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Smart and Final corporate office is located in Commerce, California. Below are comprehensive details about Smart and Final headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the warehouse-style food and supply industry.

How To Contact Smart & Final Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Smart & Final Corporate Office: Overview

Smart and Final Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Smart and Final Corporate Headquarters

A Snapshot of Smart & Final’s History

Established in 1871, Smart & Final has evolved into a chain of warehouse-style food and supply stores, catering to both foodservice professionals and everyday consumers. Known for its blend of supermarket and warehouse store formats, Smart & Final offers a wide range of products, including bulk foods, perishables, and household items.

The Food and Supply Industry and Smart & Final’s Position

In the food and supply market, Smart & Final competes with larger warehouse stores like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club, as well as traditional supermarkets and smaller grocery stores. The company differentiates itself with its unique format that combines the accessibility of a grocery store with the bulk purchase options of a warehouse club, aimed at both individual and business customers.

Smart & Final’s Customer-Centric Approach

Smart & Final focuses on meeting the diverse needs of its customers by offering a variety of products in both bulk and individual sizes. The company is committed to providing convenience, competitive pricing, and a customer-friendly shopping experience, appealing to both retail and wholesale buyers.

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Smart & Final Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Smart & Final’s stores and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s role in the food and supply industry and its commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.

Smart and Final Horrible Customer Service

June 15, 2024

I stopped by to buy a $100 Smart & Final Gift card and get the free $20 gift card as promoted in this week’s ad. The newspaper said buy “any” gift card for $100 and get the free $20 to use on a future visit. It said by where the gift card stand was, too. Then I asked cashier Renee before I bought it, to make sure I would get the $20. She went and checked the gift card area, then called someone and told me yes. So I bought the $100 Smart & Final gift card. No $20 receipt printed out. Renee just wanted me to accept that. I had specifically asked her before I purchased the card to double check, otherwise I would not have bought it. She called Closing Mgr, Michael. He was just rushing counting money and was indifferent to me. When I told her I wanted to speak to a manager, he came back and didn’t seem happy that I was asking for a mgr. He said the machine didn’t print out a $20 receipt voucher so I was out of luck. I repeated to him that I had asked before I purchased it. He said there was nothing he could do. I could tell he didn’t care. He seemed in a rush, and just wanted to go off and count money again. He walked over to another register and was working on other stuff. I told him I wanted the $20 voucher. He said he couldn’t give me $20. Renee told me to come back with the store receipt that showed I bought $100 gift card and see if it worked the next day. But it didn’t show $20 on it, and the people who work the next day wouldn’t know what happened. Finally, Michael said do you want your money back, so I said yes and he gave me a $100 bill back plus $4 and some cents for a Fathers Day balloon. I wasn’t returning the balloon and he didn’t ask for it back. He just wanted to get rid of me. He is a poor example of a manager and represents your store in a negative way. I live a few streets away from the Smart & Final where is occurred on Friday 6/14/24 about 8:15 PM to 8:28 PM. Watch your store’s camera back to see how he treated me. I am not going to your store again. Why give my money to a store that treats ,e so poorly and trains managers horribly. Too many supermarkets in my area where managers are trained better and treat customers well and I will support those. Michael should not be a manager. Please forward this to Human Resources for inclusion in his performance plan. He probably treats other customers back, too.


Smart and Final Price Mistake Policy

January 23, 2024

Cash register price mistake policy! I have had many problems when catching a mistake in the cash register price to the sale price. Supposed to get the item free if a mistake. (Your Policy at the cash register) Every time we catch it there is an argument like we are trying to steal something and holding up the line at the Northridge location. Every time they say we will change the price, not get it for free, no that is not your policy and I should not have to argue or ask twice. Stephanie today refused to give a $5.99 free item that was a dollar overcharge. Asked for the manager, and she said she was the only manager. Left the store without taking the item. Called later to ask Stephanie for her managers’ name, she said Robert and said he was in the store when we were there. We could have talked to him then. Waste of time for both of us. Said I had to call the number on the receipt and hung up on me. Called her back, please hold for Robert, never came back after ten minutes. Called back, Robert is in a meeting, called back, Robert just went to lunch and called back, Robert is in a meeting, and he leaves at 4:30. Called back, at 4:20, but you just missed him, he left for the day. This has been the same in this store for years. Why do you have this policy, why do you make so many mistakes that damage the customer, why is there always a rude attitude? You should keep your bookkeeping cleaner to avoid damaging the customers and avoid an argument that holds up the line. The only reason we still shop here is that that there is always a fast turnaround on your employees, we rarely see the same people. We keep hoping for someone new and will be different. Doesn’t happen. We feel you are training your managers to do this to customers. It’s not the money, it is the fact that you are cheating every customer that does not check his receipt. Customers for over 20 years and have lived in the neighborhood for 40. We have to check the receipt every time we come. We don’t do that at other stores. I am writing this before I check your Yelp reviews. Can’t be good.

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