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  1. I visited your NEW location, The Vineyard, Porter Ranch, today at 1:20 PM to use the Grand Opening coupon I had received in the mail. I was served by Robert and could not believe how I was treated. I asked him for a small hand packed box, which he did and special wrapped it. I also purchased a box of peppermint. When I went to pay I presented my coupon and for the free gift I was told they were all out. I asked him for a couple of lollipops to make up for the free gift and I was told, "we don't give free candy." I said well your out of the free gift which was one of there reasons I came in and also it was much closer to me than the Granada Hills store.I did make a purchase but, I felt his customer relations service left a lot to be desired. I paid with a Costco gift card as well as cash and since the card was now useless I asked him to throw it away to which he replied, "throw it in the waste basket behind you. I told him is it a big deal for him to throw it in the trash behind him? I'm leaving the card on the counter you can do what ever you want with it and left very unhappy. I'll go to Granada Hills or the one on Sherman Way and Wilbur from now on.

  2. On line, I ordered a box of See's for this past holiday season (2021-22). I am very familiar with the brand as I've spent most of my life near See's stores… not the concessions. They have always been my "go-to" chocolate. This year my candies were hard and looked and tasted old. Additionally, there were tiny "worm holes" inside of the truffles I ordered. I had heard this could happen to your candies when they get old, but this was ordered and delivered within two weeks. So, they shouldn't have been old unless they'd been sitting in a warehouse or have been stored at an improper temperature for sometime. I ended up not eating them as I don't know what worms do to the body. Three years ago I also saw worms in your chocolates. How long ago did See's sell their company? It's not the same and the tops of the chocolates look sloppy. They're not neat and impressive anymore. Give me a reason why I shouldn't find another brand of chocolate!

  3. I made an online order for my mother-in laws birthday. The candies were due to arrive on 2/15/2020 this was her birthday. I called and was told no the candies would be there by the 18th. This was strange to me since your distro. center is so close to her home but nevertheless I said okay. It is now the 19th still no gift has arrived. Called today spoke with a Ron, he told me that an Ava signed for them at 12:23pm on Wed the 18th. I hungup called my mother-in-law and my brother inlaw to see if they new an Ava. No one knows who this woman is. I than called back spoke with a Tessy. She explained all they could do is send out a replacement that wouldn't arrive until the 21st. This is unbelievable. Had I gotten your product and then said sorry I don't have enough to cover the charge I will pay you in a week you would have tacked on charges and be ready to take me to court if need be. But when you people have messed up royally you don't want to compensate me in anyway. I will do as my husband said from the beginning order from Godiva chocolates. I used to live in California and thought it would be easier to order from there. I'm not a happy camper and plan to make as many post as possible asking friends and family not to order from your company EVER!!!!!!

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