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Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Nationwide Corporate Office Address:

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
1 Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220 USA

Nationwide Contact Phone Numbers and Website:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-249-7111
Customer Service Number: 1-877-669-6877
Website: Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Corporate Office

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  1. I have always paid my Nationwide Insurance policies in person, in cash, in my local office. Well, now I am told you no longer allow cash payments. I DON'T use debit cards. Also, you are breaking the law, because the money clearly states that it is "Legal Tender For ALL Debts, Public And Private". Either except cash payments, or we will move all 3 policies elsewhere.

  2. I really got something to say about this insurance company. I really do not like I'm alone when I say for years people pay their insurance month after month and year after year. The one time you need to use your insurance company they turned their backs on your. I had an accident and after the accident I went thought something, being afeard to drive, distant not wanting to talk to anyone and then I went into he hospital personal reason( my health). Since then I went in the hospital twice. Been playing phone tag with one claim person and other claim people from this company. In the beginning I was waiting to see it the other person was going to take liable for the accident. before I put the car in the shop because my insurance company said it was my fault however the person who hit me insurance didn't make a discussion yet. So this took about a week and more, now all this time I did have a rental thought my insurance company because of health and having to get kids to and from school. So on day 31 they tell me I have to turn in the rental and my car is not even fix yet it is still in the shop. My car didn't get in the shop until right before Christmas or after, mostly because I did not know I had to find my place to fix my car and because I was waiting to see about the other person insurance, and being in the hospital. After turning in the car I did reach out to this man name Sylvester who was I thought trying to help me with another rental until my car it fix, which should be next week Friday I'm hoping. Either way I paid into my car insurance for years, I've had accident in the pass which were not my fault and my insurance never had to pay nothing and if they did they got it all back from the other person insurance so tell me why my insurance it leaving me and my kids car less, and what if my health gets to the point that I need to go to the emergency room. Or my kids get sick so many things can go wrong. So for all of those people who r just like me and pay into your insurance month after month and year after year only to have your insurance slap you in the face. I'm not talk about the disrespectful and nasty things said to me right after the accident from employees of nationwide two employees spoke very nasty ad disrespectful to me. Can someone please help me?

  3. I've read some the negative comments regarding Nationwide's advertisement and so forth. Very possibly justified. However, I just had a wonderful experience dealing with Nationwide Insurance after your insured did some minor damage to my vehicle and would not respond to my requests to contact his carrier. After learning that I could place a claim I did so and am virtually speechless. Your employees were exemplary. WOW. Claim number 118264-GF May very possibly change my insurance to Nationwide because of their service. Thank you

  4. Just got off the phone with the insurance adjuster for nationwide and they chose to pay a claim that was headed to a jury trial. I had plenty proof that I did not cause the damage. The lawyer claimed said we had better than a 50/50 chance of winning the case. The claim adj. said he did not need my approval to settle the case. My words not his was it was much cheaper for nationwide and he was going to settle and he did nationwide is not on your side M.Roberts

  5. My name is Cathy Bradley and I have a claim against a Nationwide policy holder andI hope lots of people read this post. My name is Cathy Bradley and filed a claim against a policyholder with Nationwide Insurance. The claim was denied, and the stupid reason I was told that since their insurer vehicle did not show damage the claim was denied. There are witnesses to the accident but the adjuster named Erin Apostalides denied it saying their policyholder vehicle didn't show damage because the tire caused the damage. Well if the tire caused the damage to my care why would there be damage on their policyholder vehicle!!! Just because your policy holder vehicle did not get damaged is not a valid reason for paying this claim. But according to Nationwide who is NOT, I repeat NOT on your side this is a legitimate reason to deny the claim. Then she move to another reason for denying the claim saying the tire that hit my car did not show damage, well it rained several days before this smart adjuster looked at their policyholder vehicle so that is not a valid reason either.
    If you have Nationwide care insurance I really feel your pain, seems to me the name of the game is to not pay valid claims.
    I have contacted the public relations department and I have read many, many complaints about this insurance company not paying valid claims.
    I will not give up! This is insane! and I will take it to the next steps if needed. Like say calling Six on Your Side here in Columbus where your headquarters are located and other actions if necessary. I get tired of being cheated by large corporations!!!! This is one reason the rich stay rich and the poor gets poorer!

