Serta Corporate Office Headquarters

Serta Corporate Office Headquarters
Serta, Inc.
2600 Forbs Ave.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-645-0200
Customer Service Number: 1-888-557-3782

  • My husband and I purchased a Serta Superlative
    SPI long sized mattress 3 years ago. It now has
    two significant body impressions on both sides of
    the mattress. We have submitted a
    warranty claim. It is taking forever to get the
    warranty kit so that we can complete this
    horrible process. In the mean time we have to
    sleep on a mattress that is very uncomfortable.

  • Bought 2 mattresses on and will be receiving the bill for them before I receive the mattresses – close to $4,000. Serta does not care about its customers at all. I have been trying to track down my order on a daily basis. No one knows where it is nor cares from Corporate on down. It was delivered to the local delivery company over a week ago but was supposedly damaged and sent back. Promised new sets would go out last Friday – THAT WAS ANOTHER LIE. I will never buy from them again.

  • I bought a SERTA from QVC 6 weeks ago. Per all presentations, it could be returned after 30 nights. I requested return in only 7 because it was so firm. It was picked up by an MXD affiliate shipper on August 26, 2016. As of today (September 12, 2016) no one will acknowledge it was picked up and issue a refund. I am sending the president of QVC and the president of Serta copies of all the documentation!

  • Our 18 month old Serta purchased from QVC is very defective! There are huge lumps on it ! I need someone from Serta Corporate to contact me ASAP! I can't believe this expensive bed is so awful. I am extremely disappointed in Serta. I am seriously considering legal action and contacting the BBB if I don't get a response to resolve this issue.

  • I bought Serta pillow top about four years ago and i have to sleep in my recliner.The mattress has a ditch in it where I lay it has been nothing like I expected .I am going to call the main office but from what I am reading on here I dont think it will do any good.I am very disappointed could somebody please help all of us if you work in the serta company and can help us..


  • We purchased a mattress & box springs from Serta two years ago and have had nothing but problems with this company. A year ago we contacted their customer service dept to report problem with pillow top and indentations. We never received claim forms they were to send. And with two subsequent back surgeries and confinement to bed, it was not one of our priorities. The product was originally set on a metal frame with center legs by their delivery people but we subsequently had a base built approx. six months ago because problem was getting worse. The base is made with 2×6 slats so there would be no movement — period. Now after finally calling again, sending docs they requested and inspection by their rep, they denied claim because "no center support". Now today they are saying it's because of a stain on left side of mattress and lack of center support yet there is no problem with box springs nor base. Many, many tries to resolve this matter and all we get is run around by their personnel. Totally do not stand behind product nor follow thru with communications – was told they would return call from supervisor within 8 to 24 on Friday and took him till Thursday to call only after us sending email and questioning why no call back. And to top it off, he was rude and would no even listen to our appeal to have issue further reviewed.

  • I have tried to deal with these people on many different levels to no avail!!! They "DO NOT" stand behind their products!! Their warranty is a "JOKE" they actually have "NO" warranty when you call about it they have their ways to wiggle out of it!! They consider a manufacturing defect to be cosmetic and not covered under the warranty. This company does not care about the consumer..and eventually will screw over enough people and will go bankrupt..To the the PUBLIC !!!!****BEWARE****!!!!

    • Experienced the same issue. What is the point of buying a mattress with a warranty that is completely useless. Will continue my letter writing campaign although I know after reading many reviews, nothing will be done. I have a completely useless 3 year old mattress. I agree Buyer Beware!

