Thomasville Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Thomasville Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

401 E Main Street

Thomasville, NC  27360

Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-336-472-4000

Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-336-472-4085

Corporate Office Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-225-0265

  • Customer service should be renamed "argue with the customer". After calling 5 Thomasville store I was unable to find the Ernest Hemmingway, Pauline Sofa at any store. The Corporate office was not helpful and lecturing in their tone. I simply wanted to know where I could find the piece I wanted to buy. They would provide no information other than to try and call other stores. I will buy a new sofa, chair, and incidentals….but not from Thomasville. Horrible people.

  • Getting the run around after delivery of (2) chairs a table and dresser. All damaged have yet to receive any feedback on resolution which is simply a new order and new delivery date. Its as though the expectation is to accept damaged goods when paying full price. Senseless, no other recourse but to contact Thomasville Corporate offices for resolutions.

  • I made my "Thought would be my last purchase of furniture". Thomasville Furniture has the name only; the quality of the furniture is like buying from Big Lots. They say you get what you pay for; in this case I didn't. I had a custom sofa designed I thought to my liking, when the sofa arrived the leather looked stretched and scratched. The seat cushion corners were bent in and white marks were on the leather. The pattern I picked for the Zebra was wrong and not the one I had chosen when designing my sofa.
    The Representative stated they no longer carried the material I seen online, that she apologized. In my opinion this should have been stressed to me in the beginning. They sent a guy out to my residence, all he did was add filler in the corner and took a pen, that didn’t match and covered the white spots. Whatever material they used under the leather for the cushion shows the undesirable prints through the leather.
    I spoke with one of the representative for Thomasville who stated they would take care of it; she also said she could see the issues of concerns I had from the pictures I sent….based on that I figured I would give them another chance to get it right so I ordered two chairs and custom designed them to my liking also. I received the chairs on July 2, 2016 and once again things were wrong. The material I chose was not where it supposed to be.
    The chairs look as if they were thrown together. I've spent over $9000 for three pieces of furniture and my furniture look like it’s on the cheap end. I will NEVER buy or recommend Thomasville Furniture to anyone. I had plans on re-DOING several things in my home with their furniture, which will not happen. I am also assuming now after reading all the reviews that this poor customer service has become a custom of Thomasville.
    I spoke to the young lady who helped me with both purchases. She said she would send it in, and I know she can only do what she can at her level. This was the WORST purchase I have ever made it my life and I normal make good choices. THIS WAS A LESSON LEARN, THE NAME DOESNT MEAN QUALITY…I GUESS THEY WILL TELL ME LIKE ALL THE OTHER CUSTOMERS "SEND PICTURES", pictures don't show the issues and problems, they need to send someone out who can make a decision. Rather sending the guy out with a bag to fill and camouflage the problem. I would like a full refund if this issue can’t be resolved correctly.

  • Very disappointed at the quality of Thomasville furniture that is going down and very dissatisfied with the service department that doesn’t stand behind their products. About 90% of my home furniture is by Thomasville and I purchased them when Thomasville used to stand for quality and a great reputation. Two years ago, I bought a Thomasville Console (Ernest Hemmingway collection). My granddaughter left a ball on the Console overnight and the ball reacted with the varnish of the console leaving a deep mark on the Console surface. I’m appalled that a $1,700 piece of furniture gets damaged by placing a ball on it. What quality of varnish was used? After my experience with Thomasville, I will never purchase any furniture from them neither would I recommend them to any family member or friend.

    • HI there – Couldn't agree more. I was raised in the South where Thomasville stood for Prestige and Quality. I now live on the West Coast and convinced my wife to purchase Thomasville. See my experience above from Sevenzoe. Really Sad because of $$$$ they have chosen the Chinese direction, it's not all about $$$ but unfortunately they have been forced the "Cheap" direction because of Competition.

      I feel that Thomasville is in a bit of a quandary with the rest of the Consumer businesses in the USA and that is the influx of Cheap product from other countries and in order to compete you have to do two things – figure out how to compete with this low end product and make ridiculous $$$ profit or here is a suggestion – Make quality American Made products, train your staff on how to sell quality. Unfortunately because of Stockholder pressure to make huge profits they have elected the cheap route from China, India and other countries.

      By the way, the furniture is designed on purpose to only last a short time like two years and then you have to replace it – built in customer base and employee base because they have to keep manufacturing and replacing. Also Unfortunately all the manufacturers are doing the same thing so if you want to compete then you have to go cheap to go home.

      My rant for the day 🙂

  • A very unhappy customer. I purchased for my husband, a leather computer chair called Style @work. The leather on the majority of the chair is soft and ok. But the seat of the chair is made of extremely light weight leather. NOT NOTICABLE WHEN YOU MAKE THE INITIAL PURCHASE. The Leather on the right hand side of the hair has lost its color and has broken down and now that leather has broken down and caused a holke in the seat of the chair exposing the stuffing in the chair seat. The chair is not old and should not have broken down so. The leather is of extremely poor quality. Now I have a computer chair that is useless. So sad. I paid good money for this chair and I am so very disappointed in how it is horrible now. I would appreciate someone e-mailing me or phoneing me so you can tell me how this chair can be repaired. Thank you. Will anxiously await your contact.

  • Another dissatisfied customer.

    I purchased a Leather Couch and Leather Chair from Thomasville 1-1/2 years ago and loved the furniture until about a year into them. The first issue was the workmanship on the Sofa, the frame broke down – literally. I called the service department and they came out almost at once, looked at the sofa and agreed that something happened and they would repair it. – Great. They came out two days later and picked up the Sofa and to my surprise did not wrap it and scuffed it on the way to the truck where at that point unknown to the delivery people I was watching and they simply tossed the Sofa into the back of the truck.

