Suntrust Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Suntrust Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


303 Peachtree Street, N.E.

Atlanta, Georgia 30308 USA

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-588-7711

Customer Service: 1-800-786-8787

Mortgage Customer Service: 1-800-634-7928

Online Banking: 1-800-382-3232
TDD: 1-800-854-8965

Fraud Report: 1-800-786-8787 option 6

Lost Card: 1-800-786-8787 option 3

Real Estate and Short Sale: 1-800-443-1032

Credit Bureau & Disputes: 1-800-596-5407

Small Business

Customer Service: 1-800-752-2515

Commercial Banking: 1-866-476-1460

Wealth Management: 1-866-495-5416

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: STI

Suntrust Bank is a financial company the provides banking services for consumers and businesses. Suntrust is one of the premier banking institutions in the Southern US.

Suntrust Bank’s customer service phone number is 1-800-786-8787. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

suntrust corporate office headquarters hq

    Suntrust allowed some thief in India to steal just about $1200 from my account. Five different transactions of $200 and then a transaction of $195.When I called them to fix my account, I was told that they would have to open up an investigation and it's a 10-day turnaround time. I asked for a provisional credit while they investigate and was told I'll get one in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I'm getting hit with 6 overdraft fees of $36 a piece, on top of my bills clearing and getting hit with those overdraft fees as well. I had multiple checks go into my account and the bank took them to clear up the negative balance that had nothing to do with me. They took my paycheck and two of my child support checks. Bills still have to be paid and my account is frozen. Every time I call to get assistance I am forwarded to the Philippines where no one speaks good English. This bank TRULY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.I was already victimized by the thief and now my bank, who was supposed to protect me and my money. They went from merging with BB&T, to now becoming a completely new bank… TRUIST. It's funny that they are currently named SUN-TRUST but you can't trust them to protect you or your money and now TRUIST…THAT'S A HUGE JOKE. RUN PLEASE. DON'T USE THIS BANK.

  • I was told when I called an hour and an half ago that the wait for a representative would be 20 minutes, it has now been 1 hour and 35 minutes. This is absolutely unacceptable. I will be hanging up and going to the Branch Office this week to find out what the penalty is close my cd account early and close my checking account, remove my cash app and square for my business account. I will have to leave my mortgage account with you as I'm not refi-ing. Please confirm receipt of this complaint.

  • I filed a fraud case with SunTrust at Snowden River and rt 100. I have been scammed for $8900.00. My fraud case number is 20210121859. the bank gave me the cash 24 hours after I deposited the check that a job was giving me for supplies for my new job thru Carrer Builder. Isn't it the responsibility of the back to wait at least 10 days till the check clears and they give the customer the cash? The 2 checks have been returned and I owe the bank 8900.00 dollars. why did they not wait the 10 to 12 days before they gave me the cash.

  • This is literally the worse bank to bank at. Made transactions over the weekend, knowing there was money in my account because the transactions went through. I made one overdraft transaction and they charged me for every transaction I made over the weekend. Saying the transaction were pending, but the money was already taken out. So why was I charged an overdraft fee. Called customer service and the service was even worse. Lady basically knew nothing and said it would be an hour hold to speak to a supervisor. Making it known to all the Suntrust is a scam and will find any way possible to take your money.

  • Its always better to punish that to reason with these types of companies. Staff is underpaid and illiterate – everybody is a "vice president". Always take them through small claims court where you live – they are too stupid to show up and defend themselves. I've got judgments against this and several other large companies – my how they kiss your ass to work something out when your get a 7 figure judgement for a accidental fee.. etc. works every-time

  • in addition to my previous comment I tried calling the credit bureau and disputes number on this exact page 8005965407 not shocked it is the wrong number!!!!!!!!!!!!if I wasn't so POed it would be funny but again it shows the total chaotic mess that Sun Trust is!!!!!!!!RUN DONT WALK AWAY FROM SUN TRUST OMG THEY SUCK