  • My neighbor bought the #1 Serta mattress at the Boston Store Gallery. I was at her house when it arrived and the delivery people had me sign a sheet leaving nothing and took off. Amazingly my husband and I both love my neighbor's new mattress. She told me the I-Series, Hybrid, the No. 1 mattress for 2014 so I did call the Milwaukee WI Gallery, but my money didn't come in time to purchase the last #1 mattress for the year 2014 or 2015. I was on the computer and told them all of the information to about 8 people since June 2015. Deb the manufacturing whatever is the one that put the end of my new mattress that I was suppose to receive. By the way, I paid for the mattress ahead of time. I have been having injections for my back which doesn't help. Now I'm at a different hospital and found out I have a bulging disk and will be having injections next week. I can hardly make it out of the bed even my husband is sleeping in the basement so I can spread myself out on the whole mattress since it has a dip in the middle of the mattress. I'm done calling the mattress specialists, who are nice, but that is all the further it gets. This Deb in mfg. whatever will not deliver my mattress, #1 mattress, all info from my neighbor as I received this first mattress which I don't know how I got, there is a third name, but the mattress specialist indicated that was the mattress, Advantage. I should have received the Expression as that is the #1 mattress for I-Series, Hybrid. Of all of the times I called and getting no sleep and in constant pain the next day, plus I have musculskeletan and deQuairian disease from being over worked at my last workplace. Now after two years I am on S.S. Disability and saved up enough money thinking I'm getting the #1 mattress. Doesn't anyone can help as I'm about ready to hire an attorney, although my attorney is a judge now. I'll either be sitting in a wheel chair and my husband is going to the chiropractor as the mattress downstairs is flat thinking I would buy another mattress from Serta at the beginning of my episode. My neighbor just got back from Greece and the first question she asked me: "Did you get your mattress, yet"? She couldn't believe it and she may do something as she has a temper, and knows the people in Milwaukee, WI, Boston Store Gallery.

  • I am grieved to read how Serta does not believe people have the right to exercise their freedom of speech, hold an opinion or belief that does not align with the progressive left agenda. Thank you for revealing where you stand. I have eliminated "Serta" from my vocabulary. Judging from the number of comments above you can add thousands of unwritten voices dissatisfied with Serta.

  • Outraged that Serta aspires to interfere with the American election process by blackballing one of our Presidential candidates. You have no right to try to sway the public in favor of your uneducated opinion.

  • Serta is obviously a liberal company in sheep's clothing. Never again will I find those cute little numbered sheep adorable. If a Democrat had made derogatory comments on anything, I am sure that would be okay. Stay out of politics. Let people have their free speech. And regarding "leadership" as mentioned in the comment above – maybe you should hire a new Border Collie to direct the company.

  • Serta Leadership,

    You cut ties with an American that used his Right to Free Speech.

    I will no longer support your company or any affiliate of your company due to WEAK LEADERSHIP.

    It is a sign of weak leadership when company leaders fold to pressure from a political party or group. Leaders must be able to make the obvious choices AND hard choices. Obviously the hard choices are being made by others. Regardless of political party or who said what, real LEADERSHIP would have to come out and tell the world that your company cannot in good faith cut ties with someone for exercising freedom of speech.

    Money is not a concern to me. I have 7 sertas in my home and 4 in our vacation home. They are already in process of being removed and replaced. If you cannot respect the US Constitution, sorry, but I cannot purchase anything from nor support your company in any way.

    Damien Parker

  • My wife and I purchased a mattress in June 2013. Their Ceremony King for $ 1800.00. The mattress came with 25 year warranty. The left side of the mattress collapsed and broke…it is a manufacturing defect so I notified them, their agent Mattress One in Houston, Texas and then filled the online complaint form with pictures. They acknowledged receiving the form without pictures about 1.5 months later and claimed I did it incorrectly and did not include photos and so my claim was invalid. These people are cooked. I would not buy any mattress with foam. Buy the old fashioned coils spring. I bought 2 mattresses in 2009 from Sears (don't remember the brand). They are in perfect shape and continue to look and feel like new. Trust Sears, Macy's and major Department store. Don't go to Mattress One in Houston and don't buy Serta. Lost $ 1800 in a year because of Mattress One and SERTA.

  • Allen K.
    We bought our serta Mattress about 2 years ago, I tell you what a disappointment this was, The bed is sinking and my wife and I are having hard time sleeping at night So I called Serta and complained, Serta asked me to send a check for $35.00 dollars which I did, after some time I got a phone call from the inspector to make appointment to see the mattress, When he showed up he checked the bed and said every pillow top has this problem with sinking and you should never buy pillow top mattress, but after he left he wrote different things in his report,So my claim was declined and when I called to speak to them about my disagreement they blamed my bed frame which I never had any problem with in the past(What a joke),and said your Bernhardt bed frame is not good enough for our mattress, i just want to tell people out there to be careful when buying Serta product, Not only I will file a complain with BBB and Dept. of consumer affair I will never buy nor recommend this manufacturer to anyone,

    • Your comments are exactly the same as problem we are having with them. We will never buy another Serta product after having been a loyal customer for over 50+ years.

