Starbucks Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Starbucks Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98134 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-447-1575
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-782-7282
Starbucks Customer Relations
PO Box 3717
Seattle, WA 98124-3717

Starbucks is a famous for their upscale coffee shops. Starbuck’s built it’s reputation with high quality coffee served in a hip and casual atmosphere. Starbucks now has locations worldwide and offers ground coffee, coffee makers and bottled coffee drinks.

Starbucks Corporate

  • Hello. I have a suggestion. I am very surprised that at the "fix-it-your way counter" (where the sugar, cinnamon, and milks are), that you don't offer nut milks and soy milk! Even Wawa in my area (a convenience store) alternatives to dairy — nut milks and soy. Many people are allergic to dairy, and others don't drink it for ethical reasons. As you know, cows do not begin to give me (or lactate) unless and until they have a calf. Dairy farmers immediately remove the calf from the mother so they can hook her up to machinery to milk her indefinitely. The calf is then sent off and doomed to become veal. The mother bellows for her baby for days and sometimes weeks. PLEASE MOVE UP TO THIS CENTURY AND LET NUT MILKS/AND SOY BE OFFERED AS WELL. Thank you!

  • Sir you need to learn to spell and form a sentence that actually makes sense. I find this story outrageous and hard to believe. Just saying.

  • I hope a Corporate employee READS THIS!. I am a very Loyal Starbucks customer and have been a Loyal customer for a long time. I spend thousands of $'s. Not only on the in store coffee but the beans for my home. I have many free rewards. But I am thoroughly disgusted and frustrated with the customer service employees you have working your phones. I also am very frustrated with going into to get a drink and it not being what I asked for. The unfortunate problem is when you wait 20 minutes for coffee you do not want to wait any longer for them to make another one. I recently have had some missing stars from when I buy packaged coffee. I emailed customer service and after 2 days of finally getting someone to respond they say sorry but call us?. Why do I want to call you if you can't even solve it when you are given a very detailed email. I am trying to reach a real employee who actually can fix something. I am missing 280 stars and all I get it is blah blah. PLEASE SOMEONE FROM THE CORPORATE OFFICE CALL ME. Not someone who isn't going to do anything. Oh by the way it is your system I have been entering my star codes off of coffee packages for a year and it is very hit or miss when they go in after they have said you have earned the stars. FIX THE PROBLEM.

  • To Whom It May Concern:
    One week ago my sister and I decided to get a coffee from your store off of Gage and Hooper in Los Angeles California. As we were waiting for our order in the drive-thru we couldn't help but notice the rats that were going back and forth in front of our car. those rodents could easily access Starbucks and it's products. I took photos of the mice so you too could witness what e did. It was pure filth. I would definetly like to be contacted regarding this horrible experience. (
    Thank you for your time,
    P. McDaniel

  • I am unhappy about the Set for Life game. It works when it wants to. At first I wasn't getting the email to get my free game piece. Then when I started getting the game piece when I clicked on the link it would say sorry you already received your limit for the day. So I have been unable to get the game pieces. Then we went to Starbucks and and when I got home and clicked on the game piece it said sorry at your limit for the day. Not true since the other ones wouldn't open either. I called Starbucks 4 times about this. First girl didn't know how the game worked. 2nd girl told me to fill out the form on line cause they didn't have anything to do with the game. So I filled out the form and it said they would contact me within 3 days. NOTHING. I emailed them again. NOTHING. Then again. NOTHING. I filled out the survey form Starbucks sent me because I had called them. Then Starbucks emailed me and said they couldn't do anything for me since its not their game. Really! Then who's is it? They can't get the game to work for everyone yet they have no trouble doing the auto reload on my Starbucks card.