  • the worse bank in the world………………set up automatic payments that never paid for my truck got notified two months afterwards that this was happening ruined my credit score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SunTrust is not a trust worthy financial institution. They find ways to illegally keep your hard earned money. I had Suntrust accounts, I closed them all and now bank with Chase. I always steer people away from SunTrust due to their horrible customer service, every time you call CS, you get a different response to the same issue on hand. They have no regulations or process, it depends on the whim of the day and the person that you are talking to. They take your money quick, but to return your money takes months if at all. It is a nightmare to bank with SunTrust. Take your money and go somewhere else to protect yourself. You are not protected with SunTrust and neither is your hard earned money.

  • Been trying for a month to get suntrust to release a lien off my house. No one wants to do anything. I'm now going to file a complaint with the Federal Reserve.

  • When to Greenbelt Branch this morning with a deposit of $960.00 ATM returned $240.00 . Money not on account and no receipt issued. Already spoke to 5 persons. Result – i just have to wait up to 10 days. No one knows when ATM will be cleared.

  • I have been a great customer for Suntrust for over two years.
    i had a car accident in 12/16/2017 and the auto insurance and Suntrust was going back and forth on the pay off. the bank ding my credit for a one month late charge. LODOM199@YAHOO.COM
    i ask them to take it off because they were part of the delay to get the final payment to the insurance. when i call customer service they could car less and would not fix this. So HE BIG QUESTION IS THIS SOMEONE YOU WANT TO USE FOR YOUR BANKING. they do not really care about you. i had always paid my bill early.

  • I was given double overdraft for the same 2 items contacted customer service a joke they said oh well that's the way we do things. Very unprofessional and does not care at all for customers.

  • I am in the middle of doing a Medicaid Application for a elderly person living in the nursing home. With any Medicaid Application we need a 5 year look back on banking transactions. James Burrow refused to give me the information because of policy, even tho i have authorization. along with being hung up on 3 times because the customer service reps are extremely rude. They even refused to write a letter stating the refuse the sent documentation. This business is a joke!!!!!!

  • I just phoned in with a specific and complicated request and Ethan received my call. For 45 minutes he went beyond the Call of Duty to find answers and get me help. He was so kind, friendly and helpful and such a pleasure to speak with. What a wonderful asset Ethan is to SunTrust

  • SunTrust is the absolute worst financial institution I have ever had the misfortune of employing. That's right, WE employ this bank to help us care for our financial health, and they fail miserably time and time again.
    I am a 63 year old woman who dealt with my parents accounts when they were elderly and dying of dementia. I received false and misleading information. They arranged things to ensure they would receive the highest fees possible, and in some cases, totally ignored my instructions in order to line their own pockets. They currently owe me more than $2700 in ill-gotten interest and transfer fees. I doubt that I will ever see it. I suggest that you write to each member of the Board of Directors personally. Ask for a return receipt to ensure the company cannot deny receiving your complaint. Perhaps enough notifications from their EMPLOYERS, yes, we employ THEM, and fewer people would have to go what we experienced at their hand.

  • I hear Sun Trust is closing the Ridge Manor Branch Office. This is Bad news for us all in Ridge Manor being the only bank here. I know most of us will close our accounts and find the nearest bank and and open new accounts there. Thanks for being there for us.

  • Suntrust is the worst bank i ever banked at. Direct deposit is there for a reason, to get your money quicker. They take two to three days to clear a deposit when other banks take day. Wtf is going on. Would like an explanation.

  • SunTrust made 83.2 % of its political contributions to the Republicans, per If you are not happy with what is happening to our country, divest all assets from SunTrust!

  • I was charged an overdraft fee for an item that didn't overdraft. I contacted the bank and was told well you had two items that if they had come in against you account it would have caused an overdraft. I stated that the items they were referring to were never charged against my account so why would you charge me for something that never happened. I was then told well it may have. What?? I'm think of taking up a class action suit. This has happened more than once. The previous times they returned my money. This time they are playing stupid.

