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  • VG Food Corporate Office Headquarters

VG Food Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact VG’s Food Corporate Office Headquarters

850 76th Street SW
Grand Rapids, MI  49518-8700
Corporate Phone Number: 1-616-878-2000
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-343-4422

VG Food’s main competitors are Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Albertsons, H-E-B, Costco, Whole Foods, Conns, and Meijer.

  • N. Leroy vgs deli is horrible. The manager is lazy and won't help customers on the counter. Their grilled chicken isn't fully cooked. And the clerks are rude. Definitely going to alpine from now on

  • Vgs deli on N. Leroy st in fenton is the worst. The manager is lazy and won't help customers. The deli clerks refuse to help customers when close to closing time. Decently going to a different deli from now on

  • I want to know what gives Vgs store manager of the Silver Pkwy store in Fenton to micro manage my money when I want to send it overseas by Western Union. Even going so far as to say she could refuse me. It isn't her business what I do with my money. She even responded that's how they are trained.

  • You are better off shopping at Meijer. The prices are a lot less than VGs. Especially on produce. I prefer Kroger over Vg any day.

  • It has recently come to my attention that VG'S has changed or begun enforcing having the local police give tickets for customers who drive up to the front of the store to pickup groceries which makes it difficult for the elderly, especially when it is raining or poor weather. .
    In my case the officer stated,"do you know I can give you a ticket?" I said I am in front of the marked fire lane that says no parking not in it. The officer stated: "I can issue you a ticket for stopping here." I said I was not stopping the flow of traffic and that for the 40 years I have shopped at VG'S no one ever stopped anyone to my knowledge who picked up groceries. Often people park in the no parking area and that I understand is ticketable.
    I think the store needs to get a pickup area like other stores have. Since this incident my wife was so upset at the police and store management at the CLIO, MI. store that we have decided that we will from now on shop 6 MILES away from home at MEIJER in Birch Run MI.. I find that Sparton does not seem to have the friendly spirit that the past owners had toward the community. I went to the police station and they said VG'S management told them to ticket people on their private property.
    You will not get the opportunity again to upset my family or be rude. THE END

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    Corporate Office Headquarters