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Reach Sunrise Senior Corporate Office 

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Sunrise Senior Living Corporate Overview

Sunrise Senior Company Bio:

Sunrise Senior Living, founded in 1981, is a premier provider of senior living services. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, it operates over 320 assisted living and other senior residential facilities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Sunrise is known for its resident-centered approach to care, focusing on creating a warm, home-like environment for seniors.

Sunrise Senior Living Headquarters:

Sunrise Senior Living, LLC
7902 Westpark Drive
McLean, VA 22102
United States

Sunrise Senior Living Contact Information:

Main Phone Number: 1-703-273-7500
Sunrise Senior Living Customer Service: 1-703-854-0050
Sunrise Website: Sunrise Senior

Sunrise Senior Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Sunrise Senior Living Home Office:

Sunrise Senior Living Services

Sunrise Senior Living offers a range of services tailored to meet the varying needs of seniors, including:
Assisted living
Independent living
Memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
Short-term respite care
Coordinated hospice care

Sunrise Senior Customer Focus:

Sunrise Senior Living focuses on providing individualized care plans for each resident, ensuring that all physical, emotional, and social needs are met. The organization places a strong emphasis on creating a nurturing environment that respects the dignity and independence of its residents.


Key competitors in the senior living industry include Brookdale Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, and Five Star Senior Living. These companies also offer a range of senior care options, from independent living to specialized memory care services. Other competitors in the rental market include BH, and Edward Rose & Sons.

Sunrise Senior Living Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Residents and their families often praise Sunrise Senior Living for its compassionate staff, quality of care, and the welcoming atmosphere of its facilities. Reviews may also highlight the range of activities and the quality of life enjoyed by residents.

Sunrise Senior Living Customer Complaints and Issues:

As with any organization in the healthcare sector, there are occasional complaints related to staffing, communication, or specific aspects of care. Sunrise Senior Living typically addresses these issues through its customer service and care teams, striving for continuous improvement in service quality.


Sunrise Senior Living remains a respected name in the senior care industry, known for its commitment to high-quality care and a resident-first approach. The company’s wide range of services and dedication to enhancing the lives of seniors make it a significant player in the field of senior living and care.

Sunrise Senior Customer Service

December 13, 2022

Yes I agree with that Daughter who Cares, about her complaints. My Dad is also diabetic and I was told that they would make sure he didn’t ear sugar when we were signing up to have my Dad move in.

The staff is more concerned with making their jobs easier than they are with helping my Dad.


Sunrise Senior No Teamwork

December 13, 2022

No teamwork

Waiting an hour for food for the residents

Some wait up to 6 hours to change the bed soiled with urine

The resident yelling for someone to clean his wife soiled for an hour with urine

activities are very minor because they do say that the budget won’t be there

took months to buy blackboard markers

No one smiles

lot of residents say they hate it there

activity assistants should not be forced to drive the van if they are disabled with a fusion in their back and scared to get into an accident

for happy hour there wasn’t the food that was on the daily board

Very little food for happy hours

no wine or beer sometimes and a lot of complaints about that

This was mt. Vernon

Corporate Office Headquarters