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Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters

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Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
1 Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-249-7111
Customer Service Number: 1-877-669-6877

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I have always paid my Nationwide Insurance policies in person, in cash, in my local office. Well, now I am told you no longer allow cash payments. I DON'T use debit cards. Also, you are breaking the law, because the money clearly states that it is "Legal Tender For ALL Debts, Public And Private". Either except cash payments, or we will move all 3 policies elsewhere.

I really got something to say about this insurance company. I really do not like I'm alone when I say for years people pay their insurance month after month and year after year. The one time you need to use your insurance company they turned their backs on your. I had an accident and after the accident I went thought something, being afeard to drive, distant not wanting to talk to anyone and then I went into he hospital personal reason( my health). Since then I went in the hospital twice. Been playing phone tag with one claim person and other claim people from this company. In the beginning I was waiting to see it the other person was going to take liable for the accident. before I put the car in the shop because my insurance company said it was my fault however the person who hit me insurance didn't make a discussion yet. So this took about a week and more, now all this time I did have a rental thought my insurance company because of health and having to get kids to and from school. So on day 31 they tell me I have to turn in the rental and my car is not even fix yet it is still in the shop. My car didn't get in the shop until right before Christmas or after, mostly because I did not know I had to find my place to fix my car and because I was waiting to see about the other person insurance, and being in the hospital. After turning in the car I did reach out to this man name Sylvester who was I thought trying to help me with another rental until my car it fix, which should be next week Friday I'm hoping. Either way I paid into my car insurance for years, I've had accident in the pass which were not my fault and my insurance never had to pay nothing and if they did they got it all back from the other person insurance so tell me why my insurance it leaving me and my kids car less, and what if my health gets to the point that I need to go to the emergency room. Or my kids get sick so many things can go wrong. So for all of those people who r just like me and pay into your insurance month after month and year after year only to have your insurance slap you in the face. I'm not talk about the disrespectful and nasty things said to me right after the accident from employees of nationwide two employees spoke very nasty ad disrespectful to me. Can someone please help me 512 293 9925

I've read some the negative comments regarding Nationwide's advertisement and so forth. Very possibly justified. However, I just had a wonderful experience dealing with Nationwide Insurance after your insured did some minor damage to my vehicle and would not respond to my requests to contact his carrier. After learning that I could place a claim I did so and am virtually speechless. Your employees were exemplary. WOW. Claim number 118264-GF May very possibly change my insurance to Nationwide because of their service. Thank you

Just got off the phone with the insurance adjuster for nationwide and they chose to pay a claim that was headed to a jury trial. I had plenty proof that I did not cause the damage. The lawyer claimed said we had better than a 50/50 chance of winning the case. The claim adj. said he did not need my approval to settle the case. My words not his was it was much cheaper for nationwide and he was going to settle and he did nationwide is not on your side M.Roberts

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