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Radisson Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Radisson Corporate Office Headquarters

Radisson Hotels & Resorts
11340 Blondo St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68164 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-445-0809
Customer Service Number: 1-800-615-7253
Reservations: 1-800-967-9033

  • I am very disappointed about Northridge Radisson hotel and Radisson reservation hot line. The hot line sold me one room and the Hotel dose not care to honer it. They hotel told me that i should call the hot line back for there mistake and I was sold the second time the second room with wrong description of what the room should have been and no one has done anything to accommodate me for all the hours i have spent dealing with these incompetent people. To late for me to change hotel but I never again will stay with Radisson hotel any were. I don't recommend any one should either. You most likely to get better customer care at motel 6 then at Radisson. At least when they sale you a room, you know what your are getting for sure.
    Some one should look in to there customer care or lack thereof.

  • Well the Radisson at charleston airport was a bad 25th anniversary decision. We chose this motel because of our 1st anniversary, and wanted to walk down memory lane. The building upon arrival looked ok to the front desk and that was it. We chose to take our kids to give them a brake also from the cold. The indoor activity looked great. The hallway to the restaurant had a section missing with a plywood board over it with orange cones. The hungover bar tender did not care about no one but explaining how he is human and can get mad also to the help.the activity area was awful, block tape around hot tub. The pool was nasty with no filtration on, and not heated. Nobody in the building would dare it. The room was ok after bed repairs. The staff was ok but the delusional manager. Upon our complaint to her about the mess and the pool she replied, that the pool has nothing wrong with it and people were enjoying it, this was sooo incorrect! One elevator was out so this was fun. The tile floor had no shine and the carpet was unbelievable, so nasty, I'll leave it at that. In conclusion. This hotel presentation is one of financial ruin. I took pictures to send to home office but after reading the prior posts I'll just redo this 25th for my wife. She said I don't have to but I want to, she is amazing! Hope this company will look into the management of this Hotel. Thanks

  • I really enjoyed my visit at the Radisson hotel in Aruba. I leave Aruba with fond memories, except for one, the birds in the cages along the garden walkways on the hotel grounds. Whenever I think of these birds I feel sad. Other guests told me they felt the same and that it made them sad to walk by the cages. Hotel policy allows the parrots out of their cages for one hour each day while their cages are being cleaned. On behalf of the Aruba Radisson guests and myself we are asking if the birds might be let out more often and more frequently. Also, there is one bird in particular (with a very long beak and not a parrot) that is never allowed out, he makes a lot of noise and doesn't sound very happy. When I went to stand by his cage, he kept biting on the metal chain and pad lock showing me that he wanted out. I felt sad and helpless. One of the hotel employees told me that the birds actually feel safer in their cages. I too feel save in my room and in my bed, but that doesn't mean that I want to spend my entire life there. Would you please consider letting the birds out for longer periods of time and not replacing the birds when they get old and die? It would be nice to see a cage free environment altogether. Would you also allow that one bird with the long beak to spend some time outside? Even if his wings are still working he will not fly very far because he knows where his home and his food are.

    A lot of guests are not amused when they see these birds, rather they feel sorry for them, not to mention that parrots make a lot of noise–not a very conducive environment for guests that are looking for peace and quiet, and relaxation.

  • Until the Adrian Peterson issue is resolved I will pause my money. It was a poor decision to sign a symbol of aggression to represent a service business.

  • My first time at Radisson in Nw Indiana. I had bad experience with the people over charges on my card they never gave me my money back of 60.00 dollars plus the 20.00 on phone calls. The company kept keep taking my money out instead deposit back in my accounts. I never will go back again.

  • I too had a bad experience at the hotel Raddison in Davenport Iowa.I checked into the room on a Sat.night and was shown to the room by one of the employees. I Stated the the room smelled like cigarette smoke to the employee and was told that was all that was available so We took it.The next day We left and I checked My bank account when I came home, There was an extra charge for $250.00 for smoking in the room.It was not Me and was told too bad.

  • Dear Radisson Representative,

    I am pleased to not be anonymous and have you know my name. It is Dr. James Souers and my email is: jimsouers@hotmail.com.

    On January 27, 2014, I sent an email to James Scott, CEO of the Radisson in Belize City, Belize asking for his help. Although I was not staying at the Radisson, I had purchased a shirt in his hotel gift shop, foolishly did not try it on in the store and when I returned to my room found it was much too big. I immediately returned to the gift shop within 10 minutes of purchase and since they did not have my size to exchange for, asked for my money back. The sales lady refused to return my money stating that since I bought with cash she could only give me a credit for something else in the store. If it had been my credit card they would have credited it, but since I paid with cash they were keeping it no matter what.

    I wanted nothing else in the store.The next day I tried to talk to the owner Kathleen Hohenkirk to ask for my money back. She was only available by phone and although I was standing in her store while she talked to her sales lady, she refused to talk to me, reiterating that no cash refunds was her policy.

    Moving up the chain of command, I asked for Mr. Scott's help. He too was not on the premises, but I sent him a descriptive email. I requested that he intercede with Miss Hohenkirk since it was his hotel and I surmised he would like to keep dissatisfied customers from writing corporate like I am doing. Mr Scott both through an underling and by email, refused to intercede stating he only rented Radisson space to Miss Hohenkirk and he had no power and it was not his problem.

