Tax-Forms in Charlotte, NC. I had just moved there from California and was required to pay taxes to both California & North Carolina because I had been a resident for eight-months in the state of California. Turned-out that the agent who prepared my taxes didn't know what they were doing. Two-years later, I was contacted by the State of California saying that I owed thousands of dollars. H&R Block refused to help me with the problem and I was stuck with the-debt. Their attitude towards this problem was insulting & disrespectful and the-agent was not-disciplined in any way what-so-ever. In-fact, she's still working for them today. Meanwhile I'm being garnished & possibly facing having (liens applied) because I'm just unable to pay this debt. H&R/Block just takes your money & whatever happens afterwards don't expect them to help you if you encounter problems they may cause you. I pray for anyone who trust H&R/Block to do their taxes, I will never use them again.

  • I had a bad experience 2yrs. in a row with Sylvia Nixon of the Falconer, N.Y. H & R Block Office. She was supposedly the supervisor but screwed my taxes up 2yrs. in a row. She did not attend a schedule appointment with me to try to rectify the problems. In addition, that H&R Block Office did not stand by their work and pay the penalties I was charged. She lied and I would not go to this person or that H&R Block office again as she was incompetent, a liar, overcharged me, and did not stand behind her work as the bull**** advertisements say your company will. I will send out an email at my place of work which is less than a mile away from the office and employs between 300 and 400 employees and the message will be under no circumstances would I recommend this H&R Block Office or employees!!!!! Way to go H&R Block, you lost this customer for life!!!!!

  • I doubt corporate reads any of the comments – i can guarantee, this company will collapse miserably if they do not change how they do business. EVERYTIME an appointment is scheduled – no one from H&R Block shows up for the appointment! Their system for information about their locations and appointments is completely inaccurate. From what i heard – corporate decided on that system….that should tell people the heads at the top aren't too bright and it trickles down from there. Save your money and time bothering with this company – they have no concept for customer service or ACCURATE information or integrity. RIP OFF!

    • Oh! and surprise surprise! There is no way to contact corporate office to make a complaint! surprise surprise! *eye roll* Corrupt criminals – that is all they are.

    • I made under $25,000 a year, am not a homeowner, do not itemize taxes and I paid $524.00 to a paid preparer to do my taxes. Plus I owed over $200 to the state. I am stuck between a rock and hard place.

  • my name is donald darling of kingsland,georgia i need any one who has been wronged by H & R block to get a hold of me DONNA HUNT here in kingsland GA office has sold my info to someone and they stole my identity and filed a return on an EXTENSION that was getting more than $ 1000.00 back as a refund she is the only one who knew i did this I AM GOING TO GO AFTER H & R BLOCK EMPLOYEES NOT CORPORATE FOR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT the corp.is protected their employee are not and when they admit guilt of their crimes then corporation has no protection in a criminal lawsuit SO PLEASE CONTACT ME

  • I went March 25, 2014 in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was charged $328 for a simple tax return. I discovered an error 15 minutes after leaving the office and it was fixed, which yielded me $500 less I owed Federal Government and nearly $200 more AZ refund. I called the owner of the local office and all he would offer me was a $25 coupon good for next year's return. I certainly won't use that EVER. Today I found yet another error where I was charged for receiving a tax exempt distribution so that needs to be fixed. I want to register a complaint with H&R HQ about the apparent gouging. I've been paying taxes for 51 of my 69 years, using both Turbo Tax and other professional tax preparers and never, ever had to pay more than $200 for a complicated tax return. This one was quite simple and apparently the rationale used for the shocking "sticker" fee was the number of forms required. This is not my first rodeo and absolutely a farce to gouge people trying to comply with the Government's laws.

