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Rally’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Unknown! Should'nt in the employees especially the ones at the Parma Ohio store we made to wear hair next or those paper hats.The thought Of stringy and kinky hair fall on the hamburgers sickening !!!!

  2. Hello I'm from bowling green Ohio and I watched a episode of undercover boss that I'd like say our locations rallys is in need of help or closure customers being told computers not working only doordash or online orders only to false advertising hours of operation. People on Facebook are complaining including myself feel free to look as well as help us save this location.

  3. I went through the drive through at Rally's on Patrick street in chas wva and. Ordered a chicken box meal with buffalo sauce in side ok it came bavk tossedon french fries abd all I told them manager he made me more but didn't hive me sby sauce abd when I get yo my son's house had ants in the drink sprites I called to tell them sbf yhe fax machine was on beeping when I tried yo tell him it finished idk how he even heard me smdh

  4. I really hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. To day I stop by my local rallys.I order the Big Bufford, 2 for $5.oo.I don't get to eat -out often cause I'm on disability and can't afford to go there every week. So that is why I'm complaining. I ORDER 2 BIG BUFFORDS, ASK " NO PICKLES OR ONIONS. WHAT DO I GET ONIONS AND PICKLES>I really hope something gets done about this. Oh ,by the way I will never stop at a rallys again.

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