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Rally’s Corporate Office 

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Rally’s Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Below are comprehensive details about Rally’s, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Rally’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Rally’s Corporate Office: Overview

Rally's Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Rally’s History

Rally’s, known for its drive-thru restaurants and flavorful burgers, fries, and milkshakes, is a major fast-food chain in the United States. Founded in 1985, Rally’s has expanded significantly and merged with Checkers in 1999, further broadening its reach and menu offerings.

The Fast Food Industry and Rally’s Position

In the competitive fast-food market, Rally’s competes with chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Rally’s sets itself apart with its unique double drive-thru service, bold flavors, and an emphasis on delivering quality food quickly and affordably.

Rally’s Commitment to Fast, Quality Service

Rally’s is committed to providing a convenient and enjoyable dining experience. The brand focuses on serving delicious, made-to-order meals, ensuring customer satisfaction with both the food quality and the speed of service.

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Rally’s Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Rally’s food quality, service speed, and overall dining experience. Your feedback helps others understand Rally’s operations and commitment to providing fast and enjoyable meals.

Rally's Hamburger Issue

February 18, 2024

Dangerous objects in food! I went through Rally’s drive-thru on 2/18/24 at 4:13 pm I ordered 2 bacon cheddar burgers and large fries got home started eating it so far I have found 9 staples in my sandwiches and haven’t looked through the rest of the food possibly could be more. This possibly was done intentionally!!! I have swallowing problems if these would have got caught or stuck up in my throat there is a chance I might not be writing this message!!! I have pictures on my phone just don’t know how to download them onto my computer SORRY!!!


Rally Home Office RE: The Rally at 8601 Preston in Louisville,KY is terrible!

November 13, 2023

My sister bought us both a spicy chicken meal. The food was awful. The chicken was not spicy but it was flat and dry. The fries were dripping oil! Never have we got such h bad food there. Ridiculous that she paid over $16 for food that was trashed and service that was bad. The servers were rude to us and we heard them speaking rudely to the car in front of us! Definitely will not be back! I’d give negative stars if possible!


Rallys Corporate - Over charging at 022 N 6th St Vincennes IN

October 27, 2023

Rally at 2022 N 6th St Vincennes IN 47591 is overcharging people when you get to the window. I ordered the Mother cruncher chicken sandwich combo and the drive-thru sign said $7.99 when I arrived at the window it was $9.89. I asked about the price and he said it is $9.19 plus tax which is $9.89. I said your sign says $7.99, and his reply was that comes from corporate I can’t change the sign. I said fine I am not going to be overcharged and left. What the heck! This doesn’t sound like it is on the up and up. Someone from corporate needs to visit this location! I should have gone back around and taken a photo of their drive-thru sign but I was too mad.


Message for Rally's headquarters - Why you can’t get nothing to eat at Rallies Columbus, OH

August 20, 2023

Rallies on West Mound St., Columbus, OH: After I sit in the drive-through for 20 minutes they told me they don’t have ice cream to make Sundays for the fifth day straight in Row then after I order my food and they charge me $35 they tell me that they cannot work at 50 after I order $35 for food which means they only need to give me $15 it was actually 1436 and change but they can’t deliver. They can’t serve me my food because they don’t want to do business. You have several employees sitting in rallies at West Mound St., Columbus, OH that don’t take orders And tell you that you don’t have food so I don’t know if I’ll ever eat rallies again.


Rally's in Louisville, KY is only accepting Doordash and no drive-up customers?

August 20, 2023

I have been to rally’s on 8601 Preston hwy, Louisville KY, 40219 (502)968-7145 at least 15 times from around 12:05 am to 12:15 am and they will say we are only taking orders for door dash. there will not be any cars on the one side and maybe 1 car on the door dash side and sometimes no cars for the door dash. If they do not want business from drive-up customers then they should block off the side for drive-ups, I like their food but I am not going to keep going there to be told door dash only, I feel you lose much business because Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s right down the street are busy. I have to go to them for my food but I wanted Rally’s but what fools running it late at night don’t think they need the business. I just hope something will be done about this.

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