  • SunTrust has given me the run around!!! I've only had my account open for 3 days and they put a block on it because the last digit of my SSN was put in wrong. They're telling me that my account is being closed and I don't have access to any of my money nor my check that was suppose to be deposited in my account today but wasn't due to the block. I was told to go to my branch with my ID and ssn card to have the block removed. I did so and the lady made copies and spoke with her 'area manager' and started she could not do anything at this time. I'm so frustrated!! I call in and provide them with the information they asked for and my account is still blocked so now I have to go the weekend with no money as I have bills due today and gas that needs to be put in my car so I can get to work and I have nothing!!! As soon as Monday come I'm heading to bank and won't leave until I get my money then close my account. SunTrust sucks!!! I'll never been with them ever. This has been the worse 3 days banking with them.

  • I have been a Sun Trust customer for over 50 years. Two issues I would like to comment about. I was contacted by your fraud department twice in the last 30 days. I was asked to review suspicious charges. The charges were ok. My account was blocked and I had to go into a local branch to get the card back. Your call center was out of the country and it was hard to communicate. It happened again and this time the charges were not valid. Had to go thru the same process again as the card was blocked. I cancelled that card and ordered another. Again had difficulty understanding your service rep. On a brighter note, I have two debit cards and used the wrong card on debit transactions and over drafted my business account. I was charged $75.00 in fees. I spoke in person to your branch manager in Eustis, Casey Handiman and he straightened it all out and opened a business credit card account to further help that this will not happen again. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Handiman. I also worked with Mr. Matthew Bradshaw in the same branch to help with the other credit card problems and he spoke to your fraud department. Please recognize these two fine gentleman as I appreciate their efforts on your behalf.

  • All I want are additional payment coupons to finish paying off my car loan. I have spent the better part of an hour either on hold or talking to an automated voice, which is really not very cooperative or helpful. I am 69 yrs. old and do not have a lot of patience. I want to talk to a human being, not in Manila or elsewhere, but right here in the good old USA. The presidential candidates should try to call you or another corporation for Customer Service and find out where all of the jobs really are. How do I get someone to call me or does that not compute?

  • COMPLAINT**** regarding ANGELA or ANGIE customer service supervisor working September 1, 2016 at approximately 8:30AM, would not accommodate my request saying that SUNTRUST would not accommodate. When I went to branch they gladly fixed the issue, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM ANGIE OR ANGELA< WHY DOES SHE WORK FOR YOU AND WHY IS SHE A SUPERVISOR!!!???!!!??? she is unprofessional and not helpful to your customers.

  • COMPLAINT**** regarding ANGELA or ANGIE customer service supervisor working September 1, 2016 at approximately 8:30AM, would not accommodate my request saying that SUNTRUST would not accommodate. When I went to branch they gladly fixed the issue, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM ANGIE OR ANGELA< WHY DOES SHE WORK FOR YOU AND WHY IS SHE A SUPERVISOR!!!???!!!??? she is unprofessional and not helpful to your customers.

  • I will start by saying SUN TRUST YOU HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE!!!! I have a pension direct deposited the first of each month, as well as my wife's salary direct deposited twice a month, I have a mortgage payment and a car payment taken auto paid the first of each month, well today 9/1) I woke up to 3 insufficient fund charges, I checked the account after midnight last night all was fine, (I could have transferred from savings if there was a problem as i have a sizable amount in that account) any way I called to see what happened and have the charges reversed, well that was a huge disappointment as the "customer service" rep was the rudest person I had ever met!!! and her supervisor ANGELA was worse!!! I have never had an issue with being over drawn and they told me they would not extend the courtesy of taking the charges off my account FOR THEIR MISTAKE I might add, the direct deposit and auto pays occurred with in minutes of each other, when I told her I would leave to go back to WELLS FARGO she said ok have a nice day REALLY?!?!?! my day was already not nice SUN TRUST thanks so much ANGIE customer service supervisor, she needs to get another job!!! so I am giving them one more chance, my husband went to the branch we bank at, and they happily reversed the overdraft fees! so ANGIE customer service manager HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT!!! too confusing to bank here, no consistent service, and rude service people when you call!!!! OH they did provide a lecture on overdraft protection which I could pay to have…..made me feel like a 2 year old being lectured like this!!

