PJ’s Coffee Corporate Office Headquarters

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PJ’s Coffee Corporate Office Headquarters
109 New Camellia Boulevard
Suite 201
Covington, LA  70433
Corporate Phone Number: 1-985-792-5899
Corporate Fax Number: 1-985-792-1201

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Hi….I've been to many PJ's and they all have consistently satisfied my craving for coffee. My all time fav has always been the Granita. Although I continue to travel to Slidell to get my fix, I do wish I could get my treats closer to home in Chalmette. But…I have tried more than 5 occasions to see if anything would change on their recipe. Unfortunately it never has 🙁 It horribly sweet with (No) coffee taste AT ALL with their Granita. I do wish you could see what they are doing wrong. It's really drives me crazy that I live so close to this PJ's but can't stomach their Granita…HELP Please? Thank you

Just pulled up to the pjs on gause in Slidell, the sign says opens at 7:00 and it is now 8:40 and no one is there working. In the time I was there about 15 people pulled up and left. I drove over to Starbucks and all of those cars did the same. This is also not the first time this has happened. I love pjs coffee but the service on gause needs improvement.

the machines for all lattes and such is always broken, no cappachinos , lattes etc. service is bad, no whip cream nothing. this is not PJ's that I know. something needs to bed done if it is going to continue to have your name on it. THIS IS AT BAPTIST HOSPITAL IN NEW ORLEANS. I Feel so sorry for the patients.

This is my first time at your location in belle chasse and the language one if your employee was using with customers in the store I will not return to this location

The PJ's location inside of the Ochsner kenner is HORRIBLE!!! There is never any consistency with the drinks that are being made. Also, i literally just waited for my 3 drinks for 20 minutes. I am at work and do not have time for this nonsense. Lastly they are always out of something whether it be lids whipped cream or coffee…how can a coffee shop be out of coffee??

Visited the McComb store today at lunchtime and experienced some of the best customer service EVER! Wendy is awesome! She immediately made us feel like regulars getting personal and special treatment even though the reality was that we were just passing through from Baton Rouge to Memphis. Thanks! Enjoyed the establishment.

Great coffee, some training needs to be done to teach the male employee at the Hwy 59 Mandeville location directly off of I12 how to take an order. He was blantently rude, rushing me, talking over me and interrupting me. There wasn't a line, I felt he was enjoying being obnoxious. This was yesterday, 5/8/15 at 5 pm.

Blaise at the Hwy 22 office in Mandeville LA was so rude on the phone to me 6/3/14. He said, because his location was a franchise, that they were more lax & do not follow all the rules as a corporate office. I have never had an employee so directly disrespect me or his workplace & I demand something be done about his "lax" & severely nonprofessional demeanor.

THE PJs at 3700 Orleans Ave in new Orleans
Has been without a/c for 6 days now.
The employees should not have to work in 90 degree
Temperatures. I am reporting this location to the
BBB and to Louisiana Workforce Commission.
R I D I C U L O U S!!

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