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  • Serta Corporate Office Headquarters

Serta Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Serta Corporate Office Headquarters

Serta, Inc.
2600 Forbs Ave.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-645-0200
Customer Service Number: 1-888-557-3782

  • My husband and I purchased a Serta Superlative
    SPI long sized mattress 3 years ago. It now has
    two significant body impressions on both sides of
    the mattress. We have submitted a
    warranty claim. It is taking forever to get the
    warranty kit so that we can complete this
    horrible process. In the mean time we have to
    sleep on a mattress that is very uncomfortable.

  • Bought 2 mattresses on serta.com and will be receiving the bill for them before I receive the mattresses – close to $4,000. Serta does not care about its customers at all. I have been trying to track down my order on a daily basis. No one knows where it is nor cares from Corporate on down. It was delivered to the local delivery company over a week ago but was supposedly damaged and sent back. Promised new sets would go out last Friday – THAT WAS ANOTHER LIE. I will never buy from them again.

  • I bought a SERTA from QVC 6 weeks ago. Per all presentations, it could be returned after 30 nights. I requested return in only 7 because it was so firm. It was picked up by an MXD affiliate shipper on August 26, 2016. As of today (September 12, 2016) no one will acknowledge it was picked up and issue a refund. I am sending the president of QVC and the president of Serta copies of all the documentation!

  • Our 18 month old Serta purchased from QVC is very defective! There are huge lumps on it ! I need someone from Serta Corporate to contact me ASAP! I can't believe this expensive bed is so awful. I am extremely disappointed in Serta. I am seriously considering legal action and contacting the BBB if I don't get a response to resolve this issue.

  • I bought Serta pillow top about four years ago and i have to sleep in my recliner.The mattress has a ditch in it where I lay it has been nothing like I expected .I am going to call the main office but from what I am reading on here I dont think it will do any good.I am very disappointed could somebody please help all of us if you work in the serta company and can help us..


  • We purchased a mattress & box springs from Serta two years ago and have had nothing but problems with this company. A year ago we contacted their customer service dept to report problem with pillow top and indentations. We never received claim forms they were to send. And with two subsequent back surgeries and confinement to bed, it was not one of our priorities. The product was originally set on a metal frame with center legs by their delivery people but we subsequently had a base built approx. six months ago because problem was getting worse. The base is made with 2×6 slats so there would be no movement — period. Now after finally calling again, sending docs they requested and inspection by their rep, they denied claim because "no center support". Now today they are saying it's because of a stain on left side of mattress and lack of center support yet there is no problem with box springs nor base. Many, many tries to resolve this matter and all we get is run around by their personnel. Totally do not stand behind product nor follow thru with communications – was told they would return call from supervisor within 8 to 24 on Friday and took him till Thursday to call only after us sending email and questioning why no call back. And to top it off, he was rude and would no even listen to our appeal to have issue further reviewed.

  • I have tried to deal with these people on many different levels to no avail!!! They "DO NOT" stand behind their products!! Their warranty is a "JOKE" they actually have "NO" warranty when you call about it they have their ways to wiggle out of it!! They consider a manufacturing defect to be cosmetic and not covered under the warranty. This company does not care about the consumer..and eventually will screw over enough people and will go bankrupt..To the the PUBLIC !!!!****BEWARE****!!!!

    • Experienced the same issue. What is the point of buying a mattress with a warranty that is completely useless. Will continue my letter writing campaign although I know after reading many reviews, nothing will be done. I have a completely useless 3 year old mattress. I agree Buyer Beware!

  • My neighbor bought the #1 Serta mattress at the Boston Store Gallery. I was at her house when it arrived and the delivery people had me sign a sheet leaving nothing and took off. Amazingly my husband and I both love my neighbor's new mattress. She told me the I-Series, Hybrid, the No. 1 mattress for 2014 so I did call the Milwaukee WI Gallery, but my money didn't come in time to purchase the last #1 mattress for the year 2014 or 2015. I was on the computer and told them all of the information to about 8 people since June 2015. Deb the manufacturing whatever is the one that put the end of my new mattress that I was suppose to receive. By the way, I paid for the mattress ahead of time. I have been having injections for my back which doesn't help. Now I'm at a different hospital and found out I have a bulging disk and will be having injections next week. I can hardly make it out of the bed even my husband is sleeping in the basement so I can spread myself out on the whole mattress since it has a dip in the middle of the mattress. I'm done calling the mattress specialists, who are nice, but that is all the further it gets. This Deb in mfg. whatever will not deliver my mattress, #1 mattress, all info from my neighbor as I received this first mattress which I don't know how I got, there is a third name, but the mattress specialist indicated that was the mattress, Advantage. I should have received the Expression as that is the #1 mattress for I-Series, Hybrid. Of all of the times I called and getting no sleep and in constant pain the next day, plus I have musculskeletan and deQuairian disease from being over worked at my last workplace. Now after two years I am on S.S. Disability and saved up enough money thinking I'm getting the #1 mattress. Doesn't anyone can help as I'm about ready to hire an attorney, although my attorney is a judge now. I'll either be sitting in a wheel chair and my husband is going to the chiropractor as the mattress downstairs is flat thinking I would buy another mattress from Serta at the beginning of my episode. My neighbor just got back from Greece and the first question she asked me: "Did you get your mattress, yet"? She couldn't believe it and she may do something as she has a temper, and knows the people in Milwaukee, WI, Boston Store Gallery.

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