  • We are sending this correspondence to you to express our complete dissatisfaction and disappointment with SunTrust personnel. We have been recent victims of identity theft all stemming from the lack of thorough vetting from your “Chat Line” personnel. Someone stole our identity and changed our Profile on line and opened a flood gate of activities that we had to address. To date we have not received a satisfactory explanation, action plan nor the courtesy of callbacks from your personnel. The only exception has been our local management team of Ryan Thompson, Branch Manager and Barbara Skinner, Personal Banker. Both have made every attempt to assist us only to be embarrassed by other SunTrust personnel in the Fraud and Customer Service group.
    We have been associated with SunTrust for over twenty years, both in Georgia and Virginia. Now we have no choice but to find another banking institution. We can only hope that our case may result in some productive “action plans” within SunTrust to prevent this from happening to other customers. First recommendation is to evaluate why SunTrust conducts personal security business utilizing a “Chat Line”. Appreciate your attention regarding this case.

  • I have banked at SunTrust for at least 15 years or more. I asked for a simple favor. Well not so simple according to her. I was making a deposit into my son's account (I am also on his account) and needed a copy of the deposit slip for a loan that he was securing for a new home. When I asked for a copy she got a look on her face like I had asked for something illegal or something. The teller next to her said "she will give your a receipt". I said I know, but the Mortgage Broker wanted a copy of the deposit slip showing the money went into his account. The teller then said, well, we charge $5.00. I said for a copy! She said yes. I again said for you to go over to the copy machine and make a copy??? She said yes. I absolutely lost it! I said as much money as I have in this bank and you want to charge me! Told them to keep it and I would be taking my business elsewhere!! Total lack of customer service and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated by anyone no matter if they have 5.00 or 500,000 with an institution.

  • How do I get in touch with Suntrust corporate to complain about someone getting harassed on the job verbally and mentally from other coworkers?

  • I’m filing a formal complaint against your SunTrust branch location 740 west Peachtree rd. nw location Atlanta Ga 30308, Approx. 905 am on August 1, 2016 I walked in your branch to withdraw federal funds that were deposit in my Savings account and were to be available to me on the 1st of august every month only to embarrassed and talked to disrespectfully by management and staff. They told me that the funds weren’t available and they have to hard post first (whatever that mean) and if I can’t accept that to go to another branch. I then called online banking and they inform me that that isn’t correct and my funds should be available immediately. The branch teller was debating the online banking representative as to when the funds would be available. I also called another location and they informed me that the funds are available and apologize for the locations behavior toward me as a customer. I feel that I am not valued as a customer, disrespected and humiliated as a person and my time and money isn’t a factor at your bank. I will be filing another formal complaint with the better business bureau until this matter is rectified swiftly and efficiently.

    Dissatisfied and humiliated customer

  • Suntrust needs to step up and recognize their customers. I know writing this review will fall on def ears because they could care less if you leave them or not..I have been with suntrust for 21 years or before they were suntrust. ( when they were called third national) I had applied for a small loan to get my cards in check and was turned down..So I went to another bank and they approved me..this is so sad.I don't recommend them for your banking needs

    • My husband and I have purchased cashier checks every month for over a year, we were charged $8.00 for a cashier check, 4 or 5 months ago I, the female purchased one and was charged, my husband purchased one every month since then and was never charged, I purchased one today and was charged, why is it the same lady charges me and not my husband, she has always been treated me rude and is friendly toward my husband, ladies, if you use the branch in the Canton walmart be aware of a teller by thename Cristina Castello, she obviously has something against women. This was notthe only incident I've had with her. I once asked her to forgive two overdrawn charges and she treated me like I had some nerve asking that, I went to a branch on hwy 20 and the lady was happy to help me, she told me they can do this as a courtesy one time per year. I'm never using the walmart branch again. I found put a money order works as well as a cashier check and they only cost .70 for one up to $1,000.00 at walmart. Today is the last time suntrust tellers will treat me with disrespect

  • Watch out people!