  • On Friday March 21, 2014 went into an H R Block office to ask some questions and the Tax Pro went off and speaking badly about another employee. Mary from the Prince Frederick Office in Prince Frederick Maryland. The employee she was speaking about is no longer with the company. With the company or not Mary should not be taking about any employee or to someone she has never meet before. This was very discoursing and has changed my mind about using H R BLOCK for my 2013 tax return. A friend was also with me and they to have decided not to use H R BLOCK . We had Liberty Tax Service complete our taxes, wear we did have to hear the remarks made about past employee and the language. No company should let any employee CURSE AND PROFANE LANGUAGE. Mary using words that I would not even say (the F bomb the big one). You just lost two customer. This employee should keep closed lip about employee and clean up her language.

  • I've also been loyal to H&R Block for many years and this too will be my last. I processed my tax return and uploaded it to the Emerald Card. I've been using the card for months to help pay for wedding expenses. Out of the blue my account had been froze and I'm being told there's a case involving fraud. When I call to inquire which is every 48 hours nobody EVER knows whats going on. Today I was miraculously told they've never seen a case like mine. I'm looking to reach a corporate representative who knows what they're doing.Ive been on the phone for a collective total of 8 hours and constantly told someone will get back with me but never does. The only person who has helped is Lisa Todd at the Washington, Mo H&R Block office. This company is ridiculous and I'd like to thank you for making what should be a happy time for me be so stressful! Disappointed client..

    • I also have been a loyal customer for at least 15 years, with the same tax rep. doing my taxes each year, this year I only had a simple return.. no form needed .. but was charged nearly $500 I have tried for 5 months to contact some one, spending around 50 hours on the phone. Also during these 5 months I have been trying to get some one to take care of the issue with my emarld card being stolen Dec. 30 2021. I have repeated done what the ask for months. The person responsible for stealing the card has already been arrested. My next step I guess is to hire a attorney on both issues, this has been a terrible experience.

  • We have been loyal and lucrative H&R clients x 15 years. However,2013 will be the last time we use H&R Block cue to report that the H&R Block corporate leadership is complicit in the subversive ENDRUN AGAINST the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH by the Obama administration/HHS Secretary Sebelius solicitation of private sector "donated" slush funds to advertise ACA/Obamacare propaganda.

  • I filed my 2012 taxes online using H & R Block web site. The software calculated the math wrong by 500.00.
    All I could do is file a complaint. The person I spoke with repeatedly stated that if I gave the wrong information they are not responsible. I told her what the IRS letter said. " Tax Computation" meaning the information I gave matched theirs just the calculation was incorrect.
    I can't wait to hear what they say next. I bet they don't stand by there promise of 100% satisfaction.

  • I was charged for piece of mind that I never asked for. My taxes are so simple there is nothing to question.I Have been told I would get a refund and still nothing. I have been using them for 30 years and will never go back again. They need to be checked out for the illegal charging they do.

  • i will never again use hr block ever……. it was a total waste of time and money witch i cant even get because they filed my taxes wrong twice now i should have used turbo if i wanted this much crap to deal with if there was a rating system i would give it negative stars for the trouble lies hassle and just bad company

  • Just a bunch of low life scum who are not tax preparers at all. They do not know the tax laws at all and do not help you get the best return for your bucks. They lie to you and say they will help with their Green Team and that if you have a complaint it will be resolved within 5 business days. Well it has been 2 weeks now and counting….

  • I find that many of the preparers at H & R Block offices have little or no understanding of what is reported on a 1098T.

    I have been a tax preparer for over 30 years and I work for a university and have had your preparers call and ask us to reissue the 1098T with an amount in box 1 which would be a violation of the IRS regs since we have chosen to report billed tuition in box 2.

    In reality the information used to calculate the Education credits should come from the actual receipts the taxpayer has and the 1098T for the scholarship amounts.