  • I love Starbucks and being a partner but I would love to see military discounts in play for their service they at least deserve 10%

  • I go to a local Starbucks minutes from my home nearly every day. There has been a tremendous inconsistency in how my regular drink is prepared. There are multiple days in a row that my drink is absolutely perfect, then there are days when it tastes like vanilla flavored milk. The color of my coffee can go from a medium to dark color one day to a very light color the next. Kind of as if I poured a cup of home brewed coffee and then added 3/4 cup of milk. To me, this is a very big variation. This afternoon I called and spoke with a manager by the name of Delia, who I feel basicly was irritated with me for complaining that my drink wasn't made properly. Although she said she didn't know my name, but knew who I was (really, I pay with my gold card that has my name printed on it, shows me her lack of wanting to know her frquent customers by first name, just saying…. builds a stronger customer relationship by acknowleding frequent customers by their name). She rattled on for over five minutes not allowing me to get in a word edgewise, on how they have done everything possible to get my drink right and never seem to be able to do this. She continued talking down to me by telling me that her employees don't want to make my drink anymore because one day they can get it right and visits later that same person who made it right before gets upset if I complain. This really isn't my problem. She has made me feel very unwelcome there. In so many words she has asked that I go to to a different store to see if they can make my drink properly. I have been to the other stores in town without problem, Starbucks in other cities, no problem.
    I was very surprised by a comment this so called manager made to me about an absolutley wonderful employee that worked at this store, Lynette, who always made my day, no matter how early, how crowded, she always had kind words. The comment of "Lynette was one of my problem employees". WOW! Did she really say this? She didn't even have to tell me that Lynette had been fired, her statement said it all. Where does a manager such as her, who is suppose to represent a stellar company as Starbucks get off on a degrading, humiliating comment of a fellow co-worker, irregardless if she's no longer with the company. Lynette is still a person, who deserves to be treated with respect,even if she is no longer with the company. Proved to me how treating me with such disrespect comes so easily to her. If Delia is someone that you stand behind as a manager, an extension of Starbucks, perhaps you need to reevaluate who you put in a supervisory position.
    Now, Andrew, a previous manager at this Starbucks was always very gracious and respectful with me as a customer. If my drink wasn't prepared properly, he NEVER put the blame on me, the customer, as Delia has. Andrew was transferred to another store, as was a very sweet employee by the name of Ryan. If I had a problem, Ryan gave me advice on how to ask for my drink so that it would be prepared the same all the time.
    I will probably no longer go back to this particular Starbucks, regardless of convenience in proximity, I don't appreciate being humiliated over the phone by someone who is probably young enough to be my daughter, being scolded as if I were a child in front of her employees. The next time I am emailed a survey about this particular store, if there is any way you can possibly add in your survey a way to contact and speak directly with someone in corporate, I would appreciate it.

  • starbucks: RT 30 Lincoln Way, chambersburg, pa. I have to commend you on finally getting a new manager for this location. BUT the music is still VERY LOUD AND NOT AMERICAN. These kids that work there blast the music. Turn OFF all the music permanently or I can bring in my own music box and blast it. thank you June K.

  • I have a friend who works at Starbucks in Colorado and was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all day. She is very upset about this and does NOT want to work Christmas Day. I commented on a Starbucks facebook page about how mad I was that they were open on Christmas. Another employee commented on my post saying that Christmas Day was supposed to be voluntary and if there were not enough volunteers the store had to close.

    My friend asked her supervisor about this and the supervisor to her that was incorrect and that and had no choice and must work on Christmas.

    Is it true that this is supposed to be voluntary? If so, the store my friend works at needs to be reprimanded and the employees need to be given a choice.

    The store I sm referring to is the one in Colorado Springs closest to the Garden of the Gods.

  • Mentally ill loose cannons and coffee…………….yikes!
    Starbucks is a great place with consistent quality and great customer service
    yet the sheer volume of people that go in daily is certain to bring in crazies with issues to project onto anyone-anything convenient for money!

  • Thank you for your resent opinion of our ever more limited expression of rights in this country from far atop your corporate tower that's guarded by persons with firearms!!! I wont darken your overpriced fashion statement stores EVER AGAIN!!!!! The money I save will buy more ammo to protect only myself. Thanks again for overpriced coffee???????

  • That is terrible that you fired a worker for eating an expired sandwich. Perhaps you should donate the expired food.

  • Why did you close your Newtown, CT store? Just because a group of law-abiding Americans are exercising their right of free speech?

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