    There is a new crime perpetrated by suntrust employees when they steal money from your account to offshore fraudulently set up accounts while at the same time blocking you from accessing your money. Employees at the branches are poorly educated, know almost nothing about fraud or how to recognize or stop it. So employees from suntrust at fraud department are the ones that use loopholes and know how bad things are on the ground.
    It happend to me this week. $2,000.00 was stollen from my suntrust account thru discover bank. Fraud department employee Mike Brock blocked me from using my account and put confidential status on it so I couldn't even discuss it on the phone and stole my money. I was at the branch at the time that fraudulent transaction was pending and begged branch manager Shari Cobb and another employee Eileen Aviles to stop it, block it whatever…. They did not, they said they have to let them take my money and later investigate. Now Fraud Department supervisors are saying I might not even get my money back. I guess they are all in on it.
    Watch out people. Do not do the banking with suntrust. I filed complain with FDIC and about to contact Senate Banking Committee and get them involved. I do not have Federal Reserve to shower my with free money like they do with fraudsters at the bank. I earned every penny with my blood and sweat.

  • Suntrust is the worst bank!! Years ago I deposited money at their ATM at a local branch, got a deposit slip, but they never credited the money into my account. When I went into branch , they said they could not find the actual money I deposited. I cancelled my account and went to another bank. But their nearest ATM was 10 miles from me so I came back to suntrust. I was foolish!!!! A leopard does not change its spots!
    Sure suntrust did not fail with their incompetence. They block my card during shopping for groceries, at the post office, for no reason, each time causing a huge embarrassment.
    I purchased a ticket for a vacation, no problem, spent money on my card during my vacation no problem, but when I purchased a ticket to get back home, they blocked my card again for no reason, costing more money to buy another ticket and fees.

    Everyone should ran far away from this bangling UNTRUST BANK!

    I AM MOVING TO ANOTHER BANK!! Its better to have another bank with their ATM ten miles from your home, rather than have suntrust bank near your home.

  • I have SunTrust Bank or should i say untrust Bank. I was a victim of fraud they locked down my old account opened up me a new account then turn around and close that account too it's been almost two weeks and I haven't be able to have any access to my money in my bank about bout to lose my job cuz I can't even get gas for my car to go to work and they're treating me like I'm the criminal once this is all over with I will be leaving SunTrust Bank

  • I have SunTrust Bank or should i say untrust Bank. I was a victim of fraud they locked down my old account opened up me a new account then turn around and close that account too it's been almost two weeks and I haven't be able to have any access to my money in my bank about bout to lose my job cuz I can't even get gas for my car to go to work and they're treating me like I'm the criminal once this is all over with I will be leaving SunTrust Bank

  • I have a mortgage with Sun trust . Wish I never got it from them. I would prefer to paid a higher interest rate than have this mortgage with them. Their customer service has suck from the beginning , in which our mortgage broker first, said that I said that I locked in the rate, in which I never did to lock in the rate. Now since then I make a payment tell customer service at a local branch that it is an principal payment and they make an mortgage pymt . Now there on line mortgage payment system sucks. They say you make a payment before 7pm it will be credit to that day, not. It is credit two to three days later. Since they redid there mortgage system , my payment are nor getting credit at all. Now I am fighting with them on payment that I made and have proof that I made them. TO get them to re credit my mortgage. I smell a law suit coming. Your truly an Unhappy Camper

  • SunTrust:
    You apparently have an online banking app for Android and iPhone. You overlooked the third MAJOR smartphone operating system that a large percentage of your customers (like me) have. That's Windows Phone.
    Please provide a free SunTrust online banking app for Windows Phone to serve the other large percentage group of your customers. We currently feel forgotten, and there are A LOT of us ��!