    Miss Hohenkirk must be a very important lady. I am amazed that a hotel CEO would be afraid to confront a gift shop owner that he rents to, and would prefer to have a customer (I have stayed in many a Radisson through the years) so upset.
    If you choose to answer this, I have copies of all emails. I would still like my money (US$65.00) back. If you do not answer me, I will try someone else at Radisson Corporate. I know. I know. I know. I am letting $65.00 and some hotel gift shop owner ruin my vacation and my opinion of Belize. It seems crazy, but this is so blatantly wrong that I have to try to right the wrong.

    Thank you.

    Dr. James L. Souers

  • I recently stayed at the Radisson in Charleston, SC. I was there during Christmas week. They day after Christmas my family and I spent the day out around town. The next day when getting ready to head out site seeing I notice my one bottle of perfume was missing. I know where I put it plus I had used it the two days before. I was put back in my toiletry bag. When I notified the hotel about my item they waited until my check out to tell me they spoke with the housekeeper and she didnt know anything about a perfume bottle. The their way of compensating me was a $25 gift card to use at any Radisson. REALLY! If I wanted to use that, they gave it to me at check out. I may never stay at a Radisson again. Then my perfume cost more then $25. What I want is my item back or give me what would cover to replece my item. I cant believe they just think a guilty person would admit to taking something. I've traveled alot and stayed at different hotels and the Radisson is the 1st and only hotel to have stolen something from me.

    • How strange that I would have the same thing happen to me. I stayed at the Charleston airport Radisson from Nov.1st to Nov.3rd, 2014. Upon preparing to check out, I found that two bottles of Gray Goose Vodka, which I had purchased duty free on the ship. I reported and assumed that the general manager would handle it as he promised. When I called the first he said he had not been able to find out who had cleaned the room. Every call I have made after that has not been answered and the mailbox is full and cannot take messages. That is my last time staying at a Radisson Hotel.

    • The exact thing happened to me at the Charleston Airport Radisson, I stayed there from May 9 – 12 2016. Housekeeping (the only one to enter room) stole a new England patriots t shirt out of my suit case, the person who cleaned my room was "Theresa".i reported to the hotel manager "Eric" what happened, they said they would check into it. I have not heard on word. I sent a letter to the corporate office. I will not stop until they pay for another shirt that I just ordered. I WILL NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN, Seems to me there are thieves among the staff at the Radisson.

    • I stayed at the Charleston Airport Radisson In April of 2016. I went out with friends to the Naval Memorial. When I got back everything in my room was gone. They had vacated my room even though I was booked to stay for a few more days. We found most of my belongings but a large sum of money was still missing. They called in the police then told me they could do nothing until the police completed their investigation. I'm still waiting in January of 2017.

  • I have recently stayed at the Radisson Hotel and Celebration Resort in Orlando, Florida. The hotel is newly renovated and is quickly falling apart. Housekeeping is not doing a good job at all. Floors are filthy, rooms are not properly cleaned, rooms are left without towels, soap etc. The majority of the staff is rude and simply seem annoyed to be there!! Disgusted with the experience and will never stay there or any other Radisson again!!!

    • samething happen to us same hotel December 20,21 22 and on top of that my card was charged twice fitting with them and wait for corp. to get back to me

  • Poor customer service. No one answers the phone and they do not return calls.I will find another place for our nameless. Some place who values customers.

    • I agree! My husband and daughter stayed there (they didn't even stay the night but left early) and were overcharged by about $200. I have been calling for three days and no one calls me back, now I am told the manager is of for the next two days. No one I call, corporate or the local hotel, can seem to give me any answers. This has been a nightmare and I for sure will not be doing business with any Radisson hotels ever again.

    • My family stayed upon going to work and about before returning back to our room we were checked out and personal belongings were moved no one, security, front desk or housekeeper supervisor doesn’t know where items went too. Filed claim with Zurich now saying there policy doesn’t apply to our personal property they removed. They have safes for personal belongings. Although personal items which were taken was our clothing. I’m now contacting corporate headquarters and they’re not answering their phone bad news. I would not ever stay there again. Our stay was for 1 week yet we didn’t care to stay with a new room.

    • I stayed apt Park Inn (Raddison) in Beaver Falls PA Very Horrible experience! I paid extra money to be on pool level and there were all these people from some religious group. Which I didn't care about. Kids were running around, throwing balls, sitting in the flowers by the pool, and jumping off the balcony. No adult supervision. I was getting harassed by one of the kids and after I told him to stay away from my area which I was sitting at a table right in front of my room. I get turned in and when the front desk lady came and talked to me, I was told kids will be kids. My kids were in our room at 10pm, this happen around 11pm, and threatens to call cops if I don't go in my room which I was cleaning up my table, while she and another woman that had come in to situation stood over there talking about me. I cannot believe how this night went and did not want to stay so I took my kids home, and never will I stay at that hotel again. It was unbelievable. I fill I should get half my money back since I did not stay the night. I paid 154.00 with tax in cash.

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