  • I decided to cancel the I Comfort Directions Epic King mattress and the King Motion Custom Adjustable Foundation Base I'm being charged the $200.00 for the 120 days Trail which I haven't even received the Mattress or Base.Also a 15% percent Restocking Fee.My Total for the items was $9741.42. Go to Sears they have better Deals. Serta .com is a total Rip Off.

  • I recently bought and received a Serta iComfort Insight mattress and foundation. I'm pleased with the product and would recommend it to someone looking for a new bed. This is the 'rub': I was asked to submit a review. When I did, I received a reply saying my review had been rejected because it didn't meet their guidelines. It would appear to me that I can compliment them all I want, but my review did point out that their after hours customer service people were less then knowledgeable. Wow! review -rejected!!! There after hours customer service people are not up to snuff! What are you afraid of Serta?

  • Ok, after reading so many negatives, I would like to forward my experience. Many years ago, my husband & I went to a Hilton Hotel for my Class Reunion of about 40 years?? During the next couple of days, one of the conversations centered around the Hotel's Mattress- It was a Serta Suite Dreams II. We were ALL amazed at the level of COMFORT and good nights sleep. Some of us later attempted to buy the mattress, but it had been discontinued. I went back to that same hotel five years later, (my brother-in-law lived near the hotel. We asked for the SAME bedding (I had taken pictures of the matress tags) and again, amazing Comfort, Quality and Great night sleep. I do not work, or promote Serta- I am still trying to find something similar to that same mattress being manafactured today- I have Severe Arthretic issues- Not in any way to dispute many problems expressed in these reviews, but I wanted to share my experience. Be sure, when making your purchase, your dealing with a reputable business- Call the Customer Service Line, for SERTA make sure the Warrenty is absolute- and any issues which would disqualify your being able to make a return at THEIR expense. also, time limit especially-

  • The mattress was purchased in 5/14/2011, Perfect sleeper. Sears didn't help or either did Serta itself. Operator told me there was no one else that I could speak to even to vent my concerns about the mattress then told me to have a good day and hung up. WOW!!!! Trust me never again will I buy a serta ever again. Michael , SC

    • Michael, Michael- Call the Serta Service Center- You may have to leave a message or write an email. Call Corporate- Just Google it- Respectfully, Never accept a no from a an Operater- get her name and the name of whom she refers you- Ask her or him to spell their name, that always places them on guard to Do Their Job- which is Customer Satisfaction. see my review below (Anonymous) baelow yours- I am trying again to find something similar to my class reunion experience at a particular hotel- My husband & I both experienced a great mattress. Sorry, Felt really bad for you- never allow an Operaor to dissmiss you-

    • Sorry, Michael- one last thing- Customer Service Center might just be a rebot referral- Try the Corporate Number, 1 847 645 0200- This Operator connected me to a real person phone- Yes, I had to leave a phone number, but I feel it is at this location that something can be accomplished. Email Address is or hope it works 🙂

    • Thanks Michael. You wouldn't have a FAX no. would you? It is truly tough out here dealng with ruthless companies.

  • Purchased a Serta perfect sleeper in 5/11/2014 from N Charleston Sears. the bed was sinking in the first year and after the second year we went back to our old mattress which is a Beauty Rest mattress that is 13 years old. Could not get warranty covered after pictures were sent. $ 900 just for the the Mattress alone. Serta doesn't back up their mattresses at all. What a Joke!!! Mike

  • My wife and I purchased a Queen Size Pillow Top on January 9, 2012 and was satisfied with the purchase. But within a year the mattress started breaking down, so we rotated it. This worked for a very short time until the other side did the same as the first. In order for us to sleep on this mattress we have to take some blankets that we weren't using at that time, and placed them in the hole so that the surface was close to being level enough to sleep on. In fact one night the side gave way causing me to fall out of bed and bang my head and shoulder against the nightstand. I know what the warrantee states, but I do feel that something needs to be done, because a mattress should last more one-plus years before even thinking about a new one. I don't make great money, but I do keep my bills paid, and I don't have money to purchase a new mattress every one-plus years. Think long and hard about it, would you purchase your company's mattress when it's not going to last very long.