  • My first bank account was with SunTrust. I'm leaving as soon as items on my account clear. I will NEVER understand how I have an overdraft fee for an item that cleared before the fee was posted. I got two different responses when I called. I don't know what's more confusing….pending/posting times…I just know what my avail balance is and to not go over that. If I do there better be a deposit to cover those transactions. This is what I know. BUT SunTrust has figured out a way to make money leaving me with none and I would rather go to a bank that shows avail balance based on real time than placing transactions where they wish. I'm so over it and going to a Bank that is better for me and won't give me an overdraft fee for a cleared item which is also reflected online. Happier days ahead elsewhere.

  • We have been doing business with Suntrust for many years. We are good customers. Evidently last month, our credit card bill (which is paid in full each month) was lost in the mail. Within 6 days of the due date, our phone started ringing from a number the fraud department stated was NOT suntrust. After days of attempting to contact Suntrust, we finally learn it is about a small amount not being paid. They called only when the banks were closed. Our plan is to move all our accounts to our local credit union where the service is SO MUCH more personal and professional. Suntrust, you are losing good customers due to your inferior customer service. Suntrust is not treating their customers well.

  • Wow. I Called Suntrust 800 # because I noticed that my car payment check that I put in the night box was not cashed from my bank account at Wells Fargo. The lady transferred me and then a black women answered the transfer. She read this long spiel about how this was an attempt to collect on a debt. I corrected her and said I called you to pay my bill. I already paid this bill via night drop box (while they were still open). She started yelling at me that she was "COLLECTING ON A DEBT". Oh my good lord! I could not believe the treatment. I tried to tell her nevermind that I would just go to the bank here in town and pay this bill but she just kept yelling at me. Even after I said bye she was still yelling?! That was just crazy! Wonder how Suntrust is treating their staff to make them act this way. Very interesting. It just shows me that I made a wise decision when I decided to use Wells Fargo as my primary bank and not Suntrust. Could you imagine if I had to deal with that every time I called my bank. lol. Whew, dodged that bullet 🙂

  • I was with Suntrust for over twenty years and yesterday I received a certified letter telling me their corporation made a decision that they will no longer service my checking or saving accounts; within 30 days, without explanation; the without explanation is the part that is disturbing; I do have a mortgage with them and a car loan, my credit score is in the high 700's and I never defaulted. I went into my local branch and asked the banker there, who was very nice he also has never heard of such a thing, so he called, and it was explained to him it was a business decision, so I called upon leaving the corporate number received the same answer a business decision. I guess they do not make enough money on me. I think this is horrible customer service.

    • Ha ha ha. I had Capital One do that to me. I have 2 credit cards with less than 100.00 on each one. One is 6400.00 and the other is 3500.00. They won't give me more credit because they said I don't use it enough! Ha ha ha.

  • I don't keep much money in my SunTrust account. Dec 14th I deposited 100.00 in my account and made 3 purchases from Amazon costing a total of 86.21. Long story short, Amazon charged me 6 times and my account went into over draft.
    I never received the items for Xmas and SunTrust is charging me an additional 153.00. I spoke to a rep in the Fraud department and she assured me that I am in good standings and what she said is not true. Everybody keeps saying the same thing. I am leaving SunTrust after 8 years.

  • The idiots in the SunTrust credit department have blocked my checking account 5 times for the same transaction and I have told them to put it through 5 times. These people must have to pass a low IQ score test to get these jobs. I have also had these geniuses in security stop prescription drug transactions because they were in Canada. Maybe they are picking on me or maybe they don't know what they are doing. SunTrust security is worthless.

  • This is the only financial institution that is not recognizing my Power of Attorney and is denying much needed funds to my mother. This is beyond "covering your own A..! It's hard enough to deal with the death of a spouse but to have a Bank treat a elderly, disabled woman in such a manor is beyond disgraceful. I feel strongly if she were a man, I wouldn't be dismissed so easily. Sad to see that still happens in today's culture, but I can tell you first hand it does.