  6. We had a general liability Insurance with Scottsdale Insurance/Nationwide of which we paid dearly. They did an audit and we had to pay an additional 62K. We were making payments on this money and one month fell short, we had paid over 32000.00 on the policy. When we tried to make the payment the next month they refused it saying that we had been turned over to collections. When the collection company (McCarthy, Burgess and Wolf)called us, the told us that we owed 40,047.XX. Mr. Jennings stated that he would offer us a 30% discount if we paid it then. This would mean that he would accept just a litte over 28K. I tried to explain to him that the numbers did not add up, we even had a three way conference call with our agent and him and our agent told him that we only owed 32K. Mr. Jennings would not budge and Scottsdale Insurance Company would not return calls. Mr. Jennings continued to pursue us for the 40+K. With the help of our agent, we finally got a hold of Scottsdale Insurance and explained the situation, they sent a notice to Mr. Jennings stating that all we owed was the 32K. At this point in time, Mr. Jennings would not honor the 30% discount. He was rude and very unprofessional and was still stating that originally Scottsdale insurance wanted the 40K. It was very unprofessional of the Insurance Company to have erred the much to begin with and had they provided the correct information to begin with we would not have had these issues with the Collection agency. I would highly suggest that NO BUSINESS be done with this agency unless you don't mind being cheated out of approx 8K. I strongly suggest if you don't want to be taken advantage of by this insurance company and their highly incompetent and unprofessional collection agency, go to State Farm, Farmers, anywhere but here.

  7. I had and ins policy with nationwide for quit some time and had no problem with them until i moved and im going through a divorce. i was over charged on my new policy and they noticed that so i tried to get it straight with them. i have sent many emails and made many phone calls. it no use they don't care about people all they care about is the money. they are everything that is wrong with this country when company's act this way.

  8. I live in Canton Ohio we had a major storm come through the area last week (July 25, 2016) I called to make a claim spoke with a gentle man in Fl. and he said that we needed to talk with our insurance man, I called the office (never got a phone call back) we called again the next day to tell them we had damage to the roof, massive tree uprooted from the ground, damage to the yard, caps blown off of our chimney,Our insurance man (Joe Amato) came out took 1 min. on the property and said this is an ACT OF GOD and there is nothing we can do, so I spoke with the other people in the neighbor hood that had some of the same sisuation in there yard, there insurance is taking care of their property, so I asked them who were they insured with they said Nation Wide. I called my insurance man again this was on Thur. here it is Sun. and he's never called me back.Can you explain why some is not an ACT OF GOD and other ones are. Trust me we are done with Nationwide because of this. Angela Cetorelli of Canton Ohio

  9. I just called Nationwide 83rd Ave and Bell rd Peoria Az..for an appt. I just went to another Discount Eyeglass Co. that didn't want to dialate my eyes and told me the field of vison test is the samething ..but it's not ..It cant tell if your retinas are torn…now I have to go to Natonwide to get my eyes checked for torn retinas…And the girl at Nationwide I made my appt.with even explained the field of vision test to me and told me seniors get a discount on exams on Tue and Thur. Everyone at Nationwide are the nicest and most informative people I have ever came across in the medical field..i used to be a nurse and a realtor and its nice to be talked to and not talked down to ..Same goes for their Dr. he talks to you and explains to you what he sees and what its called..and if its important or not…I just absolutely love the store I go to..im movng and can only hope the next Nationwide store is the same..and their glasses are perfect..ITS THE BEST RAN BUSINESS II HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS IN MY LIFE. THEY DESERVE A GOLD METAL !!!!!!

  10. Yes they are a horrible company when you try to get some answers from a supervisor regarding your claim, the adjuster is the one you are complaining about & he in retaliation tells us now I'm going to have do an investigation/depositions just to make our lives more difficult, my husband health deteriorated due to all the stress/problems the adjusters caused us, he has passed away,they still have not paid me on all that was covered & it's going on 6 yrs. We, now i am dealing with their lawyers in south Texas & i haven't heard anything since last year.

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