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  • Travelers Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Travelers Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Travelers Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Travelers Companies, Inc.
485 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-917-778-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-866-336-2077


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  1. I wish I would have read these reviews sooner. As I have been waiting on them to settle an auto claim from 7 months ago!!. Everything people said about them is CORRECT! They are rude, they lie to you, they took my vehicle without any payment or release. They never return phone calls! In the 1st 3 months I called them every day! DO NOT, I repeat – DO NOT PURCHASE AUTO INSURANCE thru them.

  2. After reading all the bad comments about Traveler's, I now understand their lack of professionalism and poor customer service. Didn't do my homework on this one but most definitely will be changing insurance carriers in the very near future.

  3. wow, wish I would have checked this site before buying a Travelers Home Owners Insurance Policy. My claim was denied so quick, I got a headache that is still hurting. I HATE HATE HATE the Travelers. How do they stay in business. Must be paying someone.

  4. This company didn't pay out on anything that they promised. Left me with a huge bill. Promised us money if we completed the jobs and then withdrew and still haven't paid up.We tried to go to everyone up the chain and nothing.In fact, the adjustor discriminated against us by defaming us to our contractors and telling them horrible lies. We have been fighting a claim for 1.5 years now and no resolve. Do not go with them!!! Bad service, horrible company!

  5. Travelers Insurance is the worse…I've been with them for more years than I can count and today I had an agent come over and tell me my cement back deck, which is cracking down the middle is not covered. Apparently, its a house settling and shifting issue, for which I'm not covered. I have my car, home and daughter's car insurance all with them. Its fine when your paying them the premium every month but when you need them, they will turn their backs on you. I'm not a lawyer, I didn't sit down and read every clause, I trusted them to take care of my home for me. I'm definitely changing companies.

  6. Rosalyn Watson
    TI lied their butts off when they allowed my ex to include me on a claim (fraudulently) file a claim, get and forge my name on the checks. Of course they put adverse info on my consumer reports driving my insurance up. They blame me for contacting state insur. dept., take no responsibility for this sorry employees, attached false (forever permanent) information on my records plus now refuse to remove it, refuse to help with the forgery investigation and wont even offer me a policy! Good news for my husband his rates stay good and they wont help out on the criminal investigation—what a prize company.

  7. I'm a self employed senior and 30 year Travelers customer. Home Owners was cancelled over 2 weather related claims in a 4 year period. Horrible folks with no specifics and even RUDE!

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