    I called their service department which they promptly called the next day and apologized and sent a new sofa to replace that one. Thank You.

    Fast forward a few months later. I noticed the leather on the recliner was beginning to fade. I had taken a picture of it when it originally arrived and compared it to the way it looked now. The original was a deep brown leather and now the leather has faded so much its a completely different color – light brown! SO I called their service department again and they came right out. The guy that came out tried to tell me the sunlight has faded the leather but as I told him , how could that be if all the leather is faded the same for one, secondly the windows are heavily tinted to keep the UV rays out for that exact purpose and finally why was the rest of my furniture not faded and only the Chair was. They insisted it was because of the sun which is ridiculous. They now want to pick the chair up and restain it only after telling me it will just fade and probably rub off anyway.- REALLY – why would I allow this??

    I have purchased leather many times and have never ever had a leather chair discolor this way, wear yes but never completely change colors. This is what happen when you out source your product to China, not quality control.

    Thomasville used to stand for quality and a great reputation. I read all of the blogs before purchasing this furniture and was a little Leary but after seeing the furniture and receiving it in good condition I was quite please but now in less that two years the Sofa was replaced be cause it was falling apart and now the dark brown leather chair I paid almost $2000 for is a light baby brown. Too bad Thomasville , if you don't get you company together your customer will turn elsewhere.

  • I would like to share my Thomasville Furniture experience which parallels similar comments. I purchased three large pieces and they were delivered in satisfactory condition. I returned to the store to purchased three more pieces. Eight week later they arrived with "wobbly" legs, missing stain and varnish. There were additional areas where the stain and varnish had been over applied and dripped and ran. I refused delivery and they stated they would replace the furniture. Six weeks later, on the second attempt, the delivery then arrived in even WORSE condition. One leg was actually broken and the finish issues continued. This time the store manager would not come to the phone and we refused delivery. We had to go to the store with pictures to speak with him. The "friendliness" factor had dissipated completely, and our salesperson treated us like piranha. They did everything they could to get us outside of the store short of physically escorting us out. We were told that the Regional Manager had been notified and would be contacting us (for the second time, we never heard from him). Seven weeks later we were called to come inspect the furniture at the store as we agreed on prior. The third attempt was "okay". Thomasville furniture is very substandard for what they represent themselves to be. The wood pieces are all made in China. The only work done in the USA is the upholstery. There was never any attempt at service recovery. I have wasted three Saturdays and sixty dollars in tips to the delivery people. I, at the very least, expected the return of my delivery fees to compensate for my aggravation and loss of my time of three days.

    I wish I was able to post the accompanying photos however that is not an option. It is also not an option to email the corporate headquarters to get a response. I would have no problem signing this with my name and address so I could get a response, again not an option. They have made their position on Customer satisfaction abundantly clear. All I can do is spread the word and show my pictures to avoid others from disappointment and aggravation.

  • If anyone has a solid wood bed with 5 equally spaced hardwood slates with no center leg. Sealy views this as a reason to void the warranty. PLEASE BE AWARE!

  • A stated delivery date of six weeks turned into 16. After purchasing what was supposed to be two very high-quality leather recliners, the cushions became badly misshapen and the dye began to wear off exposing a buckskin-like color underneath. Definitely not the color wanted or ordered. It took ten weeks for the cushions to be replaced; and within two days, the new ones looked like the old.
    We have been trying to work this out for over 3 months; and have now requested that they take the chairs back and refund our money; but of course, no one is responding to this.
    It is apparent that these chairs are not the quality that a consumer expects to receive from Thomasville. In summary, we recommend that customers take their business to another furniture dealer. All Western PA Quality Furniture stores, (Canonsburg, Wexford, and Monroeville) are owned by the same person, Yuly Chaing; who provides the worse customer service we’ve ever experienced from any vendor. Tags indicate that these chairs were made in China – ‘nuf said!
    The aggravation and stress over this transaction has not been worth it. Save your money and sanity – go somewhere else for your furniture. Purchase furniture by a manufacturer other than Thomasville, who apparently no longer puts out the quality product they once did.

  • I too am very disappointed in the quality of my furniture and the pitiful service I have received. I ordered furniture last September, and the issues still aren't resolved. I keep getting the run around, finger pointing, no accountability and responsibility, and no returned phone calls. Once this is resolved, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I have been their loyal customer my entire adult life, but they have really gone downhill. Buy your furniture someplace else.

  • I could not be more disappointed in the quality of furniture I rec'd or the personnel at Thomasville. I intentionally shopped at a reputable store thinking I would hang on to this furniture for years…yet after delivery it was already lumpy and misshapen. The product facts I was provided were wrong, my efforts for a return were denied and I got the run-around from all points of contact. I kept the tags on, the kids and dog off the furniture for a month hoping for a return…to no avail. Thomasville/Heritage Home should change their name….stay away!

  • I am an independent retailer and am in association with Nationwide Buying and Marketing Group. I have a customer interested in a group that you carry and would love to get more information about obtaining this for her or finding another retailer that is close enough to her to make the purchase convenient. The Product she is interested in is The Simply Linen Collection. She needs one table (T-31-4278) and eight chairs (C31-1200). I appreciate any information you can offer. Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

    Jan Richards
    Home Sweet Home Interiors
    100 Laurens St.
    Clinton, SC 29325

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