    Please train your people so that they do not give the taxpayer improper information and they do not call the universities and request information that they can not receive anyhow since student financial information is protected by the Federal Government under FERPA

  • I had my taxes done in 2010. Just got a letter from the irs saying I owe 1,778 dallors. Because the lady put the wrong info on my taxes for the unemployment I collected. Wich she looked up on her computer while we set across from her. Now I'm responseable to pay money back because they say there not responceable if the irs over pays me. Even tho it was because of there mistake. Doesn't seem right or fair but what is anymore. Really pissed about this whole thing

  • I did my taxes in Jan of 2012 .I had an emerald card issued to me and in June my state taxes where put on the card….Now here is the kicker lol they are telling me my card was over drawn 1.04 and my card has been revoked but they have in there possession MY money ….I have been waiting over a month they keep telling me different stories out of the 50+ people i spoke to including 4 supervisors I am getting no where.On top of that I have called the complains department 3x….So I would recommend NO one gets this so called emerald card EVERRRRR …..P.S I have asked for a check to be sent to me and they will not I have gone to the office of H&R block and they cant help.

  • Used H&R Block for business tax. IRS GOING AFTER US!! Been 4 years and NOTHING DONE!! Just told not to worry we don't Owe anything as the IRS knocks at our door and threatens to levy our accounts. Each time we call, we get the runaround. They did (?) Give us an advocate but not a word from him /her either. Called today and again the DAMN runaround!!! HEY H&R BLOCK – JUST PAY THE IRS THE MONEY YOU OWE THEM AND ALL WILL BE GOOD! WE DO NOT OWE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET IT DONE!

    • I just was turned down for a Receptionist position in Jacksonville, Florida, because I had been on jail on TOP, first you have no right to judge me, secondly you have took my hard earn money to do my taxes did you asked these question while making yourself rich, and to save yourselfs money the company you hired court records are free in most states. I told the guy Ed when I went to talk with him, I will never allow you to file my sons or my taxes again and what my charge was does not keep me from answering a phone. as well your idiot Christine in the customer service employment area said its in the employee hand book well don't have one because I was not working. duh. I'm making my own social media facebook site, because their are many who use you and have criminal records, maybe you don't like other faiths as well. shame on you

  • I will never go to another h and r block ever again so many hidden fees that they fail to mention along with lying about there being no fee for using allpoint ATM they charge 2.00 on top of a charge they do not tell you about 2.50 everytime you pull out money. I have never been so upset with a company and a well known company to lie. I will make sure I will let others know who not to go to and where which is this company. Very disappointing.

    • This is nothing more than a racket. I'm wondering if the people in the office are greasing their pockets in addition to making H&R some money. If I here the words "it's the forms" one more time, I might snap. They are not professional tax preparers, and I wonder if anyone even has a degree or license for tax preparation. They do not know anything…I wanted to know how my Second look went from $99 to near $300…"it's the forms", they replied. SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!

  • I have been lied to twice and both of the were supervisors The last one I have talk to was David. Both said that I have my personnel card on my name and will have it within 3 working days. It is now 2weeks and no card. I would like to talk to some one about the grieve that it cause me please!

    • Simply amazed that someone can call HR Block state that they are you an be given a appointment. Then when I received a verification call of appointment clueless of who made appointment. There needs to be more safety for your identity put in to place. As I continue to worry about the safety of my personal information with this company, A company I have used for decades. Thanks a lot.

      was charged 25.00 or 1 return & 30.00 for the other called & spoke to a tech & she said the free returns were for businesses only well let me tell you if you have a business no way can a person use an ez i should know i was an agent with irs for 26 years

    • speaking of greive,paid 355.00 for taxes,its now been 27 days and no return,let alone the person that did my taxes has no interest in helping to figure out whats going on,yee haw,never use hr block again

    • mistakes were made 2 years in a row they do not honor their word saying if mistake on their part u get your money bak i paid 365,oo they only offered 35 now my stae refund is lost and i have emailed the preparer 5 x and have been ignored and also been lied too by phone we need to file class action suit against these people

    • Well they told me I applied for some kind of loan or something last year and I have had anything to do with these ppl in I don't know how many years and I go to apply for holiday loan and can't get it cause of that and I have no ignolage of ever even being in there office anytime last year and now they want do anything to fix it called the number office told me got transferred five times and steal didn't get issue resolved so what are h&r block going to do to fix it nothing so there goes my kids chriChris thanks h&r block ur just the best piece of garbage I seen untill y'all get right I'm write on here every day

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