  • My husband and I purchased an Icomfort. Within 3 months there are two dents in the bed and one hugh hump in the middle. Serta sent a tech out and said that the dents are not deep enough 1/4, there for there is not a defect. Will he should had laid on the mattress. Serta is stating that there isnt any manufacturing defects. Will let them come and sleep on the bed, I feel like I am on a roller coaster with all the new humps in the bed now. There isnt any firmness, and we purchased the most firm in the Icomfort. DONT BUY SERTA the do not have any type of consumer care. We are still fighting.

  • I agree with Anonymous in South Africa. Customers service is the worst and every time you call them they give you one excuse after another. I have been waiting for a reply for their "expert" to come and look at the box spring that I bought less then a year ago. They told me that they never got my paperwork and I faxed it 3 times. I talked to some of the stores that used to carry Serta and they told me the reason they stopped was because of their horrible customer service.

  • We purchased a king sized matching set Serta "Perfect Day Celebration" mattress and springs and paid nearly $2,200 almost 7 years ago largely because of the company's reputation for standing behind its products and the product's 10 year warranty. At this point the mattress has 3 body imprints in it, one each for my wife and I and one for our 40 pound dog. The imprints have gotten so pronounced that my wife and I are having back aches in the morning. When inquiring about the warranty we were told that the "Law Tags" must be presented to get a replacement. Those are the tags that say they can only be removed by the owner, in this case me. No where do they say, "If the owner removes the tag they must retain it for future warranty claims." I know this because the tag is still on the box springs. Bottom line, without that "Law Tag" you are SOL warranty wise. SOL = "Sleeping On Lumps." I learned this today which is not a "Perfect Day Celebration" for sure! Beware.

  • I would like to purchase a replacement right arm for my executive high back chair #8995. Can anyone tell me how I may go about making this purchase?

  • My husband works at one of your plants and you run it like a sweatshop. Forcing the workers to work 16 hour days, sometimes 6 days a week, lifting heavy beds over their heads all day, pulling material until their hands bleed, not hiring the adequate number of workers to cover all positions. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • I want to buy a serta perfect slepper collection ultime. I do have allergies to some components of foam, rubber, latex. I would like to know the ingredients used in the making of your mattress ? Thank you Alain Belanger

  • Serta South Africa gives the worse customer support and always having excuses to have replacement done and making empty promises. Been struggling to resolve issue with the matters for more than 2 months, Serta Lylax said they will replace but nothing is happing with.

  • My husband and I have also purchased a Icomfort Genius –the firmest mattress that is made is my understanding. We were satisfied for several months and past the 120 day in home. However the mattress lost its firmness and when we did everything that was asked of us we still have not had any satisfaction. I have let it rest for a couple months and am on the warpath once again. We spent 1800. on what we thought would be one of the last beds we ever purchased we are in our mid 50's and we get up each morning with a backache- the bed is most uncomfortable – we did the little test with the block of wood and fishing weighs which I told them that the mattress would not flunk their little test. I have never been so disappointed in a company in my entire life. I would not recommend the Icomfort to anyone and am disappointed that even calling and emailing the corporate offices services department I received not help and never received one response to my emails that I sent daily for several days. So it is off the the BBB

    • I meant to add above I've complained to 3 BBB's and all have contacted on my behalf. Still, Bedmart will not respond to me. I overpaid, trying to get a refund.
      In one year, not one person in charge has contacted me. I've sent emails, faxes, letters which were sent to proper address and returned. Keep it up. Good Luck.

  • My nephew and neice bought one of your mattresses in Boise. They have had nothing but problems with it, and the place they bought it at won't address the issue until there 30-day trial is up. So they must remain uncomfortable for several more days. I doubt they will purchase another one, and from their experiences, I know I will not.

    • I bought a Serta Ginger brook and it has defects on it, one side has bumps, JC Penney wants me to sleep on it for 30 days even thought my body aches all over or pay $125.00 so that they can take it back, even if I wait the 30 days if the specialist that they have said's no defects still pay $125.00, what is happening to Serta you use to be a very good mattress make.


    • So this is serta. My parents purchased a $3,000 mattress that has mold in it from Conns. They refused to take it back within the 30day period and now say the mildew /mold is my parents fault. Looking at these comments I see this is your legacy. You are just collecting money and could care less about your customers.
      NEVER AGAIN!!!

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