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  • Smart and Final Corporate Office Headquarters

Smart and Final Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Smart and Final Corporate Office Headquarters

600 Citadel Dr.
Commerce, CA 90040 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-323-869-7500
Fax Number: 1-323-869-7865
Customer Service Number: 1-800-894-0511
Email: customerrelations@smartandfinal.com
Smart Advantage Business Card: 1-800-793-9344

  • Every year the Smart and Final store in Yuma AZ won't carry the, " juice variety popsicle pack on a stick" in the frozen food area next to the Haagen Dazs bars on a stick. Why? Management says, "Can't get them"….Well they are hurting their bottom line! When the winter comes and they start carrying them again, (which they do) I won't be buying. Sams Club has them all year long. Hope this helps management to do something about it! I like shopping there….D. A.

  • Unprofessional corporation, don't know how they are still in business!! I get to shop there for free!! Because there prices are always wrong and they have to give you your money back in full!! Idiots!! It's like shopping at the circus!!!

    • I have the same problem their prices are not right and it's to their advantage they did not tell me it up their policy the store in Milpitas has been open maybe a year and I've already been short-changed many many times it's not worth my time or my effort to have to keep running back and forth well that would be my last time thank you

  • With the plastic bag issue starting S&F needs to start putting out cardboard boxes for loyal customers to use and reuse. I was told by one of the employees at the store in Victorville we can't do that we have no place to put them.It can be done if you care. You use to to it years back, you can do it again.


  • Your Seaside, CA store needs to have some training in customer service, LOVE the store's remodel but haven't had a nice, personable and efficient cashier since the remodel was complete! Have them go to Lucky's to see how to treat customers 🙂

  • November 26,2014 and November 27,2014 the Smart and Final stores on riverside had no ham. when I called to ask if a new shipment had brought more ham the cashiers were very rude. I have a question for this stores, why did you not prepared your stores with extra shipments of ham for your customers and why are this cashiers not train to be polite? I hope this corporation doesn't delete this comments that customers write in here and they can hear what the customers are complaining about their stores and their stuff.

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