    • I am having the same situation. I have a power of attorney for my 92 year old mom. Today, I am writing to one of the executives and here is a quote from my letter to them. Let's see if this gets them off the dime:

      2. I am no longer going to tolerate any statements regarding the validity of the attached Power of Attorney and your need for legal review. You have had plenty of time, the document is valid. Although I do not wish to, I may feel it necessary to contact the State of Florida, saying Suntrust is unlawfully denying “a little old lady” access to her funds. I may take this action if I am not completely satisfied within the next 30 days.

  • I just read an article about Sun Trust shutting down their fraud department in Orlando. My husband and I recently had fraud on our checking account. My husbands card number was somehow compromised (similar to what happened at target), where over $1300.00 worth of charges were made at home depot. You can’t even understand anyone in the fraud department, as they can’t even speak clear english. I reported the fraud on my account Wednesday and still have not received a provisional credit (luckily we have money), but what would a less fortunate family? I would warn investors about this bank, as last month we applied for a mortgage and the consultant emailed my husbands credit report, approval letter, and his completed application using unsecured e-mail. Additionally, two weeks ago I opened a savings account and was told by the bank manager that if I signed my husband signature, he would look the other way. This is three different departments. What kind of bank is this? Who should I report this to? I am currently in the process of moving my money to USAA, but we have direct deposits. I am actually afraid to leave my money in the bank another day. Security, is a hot topic and the bank needs to understand that it should be a priority.

    • In all fairness, the bank is doing its best to provide the best of everything for the clients. However, there sometimes are things that are beyond control, that unfortunately made the bank unable to, say, process deposits or help clients with their loan application, or what not, right away. I personally have had some frustrations with the bank as well but I clearly understand now that not everyone can be pleased. Let's just hope for the best, that Suntrust will be so much better than ever. Frustrations are always there guys, even with huge banks. So let's chill! Hehe

  • I HATE THIS BANK!!! Had to call what it seems like millions of times to ever get one word out of these stupid people. Are car was getting totaled out and all we wanted was something stating the basic information on what is going on between them and our insurance company of what was owed and being paid. These idiots working there clearly told myself and my wife that they couldn't give us any documentation of any source because it wasn't in their system yet because we didn't receive a copy in the mail yet because the letter is computer generated. Took my wife calling them one time and being told that information and her basically telling them off stating that they are the worse bank ever and never any help and hanging up in their face to have them call back saying "oh we may have found something to help"

  • WORST BANK EVER!!!!. Can't even give out simple information without giving you the run around. It seems like everyone I talk to is uneducated and useless, they are such a waste of human space. They can never give me a straight answer on my questions about my auto loan. Never going to finance through this Company again.

  • I had been a SunTrust customer for 20 years until an uneducated, ill informed branch manager wanted some attention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A new business with a new account which was registered with the Federal Government and all associated personal had be checked out was closed by Sun Trust. The account was about to receive 17 million dollars for trading. The account was moved but, for all business men and those seeking financial services I would move away from SunTrust and that is my opinion. More to follow.

  • I have a Commercial Loan & filled out all the paper work to have it re financed. I never heard a word from SunTrust until I received a bill for the full payment of $18,000. I got the original Commercial Loan in 1998. At that time there was a Mr. Phelps Branch Manager at SunTrust in Sylvester, Georgia. The second time it was re financed the Branch Manager was a Ms. Deal. The current Branch Manager is Sue ella Smith. I've called the bank several times. When I call & Ms Smith is busy I leave a message & my phone number. She has never returned any of these two or three calls. I spoke to her over two weeks ago, she said she would look into the matter, took my phone number and as of this date 12/20/2013 I haven't gotten a response. I need to have the loan refinanced because I do not have access to $18,000 at this time. I am forwarding a check for the interest on the commercial loan. I've been paying the bank every month since 1998. I need a refinance so that I can continue to pay off the $18,000.

