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Papa Gino’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Papa Gino’s Corporate Office Headquarters

600 Providence Highway
Dedham, MA  02026
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-461-1200


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  1. I have noticed that Papa Gino's corporate has been "nickel and dimeing" us for the past several months. They have raised their prices, eliminated small sizes, you now pay a extra $3.00 for fries when you order a hamburger at the same prices when they came together), eliminated the "all you can eat" (it was just $1.00 to $2.00 cheaper than on other days)and now require you to purchase $70.00 worth of food instead of $50.00 to get the $5.00 reward (there was no notice of the change). This is on top of very poor reviews they have been getting, poor customer services and long waits. There is definitely less people eating in the restaurants (sometimes I am the only one there during prime times). Not sure why corporate is not doing anything as I do not think this is a way to increase your business. I have been a loyal fan in the past but question that now and have been seriously considering other options in town at this time. I would not be surprised if they shut down locations as I have overheard several managers state that business is down. So corporate WAKE UP!

  2. I have been noticing that corporate has been "nickel and dimeing us" in the past several months with increased prices, elimination of special promotions, eliminated the small sizes of their food products and there has been a increase poor service to the customers (based on the reviews hey are getting). This appears to be as a result of their bankruptcy and closer of stores. However this does not help with increasing the number of people going to the restaurants. They recently increased their prices on all of their food products and now you have to purchase fries separately (about $3.00) when you order a hamburger despite the hamburger being the same price when you bought both. They have eliminated small sizes and now you have to purchase a large (some people like smaller sizes) if you want the food product. They have also eliminated the "all you can eat" promotion which was about $1.00 to $2.00 less than it was on other days. I now realized the they have increased the amount you have to purchase from $50.00 to $75.00 in order to get a $5.00 reward (there was no e-mail notification). In addition to all of these changes, the reviews indicate increasing poor customer service, lateness in the delivering of the food product and a decrease in the amount of people eating in the restaurants. Sometimes I am the only one there during prime dining times and it appears there is a decline in people ordering them. I have even seen them throw away whole pizzas as no one is coming in and buying "slices" any more. When asked the managers cannot tell you why corporate does this. I recently overheard a manager state that business is down, that they cannot give overtime or increase the amount of staffing to service the customers. I do not think that this is a way to increase customers coming in or providing good service. It doesn't appear that corporate is doing anything to address it. Corporate should "WAKE UP". I have been a long term fan of Papa Gino's but I question that loyalty at this time and have been looking elsewhere to eat

  3. I am a regular customer to the Dedham location right next to the corporate head quarters. This location needs to be shut down immediately! The place is in total kaos when it comes to the staff and service. There appears to be no organization among the staff as they are running around all over the place and no one appears to have a designated job. There is more people in the back than there is servicing the customers in the front. Often there is one person in the front and 6 to 8 people in the back. Often the person in the front is finding out and retrieving pizza orders from the back leaving the front unattended with customers waiting or orders from the grill waiting to be served. Often the front person either ignores the grill order or does not see it (I have doubts if that is the case). I have to go up and point and ask for my grill order when ever they walk back to the front. Some managers try their best but others just ignore the issue or do not supervise the staff. The other issue is that there have been several times in which there are no "pies" waiting for people to have slices and people would have to wait for a slice.
    The final straw was last week while eating my ordered grill meal (which I usually get) when I noticed that I had a free slice of pizza on my receipt because the Patriots had won. I went up and requested the slice to go and was told that it would be 7 to 8 minutes which is always the standard. I had also noticed (when ever I go there) that when I had arrived there were no pie slices available and it was 30 minutes later and still no pie slices. About 20 minutes later I inquired where my slice was and about 6 staff could not tell me despite all checking in the back. I felt that I was being ignored. At one point they started doing other things (looking at the schedule, talking and joking among them selves). After a hour from my arrival to now, there were still no pie slices available. At this point I just left deciding this was my last visit. Something has to be done with this location as things are not getting better and it has become very stressful and upsetting when I go there. There is more to my concerns of this location but I have had it with this location

  4. I waited 15-20 minutes for a Tuna sub small for eat in. The store was not crowded. my friends ate and left me there to wait.
    Today i call in order at 12:10 they said 20 minutes
    great lunch 12:30-1:00 got order at 12:50. no time to eat have to go back to work.I think this place has gone down hill

  5. Hello, This has been an on going problem. I purchase quiet a b it of products from your Hooksett Location#0323. Burning my steak and cheese constantly. I give special instructions to please do not burn it otherwise I will be throwing it in the trash and requesting another credit. Well today was the icing on the cake. Ordered 2 Large steak and cheese with mushrooms and 1 with extra cheese. No where did I asked for anything to be added to the sandwiches. Well no sooner I bit into one, I got a mouth full of Mayonnaise. I have never in my 50yrs put mayo on my sandwiches and my husband is allergic to it. Good thing I was the one who bit first. What does 1 person need to do to get their order straight???? Now I have a $20 credit on file. I am afraid to order from them again. If you look under my name and account at the store you will see I order quiet a bit. Nothing has "ADD MAYO"!!!! I hope this irritates corporate because it doesnt seem to bother this particulaar store. Thank you for your time Sincerely brenda_coombes@yahoo.com

  6. My review is a bit different from the above. WE had my niece's 13th birthday party (meal portion of the epic event) at the Papa Gino's in Medford Square (her pick) and we ate, and ate, and ate. Everything was super yummy, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, boneless wings (Sweet Teriyaki and Buffalo), Cinnamon Sticks, etc. Richard, the Manager, made sure we had plenty of napkins, forks, condiments. He didn't mind that some of the kids decided to have a dance contest (we were on the opposite side of the other patrons and they didn't seem to mind either). It was a great experience and we were pumped and ready for our next activity, "Lazer Tag"!

  7. I order Papa Gino's and D'angelo very often , just recently I ordered at the store on Winthrop street in Taunton Massachusetts . My family waited an hour and 15 minutes for our pizza and when it arrived it was cold and driver/cashier didn't have bottle of soda that was supposed to be with our order and went back to get bottle of soda . When he returned we informed him of food being cold so he said im sorry to hear that and left . REALLY though sorry to hear that cmon now damn food is expensive as is then waiting then no soda then cold food !!

  8. they do not have fresh food it comes in bags ,and the vegetables are not fresh they come cut up and they keep them 4 about 5 days this is the one on all of them so your food is not fresh and they are not dated in the refrigerator they dont rotate the food so good luck eating at papa ginos

  9. re #1164. This is the second time in 6 weeks that I have gotten cold pizza delivered 29 minutes late. You need to have a survey site where issues are addressed. I thin it is probably time to return to Domino's..

  10. Last 2 visits with papa ginos have been very dissapointing. My last visit I ordered online a small cheese pizza and a large bbq boneless chicken wings. On the notes i asked for extra BBQ sauce ON the wings and a cup of liquid butter on the side. Well a lot of good that did because when I arrived there was barely any bbq sauce on the wings i mean they were literally dry and of course no cup of liquid butter!! My small cheese pizza was covered in a thick layer of cheese, i never asked for extra cheese either. Papa ginos clearly is not training their employees how to make the food correctly or pay attention to detail and what the customers want. I have already tried emailing on the contact us page and to no surprise, no response. You do not care about customer service nor the quality of your food papa ginos, i am done giving you my money.

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