    • You should go to your local credit union get a loan and pay this loan off. You should open an account there, and your live will be easier.Get a small bussiness administration loan, and forget about the bank.

    • Suntrust does not hold up to there name trust. Very unprofessional! I strongly recommend not Banking with them

  • You don't want Suntrust bank. We have been trying to find out where our deposit of cash and checks made on 8-31-13 at the Dunkirk Maryland branch is. Numerous phone calls at the bank are not being answered and no one has an explanation as to what has been done with our money, and it does't seem important to anyone at Suntrust bank. We are still awaiting an explanation and our money. If Suntrust really cares about it's customers and depositors, we would not have to struggle for the money we have already earned, only to have it disappear at Suntrust bank.

    • You should always make your deposit at the branch, and get a deposit slip. This type of problem should be handle by a visit to the bank manager in person, no phone calls please. Please think of closing account and go to your local credit union, you will be better off.

    • Wow sad because the same thing just happen to me on April 8, 2016 at the ATM machine on Gillionville Road Albany, GA and they say I made no deposit when I took pictures and all of me making the deposit and my card got stuck in the machine the same day. The machine shut down and all no money was credited to my account and they claim they counted the ATM down and it was not over I don't see how cause I made the deposit. So I see now I will not be getting my money back from reading these reviews. I will be changing to another bank today. Yes SunTrust is a total rip off and I been with them for 15 years wow so you can imagine how much money I have lost.

    • Deposits 100 bill at at on Charles st. At takes money and shut down. I get manager of back. He checks my balance. Deposit made. No receipt smh.
      I leave . That's all they can do.
      Later I access atm..said insufficient funds.
      I call and am told deposit made and withdrawal at same time but I waited about 5 plus minutes and still down.
      Customers service is a joke. Can't access any info like atm down time. I'm told 10 day investigation.
      I'm starving and sun trust stole my cash.
      I'm in limbo ..I'm told I have to open a claim . Wtf are the cameras for ? New chip cards ? Useless.
      Staff included. They are supervisors managers really? All I got were big dummies. I'll bank here no more. Trust ? You bank lost mine. Nevermore!#nevermore

    • My name is Adam B., I have 6 accounts with SunTrust Bank and they will all be closed Monday morning. My bank has been through 4 store managers and about 17 employees all within two years of me opening my first account with SunTrust. Your money is not safe with SunTrust. They changed their hours so that the normal working person cannot get to the bank Monday through Thursday and less you spend your whole lunch hour waiting in line. But they sure do accommodate all the old people and retired people that don't make any money. At least at the SunTrust I go to they change the hours from 9 to 4. Well most working people are already at work by 9 and don't get off until 5 how is that customer service for the average person working a normal job. I say it's not. Then when I went through the drive-thru their new rule today is you can only have 3 deposits because it slows them down. That's just because I gave them six deposits today. so like I said on Monday I'm going to close all six accounts that I have with them and go to a bank that actually has customer service for the working person. if you live in Florida do not bank at the SunTrust on Barclay Road.

  • I have paid my bill for the past 7 years and i can't pay it off for anything. I am constantly told different amount. A lady told me that if i paid $500 i would be finish. One guy got online today and said you had 300+ in late fees but by the end of the conversation he told me i owed $500.65. Why are you guys trying to ruin my credit my gosh enough is enough. I am tired of paying you guys for nothing. Mind you a few months back a guy told me i only owed $69 and when i paid it and asked for a title i was told that was for a late fee. smh. pleaes help me

    • Sun Trust is a master at taking money from you with late fees, it will charge you for nothing…The worse bank in the world again think about going to your local credit union, you will be better off.

  • Hi There

    My name is Sandra and I live in South Africa. I wouls like to know if there is a Suntrust bank in Dallas and in Ohio. I was dealing with a guy from Suntrust Bank and He said that he was from the Dallas branch and the telephone numbers were different.

    Please could you reply by confirming these details and then we can discuss futher the reason for my querry.

    Thank you , I will await your reply.

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